Thursday, August 30, 2012

Giggles –Giggle Wiggle (Unreleased Test Pressing)

Giggles –Giggle Wiggle/For Just One Day- EMI Test pressing 2246 (1974 UK)

This is the fabled unreleased second single by Giggles and it would have followed Maria (The Enchilada song).The single didn’t get further than test pressing stage, which is a great shame as it would have been their best single in my book. It would have come out late 1974 judging by the proposed catalogue number. Perhaps it was decided by then that it was too Glam and outdated for 1975 or the band itself had reservations about not being taken seriously. The track itself is a great Glam Cruncher with teen appeal recalling Suzi Quatro as well more overt teen bands like Kenny or The Bo’Flyers. It’s starts off with a phased Glitter Beat and by the end of the track you are swamped by the perfunctory handclaps and HEYs. A great single! The B side starts promisingly in good rockin’ mode, but here the Glam gets diluted by a near Eagles-like chorus. The bridge is effective though.
The only previous mention of this single was on the influential but now defunct Glam Rock Bear website and I had given up on it actually existing. It’s great to be proved wrong…In fact this copy was recently picked up on ebay as the site owner appears to be selling his Glam collection on ebay these days.

Hear a full version of Giggle Wiggle

Hear a full version of For Just One Day


Anonymous said...

Lots og pops and clicks on both songs. Good songs, though.

Robin Wills said...

Ha! Its called vinyl. Actually, I could have cleaned or even wiped the record, but I'm not bothered. It's real!

Muncaster Man said...

It's the only Giggles single I would want to buy and ironic and dissappointing it's the one that never got an official release

Muncaster Man said...

I revise my earlier comment as I bought the band's 'Glad to be Alive' single! I'd be good to get a copy of the above but it would obviously be very hard to find.

The Popsike website still doesn't list any Internet sales for this Dec 2019.