Saturday, June 14, 2008

Normal Service is resumed...


Don't ask me how or why, but all sound files are available again. The old ones that I haven't replaced won't have the player at the bottom, but the sound clips are there if you simply click on the title.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is fantastic! Found it when googling 'Roccoco - Follow That Car' because I found the track in Manchester Hospital Radio's library in 2000 and played it to death for all the ill people! :) Sadly, the station and the library have disappeared, but your soundfile brought it all back! Thanks.

modboy said...

Excellent taste in rock and roll, I've enjoyed some of the things I've discovered through your blog (i.e. Daddy Cool and Caspar's "Messin' Around" - doesn't that sound like an early Chris Stamey/Richard LLoyd thing, too?
Could you post Shakane's "Down, Down, Down" by Trevor Burton and produced by Dave Edmunds? I always loved how Rockpile did that tune live.