Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Driftin’ –Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right/How I Cried –UK 92 (1975 UK)

One of the more ludicrous releases on Jonathan King's UK label (and that’s saying something!), Don’t Think Twice is simply incredible. On one part it has this Frankie Lymon/ Frankie Valli falsetto lead, but it’s mixed in with mellotron, handclaps and that flappy lips motor noise. Not sure what Dylan would have made of this update, but he was probably unlikely to believe that it would expand his demographics as The Byrds had done 10 years previous. The B side is lovely, starting off like a Rubettes backing track it then turns into some sort de-junglefied version of DDBMT’s Zabadak. Priceless...

Click on title for edits of Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right and How I cried


Anonymous said...

Isn't this The Four Seasons? You can find it under the name THE WONDER WHO on this Rhino compilation here:

There's a few lines about it as well.

Robin Wills said...

I didn't know about the Four Seasons version. It's not the same version,but definitely inspired by it!

45 Revolutions said...

These people are CRAZEEE!

Fair play to the boy King, he just did whatever the fuck he liked, didn't he? Shame he's been so badly sidelined, cos industry people as genuinely in love with pop music as he clearly is are few and far between.

Collin said...

'What' 'ee like, Mavis?'
'He's a real tasty geezah.'

Anonymous said...

The guy who is the lead singer on this track is Alan Quinn. Driftin'are a group from Wakefield West Yorkshire The band went under many different names and were involved at some times with Bill Nelson also from Wakefield, my father worked with Quinn in the late 60's early 70's Quinn and his band even played at his own wedding in 1971, he is still believed to live in the Wakefield Area.

Robin Wills said...

thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Driftin were also known as 'Drifting Harmony' around the Working Mens Clubs of South Yorkshire during the late 60's to mid 70's. Singer Al Quinn later went on to form a 'Supergroup' called Ponders End with guitarist John Parr from clubland rivals 'Bitter Suite'.

Keith Turner said...

I have lived all my life in stockton on tees, in the late 60s early 70s Driftin Harmony were esily the best group going round the clubs on teeside and it was a miracle if you could get in the concert room to see them, Having seen the Four Seasons live twice during their hayday 60/70s Driftin Harmony did a marvellous job replicating them.I still have the original 45 recoding of Dont think twice. I just wonder how many of them are about today!! Great group!!

jojo said...

I remember Driftin Harmony very well, I've still got the vinyl disc of Don't think twice..The band were Alan Quinn, Dave Lloyd, I think the drummer was Chris Barton, and the guitarist was called neil..My friend and I often travelled with their road crew to gigs all over Yorkshire and Teeside..Does anyone ever remember them being on top of the pops, i think under the name of Beano

Anonymous said...

Dave Lloyd's First Band-
"Drifting Harmony"
One of yorkshire's top bands in the
60's and up to the mid 70's. They
had a successful record released
"Don't Think Twice".
After the band split up Dave went on
to form a new group "Rhapsody" who
enjoyed success working in the clubs
and also on the Shetland Isles and
on the ships.
When Rhapsody disbanded Dave went on to form a duo called-
" Whiskey n Rye" with lead singer
from "The Whales" Ken Thompson,who
became one of clublands top duos.
After that Dave joined the hit
recording band "The Casuals" he
stayed with them until they split
up in 1983. Then Dave and the
keyboard player John Inman went on
to be "Dual Control" and became the
resident duo at "Trevelgue Holiday
Park" in Newquay Cornwall,where Dave became entertainments manager
before starting a solo career in
1990, which he still is today.

Anonymous said...

I can remember Dave in drifting harmony but that was after he was in the casuals, and the lead singer was Brian Connolly out of the sweet. They split because Brian died, then Dave formed dual control, can anybody else remember that period

Unknown said...

No... beano was a different band altogether ..... very funny band (Freddies Beano)

Unknown said...

Drifting harmony was before Dave became involved with the casuals.

Unknown said...

Tiger and Bob.... (road crew)

Unknown said...

Sadly Alan died at the end of 2016..... he was still in the Wakefield area though.

DJewson said...

Some are still around
Chris Barton is my godfather
And the guitarist 'Neil Jewson' is my dad
Not sure about Dave now

Unknown said...

I (John Inman) worked with Dave Lloyd from when he joined the Casuals in 1980. He replaced lead singer Chris Evans, not Brian Connolly, and this was post-Driftin' Harmony. After the Casuals' then drummer Rick Freeman left, Dave and I formed Dual Control. We did eight summer seasons together at Trevelgue Tourist Park near Newquay and many, many clubs mostly in the north of England.

Dual Control's last gig was at the Holt Lodge Hotel, near Wrexham on New Year's Eve 1990. Dave did another five or six seasons solo at Trevelgue and I continued to work part-time in clubs around Warrington, settling into a career in project management training. Dave continues to work the Yorkshire clubs and is still singing beautifully.

I see Dave from time to time and for the last three years we've gone on holiday together with our wives.

Mark Smith said...

Hi John, my family must have seen just about all 8 of the Dual Control seasons at Trevelgue and one or two of Dave's solo seasons too. Mum and Dad have a drawer full of your tapes. I'm surprised I've found this post just now as I'm about to set off to my father's funeral today. I just wanted you to know how much joy you brought to our holidays every year and I am so glad you are both still well