Saturday, November 12, 2016

Utrecht Record Fair November 2016: Day 2

Day 2 -Saturday

A less frantic day, but still 10 hours of continuous digging

Some pretty obscure ones including, the Belgian Perhaps Next Tide and the Dutch Phoenix, where you learn that Jimi Hendrix in fact wrote Hey Joe. 


Next up a couple of Decca demos. The faux Four Seasons Oldham/Stones folly of Bobby Jameson and the wonderfully lush folk rock pop of  The Rothchilds

Nice Dutch only coupling on this Nazz single, Blue Yoghurt is Kenny Young (Umbrella Man)

Dry ice is killer fuzz and Virgin Sleep hypnotic and gorgeous...

The 70s. Lucille is a great Italian Glam cruncher. Blonde on Blonde is nice in its UK pic sleeve. German Albatross pic sleeve (with UK record...)

A couple of LPs too.. . Picked the Skip Bifferty (Orange RCA) and Blond (Tages in lovely Swedish gatefold)

Tomorrow is the last day, normally bargain day...let's see

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