Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bullet –Rock My Lady

Bullet –Rock My Lady/Mover –Chicago AC-005 (1975 Aus)

This single was the only known output from this Sydney band. Released on the Atlantics’ own label, Bullet was in fact an off-shoot from Bullett, losing a T and 3 members during the transition with only bassist Alex Smith remaining. Both Rock My Lady and Mover are solid examples of mid 70s Aussie Boogie/ Hard Rock, with perhaps Mover having the edge over the A side. Not earth-shattering, but pretty much lost in the mists of time...until now!

Hear a full version of Rock My Lady

Hear a full version of Mover


Collin said...

A-side sounds like a T.rex record playing through a cheap stereo with busted speakers. B-side is sub Judas Priest. Decent!

Anonymous said...

Those were the days!!
I must own up to the drums on this single (Kim Williams)and it was along time ago!!
Alex Smith was indeed the only original member of the first incarnation (bassist) but We were on the road together for more than 5 years from early 1972 to 76 travelling all over Australia together. Wayne Smith was the guitarist / singer and we had just become a three piece after losing our original singer to family duty. It was some of the best times being on the road with these guys and we remain music brothers. These songs were not a real snapshot of the band and were aimed at trying for a Glam rock market success. We sold a fair few records and had a good following but like all bands it crashed badly in 1976.
thanks, Kim Williams (drums)

Robin Wills said...

Hi Kim
Thanks for your comment. Did you guys ever record or release anything else? Also the first version of Bullett, I have never seen one of the singles "Leaving" on RCA? Have you?

kylie said...

Hi kim ...did you guys do a gig in port lincoln SA in late 1972 or early 1973 ??? any info on this would be greatly appreciated...thanks kylie

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin
My dad is Joe Azzopardi, guitarist and lead singer of the original Bullett. He has all of their singles. You can find him on Facebook!