Monday, June 29, 2009

The Equals –Diversion

The Equals –Diversion/Here Today Gone Tomorrow –President PT 414 (1973 UK)

Great 70s single by The Black-Skinned-Bue-Eyed Equals. This catchy 1973 release finds them mixing in their usual Rock/Soul edged Bubblegum with more than a hint of Crunching Glam. The incessant I’m Back I’m Back I’m Back I’m Back and tight handclaps all add to the illusion of the perfect crossover. The B side is good as well and provides further proof that there are plenty of lesser known Equals tracks due for a proper reappraisal. The fast rockin’ She Lives For Today (B side of Hang Up My Rock N Roll Shoes) with its cutting lead guitar is another cool one to look out for.

Hear a full version of Diversion


Proudfoot Sound said...

Another great single is "Honey Bee"...but, ok, I LIKE all their songs!

dnort said...

The Equals was one of those groups that didn't have to change their sound at all to play glam rock. Listening back to their early hits it's almost as they invented the whole genre!

Lazerboat said...

This song has the makings of punk before there was any... totally awesome. (I love this blog. I've heard a lot of rock genres over the years and I never knew most of these bands even existed; the tunes are top-notch and brighten my day. Thanks very much.)
PS: Any other bands like Mach II with the Pilot sound?