Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Eastwood –Little Miss Lucy

Eastwood –Little Miss Lucy/ Living to Learn –SRT 73332 (1974 UK)
Following a couple of singles on CBS, Eastwood went missing in the wilderness for a few years before releasing this Crunchin’ Glam winner. As their freaky underground sounds on CBS didn’t bring them much in the way of fandom, the boys took their chances and went all Glam on this superb A side; hoping to win over some of what Gary Glitter was getting. Although an obvious cash-in for this hairy mob, the A side rings true and loud, Little Miss Lucy being an utterly convincing performance.
The guys had learned their chops, but were open minded enough to include some Chicory Tip moog licks as well adding a bit of amphetamine to their habitual drug intake. The performance is gritty, frenetic and is not a millions miles away from Hector in terms of effect. Sadly this seems to have been it for Eastwood and they eventually crawled back under their damp rock, not to be heard from again. The B side is not half bad, channelling Bobby Womack’s Across 110th Street into a grungy and Freaky Space Rock setting. Nice greasy solo on that one.

Hear a full version of Little Miss Lucy

Hear a full version of Living to Learn


Anonymous said...

Yeah, very good 2-sider, altho the lead guitarist comes
precariously close to overkill w/ his constant
brief fills on "Lucy"

gabriel alexander said...

This is great! I only knew "I am Free"b/w killer b side "Gypsy" This has similar lead bits & guitar tone..def has an amphetamine grimey feel to it..thanks for sharing! I forgot about this band

Keith Belmore said...

Hi, my name is Keith belmore you may notice from the labels of Eastwood. It's nice to see that our old recordings are still capable of comment. IT,s true that the band changed direction with material, which brought us likes of cabaret work and such which is what the band was not about. Myself carried on as a duo with lead singer Phil smith and then as a solo artist. The drummer malcome cope stuck with his beliefs and helped form quartz a successful heavy metal band still performing today with a new album out soon. Myself gone back to a blues band which is currently in rehearsals.

Robin Wills said...

Hi Keith
Thanks for commenting. Good to know you're still playing