Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Daddy Maxfield –Rave ‘N’ Rock

Daddy Maxfield –Rave ‘N’ Rock/Smilin’ Again –Pye 7N 45266 (1973 UK)

Rave ‘N’ Rock is one of the most widely loved Junk Shop Glam singles along with Iron Virgin’s Rebels Rule, Hector’s Wired Up and Mustard’s GoodTime Coming and it certainly deserves its reputation. The track is ROCK solid, but there’s also something strange going on with the meter and with the way the different sections overlap. I’m unsure if the track was recorded in the UK or if it was an US licensing deal, but the sound is the essence of the best of UK Glam. Daddy Maxfield were Louis Maxfield (AKA Lou Natkin) and Graham Daddy. They also released You’re Breaking My Heart/ Oh My (Rhino) and were on the periphery of the LA Punk scene. Prior to that, they had deal with UA who put out the Northern Soul collectable I have Always Been In Love With You which recently went for over $600 on ebay!!!!! I’m glad to say that I found this single for 40 pence in a car boot sale –Just the way it should be…even if it crackles a bit!

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C'est bel et bien bon, quelle énergie !