Thursday, May 06, 2010

Fat Daddy –Fat Funky Rock ‘n’ Roll

Fat Daddy –Fat Funky Rock ‘n’ Roll/ Roxeen –BL 289 (1976 Aus)

This is the 2nd and last release from the Melbourne Sharpie favourites (first single reviewed here ( Fat Funky Rock ‘n’ Roll starts off with a hint of Cheap Trick/Artful Dodger on the intro, the track then gallops into full-on Aussie Boogie mode with lead vocals sung behind clenched teeth. Thank god there no “funky” involved here except for in the title. There's a good use of cowbell ¾ of the way through underlining a modicum of lunacy. The B side is as good if not better, as it chugs along in meaty fashion without any sense of complication and a hint of flange.

Hear a full version of Fat Funky Rock ‘n’ Roll

Hear a full version of Roxeen


Krokus Brelm said...

This is great. You and Crazee Kid have both blown my mind over the past few months, amazing tunes I've never heard of!

Collin said...

oh man. gotta bug my buddy keith (from melbourne) about this one. f u c k .