Thursday, January 18, 2007

Saft – People In Motion

Saft – People In Motion/Albertine Hall –Polydor 2121093 (1971 German issue)

Saft were a Norwegian band from Bergen. I’ve never heard their other releases, but People In Motion sounds just like a late 60s Kinks outtake (it could have easily come off Arthur…). It sports a mighty fine tune, has a driving beat and the Mick Avory-like drum break precedes a cool instrumental dirge that is pure Muswell Hill. The B side Albertine Hall is also very accomplished and sits somewhere between Procol Harum and Badfinger, but lacks the bounce of the A side.

Click on title for a soundclip


Collin said...

I, unfortunately, HAVE come across more of their recordings and they are unfortunately very prog and least to these ears. Maybe it's just the language barrier. 'People In Motion' rules though.

Ove Thue said...

Hi, I composed the song in 1971
and its still much in use.Last year it appeared in two different films and is still often played on the radio and by other bands.
My favourite band was not Kinks ,but Procol Harum, at the time the song was made!
Ove Thue