Friday, September 26, 2008

The Rockits –Gimme True Love

The Rockits –Gimme True Love/I’m Losing You –Mowest 3016 (1974 UK)

OK, let’s stay in the land of Pop for this next review…Gimme True Love was the 2nd single that The Rockits released on Mowest and to say that it recalls Badfinger would be a bit of an understatement as it sounds like it came straight off that band’s Wish You Were Here album. The Rockits comprised John Wilson and Dave Powell who would later link up with Tom Evans and Bob Jackson (Ex Badfinger) to form The Dodgers (on Island). Tom Evans was later evicted and replaced by Roger Lomas (The Sorrows, The Eggy, Zips, Renegade etc…) before reforming Badfinger until tragedy struck yet again. Like several other Mowest releases around this time; Peter Anders was involved (Tradewinds) and Kenny Laguna was probably not far away either…

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Anonymous said...

yes-those arrangements r similar to WYWH-nice track

Anonymous said...

I'm liking this a lot. I don't know much about Badfinger apart from the Apple connection, and it put me in mind of Wings a little. Keep em coming, though, they're all great, even the crap ones.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kenny Laguna was involved with producing The Rockits. I remember thinking at that time that John Wilson was sort of like Pete Ham Jr..or in todays terms, Pete Ham Light.
Gary Feldman

superflash said...

Very nice--I had never heard that before. Spurred on my what I heard I found two Nimbo tracks online from compilations (pre-Rockits). Now I am curious to hear the few other 45 sides from both Nimbo & The Rockits.
'Maisie Jones' by Nimbo is an excellent track.

I wish I could get a rip of the one track that was on The Dodgers album in the UK ('Just Wanna Love You') that was left off of the US version. I'm sure the 45 version with Tom on it probably is superior, but the completist in me wants to have it.