Friday, October 15, 2010

Zen –Lost Suede Shoes

Zen –Lost Suede Shoes/ Green Crocodile II –Ariola 12553 AT (1973 NL)

It’s been a while since we took a trip to the Low-Countries for a review on Purepop, so please find enclosed the 8th single!!!! by the long-standing Amsterdam aggregation known as Zen. OK, they look like a bunch of dope smokin’ good for nothing Dutchies, but they certainly rock out and provide a fine stompfest with Lost Suede Shoes. Not too sure what they were on about, but there’s something about the way that a Dutch guy pronounces the word shoes that focuses the mind on the lyrical content... Am I too mad, or not too mad? God knows.
The B side is just sooo 1970 Kinks and another strong case of Ray Davies phrasing hitting the continent as it had in Denmark (Sylvester’s Juke Box) or Norway with Saft...very cute indeed. Don’t think much about your living room though lads...

Hear a full version of Lost Suede Shoes

Hear a full version of Green Crocodile II

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Anonymous said...

Great A-side. Very much in the same vein as The Presidents Of The U.S.A. have done recently.
Poor soundquality on the B-side.