Monday, November 25, 2013

45 singles and 5 LPs for sale on ebay

I have just listed a whole bunch of singles plus 5 LPs (the complete set of Bonehead Crunchers)
Most have sound clips, so enjoy...

Here is a sound clip for the great Five by Five single

You can find the records here:

Here is the full list

TNS -Time's Up - Essential US Garage/ Proto Punk Classic 1972

Knees -Day Tripper (Brinsley Schwarz/Nick Lowe) – 1975

Sneakers -Link Lady Rare UK Punk/Powerpop 1977

Paul St. John -Flying Saucers Have Landed Demo Rare Psych/Glam -1972

Helter Skelter –I Need You –Hammersmith Gorillas –PROTO PUNK CRUSHER

Bloom -Don't Break This Heart -Dutch Powerpop – 1976

Rockits -Livin' Without You -Badfinger -Nimbo -Powerpop – 1973

Hetherington- Teenage Love Song-Powerpop 1973

Phil Cordell -Roadie For The Band -UK Powerpop – 1973

Dennis Wilson -River Song -German Picture Sleeve- Beach Boys 1977

Smiling Hard (QUEEN!!) - Sooner or Later-Dutch only-Spike Edney 1973

Tommy James-I Love You Love Me Love/Devil Gate Drive -1976

Jamul -Tobacco Road -Heavy Psych/Bonehead -1970

Limonaya-Walk Walk Walk -Cracking obscure NEDER-GLAM-Bintangs-1974

Cross Fire -Hi Yo Silver -BUBBLEGUM Motherf-er/Mod Dancer – 1969

Stephen -Right On Running Man -Hard Crunching Glam-1974

Nicky Bulldog -Chewin' Gum Rock/ Dog Power -Hard Crunching Glam Classic

UFO -Prince Kajuku -Hard Rock /Heavy Psych classic- 1971

Bert De Coninck CADILLAC -HEAVY Glam/ Bonehead

STEPSON –It’s My Life/ Rude Attitude –Bonehead Cruncher Proto Punk 1974

TALES -Rockin' Suzanna -Raucous Rock -Flamin' Groovies/Stones 1973

Starbuck -Do You Like Boys? -CAMP GLAM Classic 1973

Crescent Street Stompers (MOONQUAKE) Louie Louie/ Having a Party-1975

Catapult -Let Your Hair Hang Down - Junkshop Glam-German Pic Sleeve -1974

Paul Ryan -Natural Gas -Hypnotic GLAM classic- Dutch pic sleeve -1972

Friends -Gonna Have A Good Time -Easybeats -Zoot -Top Version 1973

Brass Alley -You Better Run -Crunching Heavy Glam/Freakbeat-- Demo 1973

Richmond -Peaches - Top UK GLAM 1973

Tin House -I Want Your Body -US BONEHEAD CRUNCHER -1970-Hard Rock

Slade -Get Down and Get With It -Danish Pic Sleeve with original centre

Bacchus -Teen Queen -Loud UK Junkshop Glam-1975

Captain Groovy and His Bubblegum Army -FUZZ /Heavy Psych Corker- 1969

Jabberwock -Sneakin' Shaky- RARE 1977

Five By Five -15 Going on 20 -Killer Garage Punk/Proto Metal -1970

Pantherman -PANTHERMAN -Wild Junkshop GLAM Classic -1974

BOSTON BOPPERS -Did You Get What You Wanted-Mutoid GLAM 1974

STUD LEATHER -Cut Loose -Hard Glam Cruncher/Proto PUNK Lunacy -1973

Ohio Express -That's The Way a Woman is-RARE MOD Dancer/Bubblegum 1970

Warhorse -St. Louis Dutch Vertigo SWIRL Easybeats- 1970

Anita Garbo -Miracles -Sparks -Obscure Jeff Lynne Production -1977

John Black -Accordion -Crazy Gallic Glam -1974-Promo

Merlin -Dirty Woman -Heavy Psych/Hard Rock -1970

Inca Bullet Joe -Nothing Has Changed -1971-HEAVY Rock/Glam -Ex Zipps

Wild Angels -Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet -Rousing Glam-1973



And 5 LPs…

BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS VOL.1 proto-punk obscurities from the USA

BONEHEAD CRUSHERS (Crunchers) VOL 2 14 Demented Fuzz-Faced Monsters from the USA


BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS VOL.4 Streetlight Fight Boot-Stomping Low-life Heaviness


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