Saturday, January 07, 2012

Rockids- She’s A Cartoon

Rockids -She's A Cartoon/ Young and Sexy - TKO 007 (1979 US)

Also from out of 1979, but lost somewhere between bar band shenanigans, Hard FM Kiddie Bubblegum and Powerpop genius, comes this insanely catchy first single from New Jersey’s Rockids. They had a chorus and certainly knew how to use it...The B side Young and Sexy starts off a bit scarily then becomes some sort of Power Pomp Punk Rocker...Strange. Their other single Candy Kiss is also worth the detour, but it’s She’s A Cartoon which will hook itself into your brain forever. You have been warned...

Hear a full version of She’s A Cartoon

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Collin said...

I forgot how ridiculous this record was. 'Candy Kiss' sounds practically mild-mannered by comparison.