Friday, April 13, 2012

Utrecht Record Fair Day 1

Due to work commitments, I had to cancel my usual flight from London to Amsterdam and took an overnight coach from Paris to Utrecht

Because of fog and the huge queue of passengers wanting to get on the bus, the 6am arrival in Utrecht ended up in fact being 6:50. But by 7am I had checked into my hotel and got to the fair for 7:15am. Anyhow, I had good first day at the fair. I had been meaning to limit the number of spares I pick up as I just don’t have the time and aptitude to list them all on ebay or arrange swaps, but I made some choice finds anyhow

Pic 1

Troggs –Strange Movies –French Pic sleeve

Tears –Oh La La (great Swedish Glam)

Tag –Off Down The Road. A killer single reviewed here about 5 years ago.

Diodes –Tired of Waiting Tired (an anthem for today…)

Q65 –You’re The Victor –Dutch Freakbeat at its best

Radar –Sweet Baby Sweet –Great NederGlam

Ted Mulry Gang –Jump in My Car

Chaos –Guitar Man –German pic sleeve

Flamin’ Groovies –Married Woman –first issue of French pic sleeve

Pic 2

Parklane –The Party –Dutch Hard Glam

Mock Turtle –Lady of 5th Avenue/Rockin’ Days –UK issue for Dutch band…don’t know this one

Eddie & The Hot Rods –Writing On The Wall. My favourite Hot Rods track in its French pic sleeve.

Peacock –Rose Marie –No idea but with Jonathan King involvement

Soulful Dynamics –Mademoiselle Ninette –Overlooked Equals-like thumping Bubblegum

Silence –Mother’s Game/Devil Woman –Dutch issue of this killer Hard Rock single

Kaleidoscope –Flight from Ashiya. Classic UK popsike in Dutch pic sleeve

Bilbo Baggins –Back Home –The Bilbos cover Golden Earing wearing a German cover

Tristram Shandy –Saccharine, Sandie, Fingers N’ Thumbs/Mr Blue (I don’t think I have the A side…)

Pic 3

Skyband –Bang Ooh Ya Got Me. In its glorious plumage adorned German sleeve!

Light Fantastic –Take Me Shake Me –See pic sleeve –what can I say?

Kevin Blacklock –Ex White Cats of lush powerpop number

Pumkinhead –Holy Moses. No idea on this one. It’s from 1974 and written by Martin/coulter, so it can’t be all bad…

Honky Tonk –All The Young Dudes. Ed Welch produced cover from 1972…

Dillenger –Give It To Me Babe –overlooked UK Pop/Glam

Harpo –Teenage Queen. Classic pervy Glam from Sweden in parrot German sleeve

Heavy Cruiser –Louie Louie. On of the highlight of Bonehead Crunchers. The French single version contains the full ending which is edited out on the US version.

Roy Allison –White Stockings. Superior Pop/Glam in German pic sleeve

Limelight –I Should Have Known Better/ Tell Me Why. Two Beatle covers recorded at Rockfield in 1972. Any relation to The Knees?

Zips –Bye Bye Love. Ex Sorrows/Eggy/Renegade let loose on good B side

Now sleep and then tomorrow…Once more into the breach!


Anonymous said...

Well done on the Eddie & The Hot Rods and the Heavy Crusier 7"s!!


Trudi Tangerine said...

Robin had two salad rolls for lunch.