Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Neil Christian –She’s Got The Power

Neil Christian –She’s Got The Power/Someone’s Following Me Around –Vogue SA.14089 –(1976 French issue)

11 years after She’s Got The Action, she finally Got The Power as well…Yes, this is the same Neil Christian (he of And The Crusaders…). She’s Got The Power is a pretty good late Glam Stomper and a late (check the tired eyes… the pouting Mr. Christian seems to have had his joie de vivre sucked out of him) Neil Christian release. It remains to be confirmed if Neil had a further single out in ’86 called She Wears The Trousers

Click below for soundclip

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Collin said...

'Pretty Good?!?!?!' I'd say great. That's a pretty thuggish beat and guitar for some wimp paean to girl power. Go get 'em Neil!