Friday, October 31, 2008

Grasshopper – My Honey

Grasshopper –My Honey –I.M.C Records 0010 (197? US)

Staying within the Boogie end of the spectrum, here is a prime slice of rocked out high Energy Boogie. Apart from having obvious Hispanic credits, I can’t find any clue about these guys. My Honey is a real blast somewhat like Canyon merged with Streak on a tight budget and the B side rocks out in similar fashion. Picked up at Bleeker Bob’s in NYC.

Click on title for a full version of My Honey


Anonymous said...

I like the song - and love the blog - but you should know that, at least in California, the term "wetback" is very derogatory.

Robin Wills said...

Offending term removed...Still would be interested to know if the band were US based or if it a Mexican release.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I'm guessing the release is Mexican. I've never heard of the label before,and it refers to "lado A" instead of "side A." If you learn more, please post!

Robin Wills said...

From Puerto Rico as featured on Bonehead Crunchers vol 1