Thursday, April 27, 2006

Billy Hamon-Butch Things

Billy Hamon –Butch Things/ Amusement Arcade Bronze Records BRO 58 (1978)

Now this is completely NUTS!!!
Imagine The Cramps with Bryan Ferry singing with a fist down his throat at half speed and that’s just the sound…the lyrics oh god…here are the first 3 verses…Make of them what you will!

Well, you know the Butch Things come out at night
standing on street corners, lit by lamplight
leather jackets and tight- jeaned bikes, oh yeah

And all the sweet young things who wish to join in
riddled with acne and the blemish of a pale skin
your ears too big and your legs too thin, oh no

And, oh, the butch things they ain’t never been kissed
they’re much too busy getting kicks from a thick fist
what the tongue’s never tasted the mouth don’t miss, oh no

Get the picture?

The B side is pretty wild too and Billy comes across as an amphetamine loaded Punk Rock Heinz, great clanging guitar and amusement arcade FX

Somehow Andy Mackay produced this gem and once you’ll hear it…well, you will never forget your first Billy Hamon experience in any case. Billy was a bit –part actor on British TV and I don’t think he released anything else…please correct me if I’m wrong

If you can’t find the single, Butch Things appeared on the fine Glam Rock comp “Glitter From The Litter Bin” Sanctuary CMQCD675 -2003 (UK)


Trudi Tangerine said...

There was a second single too. Haven't heard that one though, and it might've only been released in Holland... vague enough?!?


Robin Wills said...

Hi Steve...thanks for the info. Will start looking, but I can't imagine it ever reaching "the heights" of Butch Things

Robin Wills said...

Just saw this...Billy Hamon
Bombed singles (1981, Acrobat)
Billy Hamon is a British actor/singer. Jack Lancaster acts as producer, arranger, and playing sax. With Julian Littman (guitar, keyboards), John G. Perry (bass), Trevor Morais (drums). Recorded at Ringo Starr's Studio, Startling, Ascot.

Funny - we recorded Meantime in the same studio as Billy...if only I had known...

JamesTrash said...

Hi Robin, I posted a mp3 of this on my blog yesterday, great minds think alike, eh? Agreed, the lyrics are a hoot, but what about Hamon's vocal percussion?

By the way, love The Barracudas, "Woody" is one of my all-time favs!

ht said...

little known fact: at least 3 out of 4 Dire Straits served as musicians on Butch Things. It was their first ever "outside" session.

Robin Wills said...

Now that's what I call information. Can you back this up as fact -any supporting evidence?
All the best

ht said...

Hello Robin...long time. I signed Billy to Bronze Records, got Andy MacKay to produce, and arranged for Dire Straits to be Billy's 'group' for the recording.
Uh, the first hands-on thing I ever did in a 'producer/engineer seat' was supervise the mix of Trevor White's Crazy Kids single, too. Sorry the sound is not as good as the song deserves. I had a lot to learn. Other random/useless facts can be found at
Great blog, by the way...I linked you

Robin Wills said...

Hi Howard
Be sure to check out the Bogdan review sound clip on the blog -do you know it?

ht said...

no I don't...where do I find it?

Robin Wills said...

December 5th 2007. I jsut sent you an email -guess it went to your spam folder

Kerry said...

I used to live next door to Billy in the 60's when I was just a young kid. Nice young man then who always had time for his neighbours, he had a cute dog too and a smashed up guitar on his wall....also starred in "The Gorge" - very interesting drama. I hope he is well and happy.

Brain said...

me and my mate wrote a few songs with Billy in the early 70s-titles? 'Phoney French Accent 'and '(Let's Have) No Argy-Bargy-god knows what I did with the tape!