Monday, September 19, 2016

Greg Cabrera –Darlin’

Greg Cabrera –Darlin’/Love is Just for Two –Brentwood Records BR 2711 (1972 US)

From 1972 and out of Riverside CA comes this one-off unique sounding Powerpop gem. The vocals are surprising and strangely distinctive a bit like Count Viglione in tight polyester trousers sucking up helium.  Beneath the vocals and plonking piano your ears will be drawn to a perfect replica of that 70s Eventide delay sound so loved on those 70s Flamin’ Groovies sides. The constant lead guitar twiddling is quite manic in its delivery and the tune itself is rather fetching, succinct and to the point melodically harking back to pre-70s days. The B side starts out in  rather soppy acoustic ballad mode. The vocals are nasal and sugary but when the song builds and the string section kicks in all these diverging elements come together in quite a satisfactory manner

Hear a full version of Darlin’

Hear a full version of Love is Just for Two


Unknown said...

With all due respect, Robin, this hits me at the pit of my stomach. After all these years of patiently appreciating the amazingness of this blog, you now come to my country and unearth one of the most jaw-dropping single-sides ever?!

DJWaterman said...

This is a pop masterpiece in hiding.