Monday, April 24, 2006

Statemento di Intento

Well here goes…I never thought that I would review stuff again, but with The Barracudas currently in semi-hibernation, I find myself groovin’ to music made by others. I have been picking up tons of stuff recently: From rare girl group tunes to obscure glam stompers along with lashings of new Power Pop releases…You’ll find it all here…Without fear or favour


Werner Wingen said...

Hey there Robin: good to see you're still as enthusiastic as ever about great pop tunes! The corporate world thanks goodness hasn't done any damage yet. See you perhaps sometime in 2007 again..?! Saw PF Sloan in Atlanta 2 weeks ago, great! PF says hello and to get in touch with him, he knows you recorded some of his stuff.

Werner Wingen said...

Darn it, I need to learn how to use this.. I think I sent you similar message twice because it suddenly disappeared on me ;-) Technology!!!