Monday, July 16, 2012

Chalice –Nine To Five Girl

Chalice –Nine To Five Girl/Nearly Gone –Clarion Records K 5740 (1974 AUS)

Transplanted from Manchester to Perth, Chalice released two earlier singles that have already been reviewed here on Purepop
Nine To Five Girl was the 3rd Chalice single on Clarion prior to their move to Polydor. Whilst In My World betrayed a strong Who influence, Nine To Five Girl and its flip highlight their knack for laying down harmonies in a West Coast Sunshine mode. In fact Nine To Five Girl sounds like a Sunflower  outtake, but it’s a top catchy pop number in its own right. The same applies to Nearly Gone which could have been a Bruce Johnston penned number from the same period.

Hear a full version Nine To Five Girl

Hear a full version Nearly Gone

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Zero Hour Records Australia is releasing a retrospective CD in March 2016