Friday, April 13, 2018

Utrecht Record Fair April 2018 - Day 1

So here we are at my 22nd  Utrecht...Another 17,432 steps were taken today, equating to 8.5 miles.
 Knackered and in pain, but the good stuff keeps getting found


Some nice UK issues. Roger Young is an absolute monster. The Medium was a new one for me

A lovely bunch of continentals. I couldn't resist a near perfect Cuby. Generally the covers are pretty ropey. The Ronnie Bird is a non Gallic outing, a (State of) Mick and Tommy creation

Some odds and sods.  Alan Steve is an upgrade from the last copy I found here 8 or so years ago. Weird French Fuzz madness

Next up the Glamsters and Hard rockers including Brother Susan, Pheon Bear and Rog and Pip...Shamrock is a thudding Dutch Glam re-working of the Everly Bros' tune

As I am returning Sunday, I have another 2 days of this to come. Spotted more stuff, but I would need to get the prices worked on some of the items

Until tomorrow then

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