Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sylvester’s Juke Box –Juke Box/Guess It’s Because

Sylvester’s Juke Box –Juke Box/Guess It’s Because –CBS 8419 (1973 UK)

Continuing our unofficial series of “records that sound just like The Kinks”, I present to you as evidence the B side of this single. Apart from the Scandinavian slant of the vocals, the illusion of late 60s Kinks is perfect and a great companion piece to Bone’s Everybody’s Gone Into April (December 16th 2008 posting).
Sylvester’s Juke Box is in fact an off-shoot project by the mighty Kim Larsen from the mighty Danish Rock kings GASOLIN! If anything, be sure to check out Rabalderstraede (AKA What A lemon), for a pillaging -no- mercy-shown-Viking take on Hanky Panky!!!. Juke Box is a strange choice for an A side as it’s a melodic semi-instrumental with a nice 12 string acoustic theme. The drums and backing vocals kick in just at the right time and it ends up being pretty hooky affair in its own right.

Click on title for an edit of Guess it’s Because and Juke Box

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