Sunday, July 31, 2016

Macura –You Make Me Feel

Macura –You Make Me Feel/There Comes a Time –Macura Music KM 101 US 197?)

Here’s a great obscure one, which would fit nicely next to the Wowii singles. Probably released sometime between 76 and 79, the guy who found it stated it sounded like a bunch of bikers who had just discovered The Ramones. This is partly true, but it goes to a whole different level with the twin lead guitars, the affected double-tracked vocals and underlying acoustic strumming. The performance works due to the different elements somehow blending together.  As mentioned it’s got a certain Wowii (Hoods) feel to it as well as that under the radar Velvets influence in a similar vein to Third Rail’s Bad Ass Bruce

This Macura single is part of a bunch of records I have that seem to partly acknowledge Punk (or pre Punk) but don’t launch themselves full hog into Plastic Punk territory. The B side is more of the same;  in a more 70s channeling the late 50s kind of way.

What of Macura? It all seems to centre around one Karl Macura out of Bakersfield, California. If it’s the same guy, he passed away aged 54 back in 2004 and this is how he was remembered
“Karl was an accomplished artist. His gift of painting and drawing was only surpassed by his passion for music. Karl’s love for the guitar led to over a thousand pieces of original music. Even though he was a consummate songwriter his family and friends knew him best for his ability to make everyone laugh…”

“A thousand pieces of original music”? Nothing else seems to have been released, but I would love to be proved wrong!

Hear a full version of You Make Me Feel

  Hear a full version of There Comes a Time


Unknown said...

Wow! I love this..the double tracked vocals/dual leads, reminds me of
DONNY DENIM "Rock n'Roll Love Afair"-"Hey You"45..I usually don't reccomend 90's stuff but incase you haven't heard it..check out on YT. Thank you so much for sharing great 45s! - & for being a BARRACUDA!

Unknown said...

Been looking for this..looks like release date was 1978..So your right about it being influenced by Punk..Such a killer 45!I really hope an LP of demos will pop up someday

nancy denommee said...

Hello Robin!

I enjoyed finding your post about Karl Macura!! Sadly, Karl Macura died in the early 2000's. As for me, I was born in the 50's and started playing "self taught" drums in the 1960's in Southern New York state. After my oldest sister Marilyn invited me out there for a visit in 1972, I was SOLD on the environs there and moved to Los Angeles in the late 1970's. I lived in Hollywood for a very short time then later, along with my girlfriend moved to the San Fernando Valley the best known suburb of Los Angeles. Around that time, after a nice audition (just me on drums and Karl on guitar!!), I was asked to join Karl Macura's band playing acoustic drums. Soon a few other folks local to the San Fernando Valley were part of the Macura "pictura". I thought it was a fun group to be part of and included Bill Cannon, the "young" (well, younger than me!) son of Freddy "BOOM-BOOM" Cannon WHO LOOKED A LOT Like HIS DAD, played wonderful lead guitar that complemented Karl's style well. I was also studying with a local (also transplanted New Yorker) drummer, a Julliard graduate and when another more interesting performing opportunity arose I left the group. But I'l never forget Karl or his wonderful style of music and I still have one copy of his single mentioned in your blog!!


John Giardino
Vancouver, British Columbia

Robin Wills said...

Thank you John, Great to have this extra info and insight. Thanks for taking the time

Unknown said...

So glad there’s someone out there still enjoying his music. Karl was my dad. He lived to perform and went out just the same. I have thousands of his songs. He was a legend to me so awesome to hear others enjoyed his songs too. Thanks for listening.

Unknown said...

Hi John thank you so much for your post. I thought he had been forgotten by all. I’m Karl’s daughter. You brought up names I haven’t heard in so long. Thank your for sharing. My dad certainly had talent and loved to perform. I have all of his music and it lives on in me but so nice to hear someone remembers him too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Unknown said...

Karl Macura was my dad. He did pass away in Summer 2004. He wrote thousands upon thousands of songs and recorded them in his home. Besides the few songs he put on KROQ or played at the Whisky-A-Go-Go or the Trubidor, no one ever heard them but me and maybe some friends along the way. There’s thousands of cassette tapes I have where his music lives on. Thank you so much for bringing his name to memory.

Ron said...

Hi Debbie would love to hear more about your dad if possible please get in touch