Friday, January 26, 2007

Pantherman –Panther Walk

Pantherman –Panther Walk/20th Century Man –Polydor 2050337 (1974 NL)

Frank Klunhaar returns and stars in the further adventures of Pantherman with Panther Walk. Although it sports a suitably tribal Bo Diddley beat and a funky clavinet, Panther Walk smells like an uninspired sequel. It certainly lacks the single-mindedness, drive, hook and dare I say outright joyous stupidity of the first Pantherman single. Whereas Frank played all the instruments on the previous single, it sounds like he has a band backing him this time around. Don’t get me wrong it’s still good stuff, but after such a glorious first single, it’s hard not to feel disappointed. 20th Century Man is somehow more intriguing with it’s dead modern jet engine noises and it certainly has a better tune.

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