Thursday, February 28, 2013

Profile –I Like It Like That

Profile –I Like It Like That/ Easy Come, Easy Go –Surrey International SIT 5006 (1974 UK)

Mystery Junkshop time…Perhaps from Kent comes this fun suggestive number, somehow I think of an under-produced Boston Boppers demo. Although it could have definitely done with some more meat in production and delivery, I still  feel it has enough going on  to warrant inclusion here. The B side is just novelty without the edge. Both songs are credited to Trevor Payne/ Malcom Walker. Is there a story here? Surrey International was an eclectic label for sure, generally releasing foreign material under license (Reparata’s Shoes or Offenbach’s Judy in Disguise) for a limited period. But who knows what this release is doing here…

Hear a full version of I Like It Like That

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