Thursday, January 24, 2013

M.K.T. – Rock & Roll Party

M.K.T –Rock & Roll Party/Don’t Let It Run –EMI 006 39152 (1976 DK)

Danish Glam…dig beyond the more obvious names such as Walkers, Children or Tiger and there is still more to be uncovered. For example this incredible specimen of Crunching Glam by M.K.T. It has all the obvious elements –a thumping beat, loud HEYs, Sweet –like backing vocals along with some gritty guitars and sound effects. Plus don’t forget the killer sing along chorus! Yes, it’s top draw stuff and its comforting to know there are still some killer Junkshop singles to be found out there. M.K.T was a commercial band with teen appeal who would later metamorphose into Eurovision contenders Brixx (Video Video).


Hear a full version of Rock & Roll Party


Anonymous said...

Amazing how much cool music is still out there. Thanks for sharing it!

paul k. said...

This is insanely good! Need it!

Unknown said...

12 points to Denmark!

Unknown said...

Is it possible to post the B Side to this? Incredible song btw

James said...

Would love to hear the B side to this. Have been looking for this for awhile