Monday, June 27, 2016

25 singles for sale on ebay

Thanks to a bunch of bigots, the pound has crashed, so here's a chance for the rest of you to profit from the plummeting exchange rate

Anyhow I have listed 25 rare and wonderful 45s from the Proto Punk of Alan Lee Shaw's She Moans, through Mandrake Paddle Steamer to Boys and Girls Together's Knock Knock along with the usual mix of Junkshop Glam and Bonehead, there's plenty to peruse, listen to and maybe bid on

Have fun

You can find them here
Purepop1uk singles for sale

Here’s the full list of the 25 singles

Arizona Swamp Company -Tennessee Woman Train Keeps Rollin’ FREAKBEAT Demo
Playful Pups Palpatations -Killer US Bubblegum Groover 1969
Boys and Girls Together -KNOCK KNOCK- Snarly US Bubblegum PUNK 1969
UGE-Mad Charles -Weird US Psych obscurity -1974
Eric Elder –SUNFLOWER/San Tokay -MOD Psych Dancer- 10CC- RARE UK orginal
Tonics -Daddy -Heavy KRAUT Psych Killer Hard Rock–1969
Jeff Smith –Going to a Party/ Gypsy in My Blood RARE RAK 10CC Demo –1971
Mandrake Paddle Steamer -Strange Walking Man -PSYCH UK Original –Demo
Together -Memories of Melinda UK Popsike -Circus Days -German Pic Sleeve
The Two Dollar Question - Aunt Matilda's...US Bubblegum Dancer 1969
Dunno -Sunday Girl/ Magic Beat Electric Asylum 1971 –Demo
Q65 –Love is Such a Good Thing -Dutch HEAVY Psych/Hard Rock Freak –1970
Nevada Sound -Gimme Good Lovin'- POUNDING Irish Mod Dancer 1969
Corporation -Wild Time- Dutch HEAVY Freak BONEHEAD CRUNCHER 1970
Frenzy -Poser -1976 -Proto Punk Glam Cruncher Demo 1976 - Hear!
Billy Beethoven -Dreams (Graham Bonnet) screeching Junkshop Pop Demo -1975
Scarface -Dance To The Band-Obscure UK Glam Cruncher 1975
Alan Lee Shaw –She Moans - RARE UK Proto PUNK Bonehead 1974
Gumbo -We Don't Care/ The Devils -Killer UK Proto Punk 1974
Eyes -Wild Wild Woman- UK Proto Punk Hard Rock Rarity Promo Vertigo -1976
Jets -Yeah! - Pounding Junkshop Glam -German Pic sleeve 1973
Hammersmith Gorillas –You Really Got Me - Proto Punk-German pic sleeve
Dean Klevatt Story of His Life - Glam era Powerpop -Demo-1974 
Wellington –Swoop Down on You -UK Junkshop Glam STOMPER 1975
Equals - Diversion - Crunchin' Glam Stomper-German Pic Sleeve-1973

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