Friday, August 17, 2012

The Wild Boys –Madness Reigns

The Wild Boys –Madness Reigns/Outskirts of ’73- PRSD 2213 (1973 US)

Here’s a biggie. An incredibly obscure outing from a virtually unknown band from Ann Arbor. Madness Reigns is a treasured moment of pure folly. At the cusp of Bonehead, but mixing in a slight Kinks/Leopards delivery in the vocals, it features some blistering killer guitar and also has a heavy Psych/Freakbeat appeal. The title sums it up –Pure Insania! The other side reminds me of Mogan Davis & His Winos in Ragtime mode and is fun albeit less crucial.

From the Ann Arbor Sun, June 5, 1973
Ann Arbor's all-time, down-to-earth, nitty gritty rock and roll band, THE WILD BOYS, released their first recording last month.The 45 rpm single, recorded last December by the Boys at Morgan Sound Studio, was pressed in a limited edition on their own, mysteriously nameless label and is being sold at select record stores in Lansing and by the CHILDREN'S COMMUNITY CENTER (along with the fabulous CCC Super Balls) at Rainbow Trucking tables and wherever else the CCC sells its stuff (for the CCC kid's lunch money) in Ann Arbor. The A side of the Wild Boys single is their big one, "Madness Reigns," which points out, Boys fans will remember, that "All the strings that tie the universe together have been broken." Uh-huh

Hear a full version of Madness Reigns

Hear a full version of Outskirts of ‘73


Popville said...

The singer reminds me of Jack Bruce circa Fresh Cream.

Popville said...
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quairefellow said...

This is excellent! Late Velvets / They Might Be Giants-ish. Also - Robin, you were on TOTP2 last night :o)