Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Lucille –Get Back on Your Feet

Lucille –Get Back on Your Feet/You Can Carry That Blues –EMI 3C006-17980 (1974 Italy)

It’s now getting rarer and rarer to uncover unreported Junkshop Glam Crunchers. As with a another recent discovery;  Noel Sotto’s Hello Hello (Spain) mainland Europe is where the odd nugget still sometimes shows up.
The A side is a full frontal female cruncher;  nailed to the beat our Lucille let’s rip in fine fashion a la Quatro, the guitars might be a bit too noodle, but it’s still a refreshing experience. File somewhere between Linda Beckerman and Gisela Dreßler…Ha!, that reference might mean something to 27 people worldwide without Googling!

Anyhow Lucille is a French singer confusingly known as Lucille Lenton or  Evelyne Lenton,  real name Evelyne Verrecchia and the sister of  Albert Verrecchia….What ever the name I would be surprised if anything else in her catalog is worth investigating

Hear a full version of Get Back on Your Feet


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