Sunday, April 15, 2018

Utrecht Record Fair April 2018 -Day 3

Sunday, a blessed day of rest for some, for me it was a record mopping up operation. I did about half Friday's mileage at a more civilized pace.

Apart from a few titles I had my eyes on, I spotted some I didn't notice the previous day, especially the Swedish fuzz Monster that is the Outsiders single...

A new one for me, what the Belgian double-sider from The Rainbows -Where Are You Gone/Show Me What You want. From 67 or 69

I had my eyes on this Austrian Heavy Psych fuzz fest from Hide & Seek, and managed to negotiate a more comfortable Sunday price for it

A cheapie and worth picking up is the Dutch issue of Sugar Man by The Smoke. It features the hard hitting and frenetic Like A Good Man Should on the B I think only available here and on the French issue

What's next? -well the Victoria fair in a couple of weeks, then perhaps I will slow down a bit to digest all the spoils. Bring on November!

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