Saturday, August 04, 2012

Cherokee –Girl I’ve Got News For You

Cherokee –Girl I’ve Got News For You/ Write To You –Probe PRO 550 (1971 Norwegian issue)

Cherokee was the rebranded rebirth of The Robbs. As Cherokee they released one LP on Probe as well as this great cover of Girl I’ve Got News For You. The Birdwatchers version may have come first and Mardi Gras may have had the hit, but Cherokee’s version wins it hands down in my book with its meaty beaty delivery and defined performance which brings out the best in this song. As far as I know this Norwegian single is the only one issued in a pic sleeve, although the hunt is still on for a cover featuring the group

Hear a full version of Girl I’ve Got News For You


Anonymous said...

great one Robin! Best from Jim H. in Boston, USA, where it is REALLY hot and humid!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Love the organ, too. I bet it's hotter here in Texas.