Sunday, May 18, 2008

Walkers –Fire/ All Right All Right

Walkers –Fire/ All Right All Right – Philips 6019108 (1973 DK)

Denmark's Walkers were nothing if not prolific. It seems they released around 22 singles, but this one must surely rate as the best 2-sider of the lot. Fire is a fun and slightly dorky romp sounding like Chicory Tip morphed with Alexander Graham Bell era Sweet with a bit of T. Rex in the vocal inflexion department. Pure Bubbleglam...All Right All Right on the other hand is a great rocker with a fabulous riff and compares well with the best rockin’ Raspberries’ material –it’s that good.

Thanks to Tony of Crazee Kids for pointing me towards this one.

Click on title for an edit of Fire and All Right All Right


Collin said...

Whutaclassic. Total get-down free-for-all - Side 3 'Berries take on Free on an outskirts motor drag. Practically all the Walkers singles are great. I can't understand why they're not more well known (except maybe the presence of a dorky Dutch country rock band of the same name).

You gotta get 'We're In A Rock 'N' Roll Band' and 'Yo Yo' now though. The latter is great bubblegum, while the former rivals 'All Right, All Right' as possibly the best Continental glitter strutter of all time.

Unknown said...

Why soooooooo good?!!!! Chicory Tip style analog synth. Really catchy sing-a-long hooks. Great bubble gum lyrics. The Walkers had NO bad records. They are one of the best pop groups I've ever heard!

Ryan said...

These two songs are great! Super catchy!

Were any of these singles released as a collection?

Robin Wills said...

Hi The Walkers' site seems to be down at the moment (, but found this incomplete discography


Bang-Shang-a-Lang, 1969
Looky Looky, 1970
Marry me, 1971
Dabadio-Dabadie, 1972
Rosie, 1972
Sunshine, 1972
(We're just a) rock'n'roll band, 1973
Fire, 1973
Sha-La-La-La-La, 1973
Do the yo-yo, 1974
Let's go, let's go, let's Rock'n'Roll, 1974
Little Kitty, 1974
Strip tease, 1974
Baby love, 1975
Forever together, 1975
Wish I could give you up, 1975
Cinderella, 1976
Dance on (disco darling), 1977
I wanna boogie, 1977
Baby, now that I've found you, 2001

Walkers, 1972
A show just for you, 1974
Forever together, 1975
Greatest hits, 1976
Sha-la-la-la-la, 2000
Reinstalled, 2003

Ryan said...

Yeah I saw that on wikipedia. Looks like I'll be spending the rest of my life trying to track down the rest of their singles.

Can you upload unedited versions of these songs? I'd love to have them to listen to until I get my hands on the real thing. Thanks!

Robin Wills said...

Sorry but I very rarely put up full versions. Perhaps Crazee Kids will be doing that soon