Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Boston Boppers – Did You Get What You Wanted

The Boston Boppers – Did You Get What You Wanted/ Whirlwind Girl- Bellaphon BF 18232 (1974 German issue)

Strategically positioned somewhere between über-Kool and the land of Dork, The Boppers' only single is a great Glam Rock period piece, but with a severe dose of Kitsch.
Originally released on Penny Farthing in the UK, several pictures sleeves were issued around Europe using shots from the same photo session. And god didn’t Old Europe deserve the faux-fur and ski goggle look, it’s just a shame that it didn’t catch on down the snow-piste… Produced and co-written by Mike Leander’s mate Eddie Seago, the music fits the image perfectly, loud and thumping like a mutant Glitter Band with over the top vocals that at times approach Boris Pickett territory. The call & response and the chorus are supremely catchy and will haunt you forever. I bought this single when I was 14, and when I heard again for the first time again this year, I remembered every vocal inflexion perfectly.…Now where did I put my goggles…?

The B side is a good rocker , but in a slightly less OTT way. The A side can be found on
Boobs –The junkshop discotheque RPM 298 (UK 2005)

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