Saturday, October 13, 2007

Matchbox - Rod

Matchbox –Don’t Shut Me Out/ Rod –RAK 113 (1971 UK)

This is not the Rockabilly Revival outfit, but the sounds of Ex-Rupert’s People (Reflections of Charles Brown) members Rod Lynton and Steve Brendell soldiering on into the early 70s. Rod is in fact the B side of a pleasant up-tempo Bubblegum/ Pop number and is a strange beast indeed…Based around a rockin’ backbeat and pop vocals, they then added these weird oscillator/Theremin or Moog gurglings. The overall effect is bizarre and sounds like this was done more as a playful after-thought rather than through astute planning.

Click below for edits of Rod and Don’t Shut Me Out


Collin said...

wow. that oscillator is pretty random. i looked around and thought my speakers were feeding back or an alarm was going off outside. very nifty.

toppop100 said...

Don't Shut Me Out would have been a smash for the Hollies.

ray clive said...

bread song dont shut me out