Thursday, June 04, 2009

Teddy Lane –Heart Break

Teddy Lane –Bye Bye Love/Heart Break-Negram NG 357 (1973 NL)
Teddy Lane was formed by Shoes singer Theo Van Es while he spent a couple years on vacation before rejoining The Shoes in 1974. Future Catapult bassist Aart Mol was also in the band.
Funny, it sounds more like they’re singing Heartbeat and not Heartbreak on this top B side, but whatever the correct title, it’s a fine rousing performance recalling as much Slade as Artful Dodger. Over a crunching Glitter Beat; The vocals sound just like Billy Paliselli while the chord progression during the middle eight is pure Gary Herrewig...The A side is less significant while their other single Do The Rock ‘N’ Roll is pretty nifty, but Heart Break still has in the edge in my book.

Hear a full version of Heart Break


Jeremy said...

wow. I need this!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin ,
I just got a copy of " CLAP YOUR HANDS AND STAMP YOUR FEET " from Bomp mailorder .
WOW !!!!!
Amazing comp !
Thank you so much for creating this compilation !
Great sound , great liner notes , great pics and 24 tracks of supreme glam that bring me to life every time i throw it in the disc player !
- Sean

Robin Wills said...

that's what it's supposed to do...Glad you're enjoying it.

Kid Charlemagne said...

You've pegged it perfectly mate! Sounds just like a AD tune! Great cut!