Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Seompi - Almost in The Whole

Seompi - Almost in The Whole/Slide Slide -Black Star S-102 (1971 US)

(Just a quick post using a different sound file storage /player until normal service is hopefully resumed)

Seompi were a legendary Texan congregation part Hippie, part Agit pop, but full FREAK. The performance is wonderfully heavy although they do go a bit dear I say it...Jazz at the end. The band, based in Austin released 3 singles at the time and played on until 1974

Hear a full version of Almost in The Whole

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Doctor Gaz said...

the guy who runs the lordofthebootsale blog says that his songs no longer seem to exist on the divshare server. That is, in his opinion even if they come back the previously uploaded songs will not!!!