Saturday, October 01, 2016

Allentown Record Fair 2016 –Saturday

Today, after 3 days of visiting rooms, corridor deals and a visit to Double –Decker records, was the first day of the fair proper.

The doors opened at 7:30am, and an intake of new dealers and records provided a breath of fresh air

I picked up some cool Garage/Psych singles today and over the last couple of days including Crystal Chandlier’s Suicidal Flowers , Pembrook Ltd,  Johnny Thompson Quintet, Loyal Opposition, Twentieth Century Zoo (Didn’t know there was another single on Caz) and the demented fury of Electric Company single, which I only discovered last night.

Double –Decker Records had The Wowii and Larry Lazar single, which were nice surprises. Double-Decker is a great shop, full of good stuff very competitively priced. Other stuff included some cheap Paul Revere and The Raiders US pic sleeves, so I will now attempt to get the full run.

Perhaps the most interesting discovery was The Dizzy Farm single –Vodka Collins/Chattanooga Blues on HMR. A perfect  1969 -1971 greased  buckskin belter of the highest order. More soon on that one

Now, the piece de resistance and a single I thought I had lost out on, as my roommate snatched it before me, however as all good things come to he who waits,  so I am now the happiest of campers. The Astaroth single is simply immense.Thanks Erik…

Tomorrow (Sunday), is the second day of the fair, where LPs are allowed to make an appearance.

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Anonymous said...

I had to look up Astaroth. Glad I did, bloody brilliant!