Saturday, July 26, 2008

Slow Dog -Walking Through The Blue Grass

Slow Dog -Walking Through The Blue Grass/ Ain't Never Going Home -Parlophone R5942 (1972 UK)

Slow Dog were probably a local Huntingdon quintet who's only release seems to have been this fine cover of this Staveley Makepeace tune. I use the words "probably" and "seems" as I can no longer find the link that had the band's line up.
Anyhow, Walking Through The Blue Grass walks the line between pure Norman Greenbaum boogie stomp and early 70s T.Rex with a mean DIY Fuzz and production throughout.The lyrics are silly and somewhat fruity...all peaches and nice "pears"...

Click on title for a full version of Walking Through The Blue Grass


Robin Wills said...

I've been informed that Slow Bone were in fact Prog merchants Elder Kindred who probably used this pseudo while looking for an elusive in order not to harm their more "serious" reputation...

Robin Wills said...

er...that should read "elusive hit"

Anonymous said...

Slow Dog were in fact a Huntingdon based band that pre-dated Elder Kindred. Four of that band, Nick Hemery, Simon Judd, Vince Loakes and Chris Curtis joined Kindred after Slow Dog split up.
It is good to know that we still create some interest after all this time. Good on yer.
Geoff Knibbs
Bass, vocals and writer - Elder Kindred

Electric Putty said...

Hi Geoff,

Would you recall venues around Huntingdon that Elder Kindred played?

bassman said...

Hi Electric Putty - as it happens I do have a list of Local Huntingdon gigs we did - cheers!!

The Romans Club, Thrapston
Mandeville hall, Kimbolton
Huntingdon Youth Club
Cambridge Free Festival
Commemoration Hall, Huntingdon
St. Ives Corn Exchange
St.Peter School, Huntingdon
Elton Village Hall
Isle of Ely Tech
The Old Vic, Oundle
Cambridge Union
The Fisher Hall, Cambridge
Ringstead Working Mens Club
Cambridge Corn Exchange
Bigmore Hall, Haverhill
The Harlequin Club, Cambridge
Huntingdon Technical College
The Hailsham, Peterborough
Downham Market Youth Club
Thetford Youth Club

Anonymous said...

For the record, Walking Through the Blue Grass by Slow Dog in 1972, was actually a joke song by Jade Warrior, just for fun.