Saturday, January 06, 2007

Albatross –Rock ‘N’ Roll Boogie Man

Albatross –Rock ‘N’ Roll Boogie Man/Witchy Witchy Lady –Mooncrest Moon 29 (1974 UK)

Probably best known for their Glammed up version of Tobacco Road (on Gull), Albatross also released 3 other singles on Mooncrest, with this single being my favourite. Featuring some tasteful guitar licks (dig the volume control action giving that old 70s bow/violin sound), Rock ‘N’ Roll Boogie Man is an enjoyable example of Bubblegum Boogie, certainly not wild, but cute and very hummable…


jofa_non said...

Hey - nice to see this on the web. The singer/songwriter is my dad, John Jones and a number of his old records seem to be cropping up again. If this is your cup of tea check out his 1977 Fringe Benefit album - I found it for download here:

Cheers - nice site by the way!

Anonymous said...

Recent cover of an old Albatross / Fringe Benefit track:

Xmas no1 for 2007?


Robin Wills said...

Thanks Joffa
I've "repaired" the link, try pasting this:
It's a lovely song, your dad's voice has remained very pure...I never understood how Fringe Benefit appeared on Capricorn, I used to this they were a Southern band with Power Pop tendencies...