Thursday, May 06, 2010

Fat Daddy –Fat Funky Rock ‘n’ Roll

Fat Daddy –Fat Funky Rock ‘n’ Roll/ Roxeen –BL 289 (1976 Aus)

This is the 2nd and last release from the Melbourne Sharpie favourites (first single reviewed here ( Fat Funky Rock ‘n’ Roll starts off with a hint of Cheap Trick/Artful Dodger on the intro, the track then gallops into full-on Aussie Boogie mode with lead vocals sung behind clenched teeth. Thank god there no “funky” involved here except for in the title. There's a good use of cowbell ¾ of the way through underlining a modicum of lunacy. The B side is as good if not better, as it chugs along in meaty fashion without any sense of complication and a hint of flange.

Hear a full version of Fat Funky Rock ‘n’ Roll

Hear a full version of Roxeen

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Krokus Brelm said...

This is great. You and Crazee Kid have both blown my mind over the past few months, amazing tunes I've never heard of!