Monday, October 05, 2015

Hot Lucy –Kid Stuff

Hot Lucy –Kid Stuff/Switchitter –Whale Records 1079 (1976 US)

Randy Meyers has featured on Purepop before as one of the forces behind the great Dwarf singles. He was older than the Dwarf teens and served as an experienced hand to guide them and serve as engineer. Randy was quite the local hero having served with The Pagens who released the sought Garage Punker Mystic Cloud, but the story didn’t end there as he then formed Julia who backed Bob Seger (post System –pre Silver Bullet Band) as well as releasing 2 singles in their own right as Julia on Palladium. The break-up of Julia let straight to the formation of Hot Lucy who only released this great two-sider during their existence. Kid Stuff is a perfect Proto Punk rocker, exhuming sass as well as savoir-faire, although the sax break provides a Marmite effect (for the puzzled non UK residents –substitute Marmite with polarizing) and takes a bit of getting used to. Switchitter is a more unified effort reminding of Dwarf in the verses with more melodic twists and turns, catchy as hell providing a typical US Powerpop dimension. Short and succinct both tracks are winners and amplifies the shame that the band didn’t release anything else during their existence

Hear a full version of Kid Stuff

Hear a full version of Switchitter

I had the opportunity to catch up with RandyMeyers. Randy is still busy touring with The Drysdales and playing with other acts so is far from hanging up his sticks.

Hot Lucy was really the continuation of Julia which was comprised of 3 members of The Pagens augmented by the arrival of Calvin Hughes (who went to form Hot Lucy with Randy). Julia marked themselves outside of the whole heavy Michigan scene “We got to be really popular in Detroit. We were the anti -group. When everyone was into the MC5 or Stooges, we were the Pop guys; we were doing The Beatles and Badfinger…”

Julia was managed by Punch Andrews (Bob Seger, Kid Rock) they opened for many visiting acts and ended up backing and recording with Bob Seger.  Bill Mueller was asked to join Bob Seger without the other band members and that led to the eventual split of the band. Hot Lucy started in 1973 when Julia broke up and was in existence until the summer of 1977. “Hot Lucy had a lot of people go through it; it was almost a revolving door...” Derek St. Holmes (Ted Nugent) was probably the best known member.

 If Julia were the pop guys, who were Hot Lucy?
We went for a harder edge with Hot Lucy. The bass player was more into R&B and Blues, so we got into that…We just want to create our own sound...” They opened for many acts including Kiss, Bob Seger, The New York Dolls and The Raspberries. They also built their own studio and did a lot of recording, although the Kid Stuff single was the only release at the time.
We recorded the single at the end of 75/early 76 and released it ourselves. We got very little airplay but sold it through the little fan club we had and at our gigs…” 500 copies of the single were pressed.

There is a powerpop edge to the single and recalls a more grown up Dwarf “I produced the 3 Dwarf singles and their EP. It kind of morphed as both groups had a similar sound…”Although influenced by bands like Free, they retained a pop sound. “We wanted some pop sensibility where it wasn’t so far out that people couldn’t hear the commerciality about it. Calvin and I came from a pop background with Badfinger, Beatles, Raspberries and The British Invasion stuff which was how we cut our teeth in the mid 60s …”

The line-up on the single was Calvin Hughes (guitar/vocals), Gary Czabot (bass), Michael Harner (guitar) and Randy Meyers on drums. They also brought in a sax player on the A side from a 50s band called Moose and Da Sharks. Hopefully now is the time for further material from Hot Lucy to finally seethe light of day. Thanks to Randy!

L-R   Gary Czabot, Calvin Hughes, Randy Meyers, Michael Harner  (Late 1975)

Friday, September 25, 2015

Wizard –Kozmick Dream

Wizard –Kozmick Dream/Get Off Your Duff –Stardust Records SR 675 (1975 US)

Out of Ames (Iowa) came one of the many bands that plied their trade under the Wizard name. Kozmick Dream is a driving mix of late Psych and Hard Rock is closer to Deep Purple’s Fireball than the ultimate in Bonehead. It also has a slight hippie commune feel in the choruses where you can imagine long dressed straggly haired girls banging along on a tambourine, but there's enough of the Heavy Freak to redress the balance. 

 Hear a full version of Kozmick Dream


Monday, September 14, 2015

Melville & John –Rock N’ Roll Song

Melville & John –Mademoiselle Ninette/ Rock N’ Roll Song –Penny Records 674-001 (1973? Germany)

It has been at least 18 months, since I’ve been made aware of a new discovery (for me) that would come under the Junkshop Glam flag. Rock ‘N Roll Song does what is says on the tin. It’s a simple, basic but tough as nails Glam Choogler, all very raw and primitive but featuring those HEYs and handclaps that are no longer so prevalent on Purepop. God… look back to 2006-2010, it would have then been featured among a plethora of its brethren, now the paucity of new discoveries in the genre means that Purepop no longer has that same excited Glam fixated focus. I am so glad to renew acquaintance. Did you miss me? 
Back to the record in question. Not much of a clue on who these guys were. I am concluding that these must have been to Beat survivors who jumped shipped from the Star Club, got married locally and got jobs down the docks. Who knows –based on the back sleeve Melville (the one with the fiddle) was also known as Mr. Fireball as lightning struck his house the day he was born. Rock ‘N Roll Song  is credited to Trede/Lango/Grant. The A side is of course a pretty fun version of Hildebrandt’s Soulful Dynamics hit and it can be found on Youtube  It’s also on the same label as Die Kids - Blue-Jean-Rock-Machine (The BB’s You’re So Good To Me in German). 

Thanks to James for the turn on. 

 Hear a full version of Rock N’ Roll Song 

Friday, September 04, 2015

The Tonics - Daddy

The Tonics –Hugger Mugger Mummery/Daddy- Fontana269 399 TF (1969 Germany)

Absolute Killer Heavy Rock ‘n’ Roll from this Rattles off shoot. The guitars positively spew overload venom over an amazing wild and crazy track. Strangely this B side is a totally different kettle of fish when compared to the irritating screwball Bubblegum of the A side. 
The Tonics were one of the many names (Spots, Ravers etc…) used by Rattles members Herbert Hildebrandt and Hans Joachim "Hajo" Kreutzfeld. Future Rattles and Lucifer’s Friend Herbert Bornhold also drums on this. Thanks To Rich of for turning me on to this monster
Stand by for some 7 degrees of separation Rattles stuff next time 

 Hear a full version of Daddy


Hear a full version of Hugger Mugger Mummery 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

71 singles and 1 LP now on ebay

It's been a while, but I finally got round to listing a whole bunch of cool singles on ebay. Some real essential Glam, Hard Rock, Bonehead, Punk and Powerpop stuff to complete your collection.
All have sound clips with low starts.

You can find them here  Link to PUREPOP1UK ON EBAY

One great single is this one by Sweet Wine from Minnesota released in 1970

As well as the super rare Killer Frog single

Here is the full list -Good luck!

Kid Dynamite -Breaking The Ice/ Sunshine Superman Junkshop Glam -1973
Neil Christian –She’s Got The Power -Stomping Glam/Freakbeat 1975
Covers -Modern Girls -Rare UK Powerpop -Demo 1979
Disturbance (Jabberwock)- Sneakin' Snaky -Dutch issue-1977
Harpo - My Teenage Queen -Sleazy Glam Thumping Cruncher 1974
Saints (I'm) Stranded - RARE US Promo Pic Sleeve 1977
Cock Sparrer -Runnin' Riot Bovver Boy Oi/Punk -1977 UK-Archive Copy
Slaughter & The Dogs- Quick Joey Small RARE Belgium picture sleeve 1978
Eli Culbertson –I Need Your Love Tonight –Junkshop Glam Elvis Demo 1974
Bert De Coninck –Cadillac- Heavy Rock/Glam -Belgium 1975
White Witch -Home Grown Girl -Rousing US Proto Punk Glam -1973
Thomas Dean –Oh Babe -US Anglophile Glam Big Star Ardent -1974
Buster -Superstar -Junkshop GLAM -sounds like SWEET 1974
Funky Family -Part of My Life -Killer Glam Freakbeat 1973
Funky Family -Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet -Killer Glam 1973
Dazzlers - Lovely Crash 1979 UK Mod/ Powerpop
Ritz -Jenny Gentle/Why Love-WILD Junkshop Glam Cruncher-Demo-1974
Jetz -Catch Me -Rare Original Dutch Pic Sleeve Punk/Powerpop 1977
Dwarf -Gotta Get Louder ORIGINAL! US Proto Punk 1975
J.C. Livingstone -Momma Was A Steamroller -Killer Freakbeat/Glam UK 1973
Jook-Bish Bash Bosh/Crazy Kids -German Pic Sleeve -Bovver Glam 1974
Jook-Oo Oo Rudi -Stomping Glam-John's Children 1973
Jook-Alright with Me -Rousing Bovver Glam-John's Children 1972
Renegade -My Revolution -STOMPING Glam Crusher 1974
Propeller –Apache Woman -Brutal Kraut Bonehead Cruncher -1971
Booby Trap –Kelly, Grace and Sally -Killer Dutch Glam 1974
Parkinson's Law -Daughter of Thunder & Lightning -UK Boogie Glam-1972
Killer Frog -Hard Times - Cracking PROTO PUNK Ultimate Bonehead -1972
Nimbus –Uriah’s On The Move/ Lollypop--UK BubbleGlam 1973
Plastic Feet -Big Blond Baby -Dutch Glam Stomper -1974
Shambles -Hello Baby -ORIGINAL issue -Killer Glam/Powerpop -1975
Amsterdam –Jackie Gass- Dutch Glam Freak 1971
Mick Flinn Band –Doin’ It Right -Punk/Glam Killer Demo 1978
Shelby The Clap -Killing My Music-Stomping Dutch Glam 1975
Penny Wonder -Come On -Kraut Glam Bubblegum-1971
Lee –Come on Back To Me –PROTO PUNK Killer NY Dolls 1973
Husky Wells -Can't Be Satisfied -Female Mod/Glam Dancer -1974 Hear!
Blackstone -Goin' on The Prowl- US Heavy Psych Bonehead Cruncher Hard Rock
Buzz The Rock Roller Coaster -Glam/Powerpop 1977
Kenny Pickett –Got A Gun -Glam Powerpop The Creation -Promo 1980
Ramma Damma –Legendary Killer GLAM Weirdness -1974
Rescue Co. No 1 -Roll-A-Bowl-A-Woman -Stomping Junkshop Glam -Demo -1975
Catapult -Let Your Hair Hang Down -Thumping Dutch Glam 1974
Pheon Bear -War against War -Ultra HEAVY Freakbeat Glam Cruncher 1973
Godson –We’ve Not Made It/ All Dressed in White -RARE UK Proto Punk- 1971
London Boys -Eyes of Kazan -Rare John Carter Psych -German only- 1971
Wonderlick -Hey Joe Killer HARD ROCK update from Bobby Arlin Leaves 1973
Donnydale-Thank Goodness For The Rain/ Oh Yeah -US Popsike 1970
Friends -Mythological Sunday-Classic John Carter Popsike 1968
New Lords -Radio/TV -- Crunching Hard Rock/ Freakbeat 1971
Smoke -Sugar Man/That's What I Want -UK Freakbeat/Glam -Demo 1972
Waddy –You’re The One -Waddy Wachtel -Zevon -Fleetwood Mac -1973
Climax -You, I/ Vancouver City - FUZZ Psych Monster 1970
Sweet Wine –Things You Told Me -Obscure Heavy Psych Hard Rock US 1970
Tin House –I Want Your Body –Bonehead Cruncher US Hard Rock Promo 1971
Sunchariot –Firewater –Red Skin Junkshop GLAM 1973
Wellington –Swoop Down on You -UK Junkshop Glam STOMPER 1975
Boston Boppers -Did You Get What You Wanted -Mutoid Junkshop Glam -1974
Moby Dick –Clear Days–Rare Dutch Heavy Rock/Psych 1970
Privilege –People –Ultimate Bonehead –Top US Hard Rock Psych 1970
Panda -Stranger/Medicine Man–Rare Dutch Hard Rock/Psych 1971
Cobra –Midnight Walker - Heavy Psych FREAK Hard Rock 1971
Copperfield –Johnny Is The Big One-Dutch Proto Punk/Glam -1975
James Hogg –Lovely Lady Rock –Top Glam Hard Rock Demo 1972
Bullfrog -Glancy -Obscure UK Hard Rock/Glam -1974
Desira -Gorilla -Obscure US Punk/Glam oddity -1977
Skid -I Saw Her Standing There -UK Proto Punk/Glam -1975
Big T - Tea For Two - Obscure Junkshop Glam classic 1973
Paul Ryan -Natural Gas -Hypnotic GLAM classic- Dutch pic sleeve -1972
Stefan & The Wild Boys -Wild Boys - US Proto Punk 1976
Guru’s –Country Boy Blues –Glam Boogie Cruncher 1971 UK
BONEHEAD CRUSHERS (Crunchers) VOL 2 14 Demented Fuzz-Faced Monsters from the USA

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tommi Ohrner -Mister

Tommi Ohrner -5 O’ Clock Rock/Mister –Ariola 102881 (1981 Germany)

A while back someone posted on Facebook one of those requests to identify a tune. I drew a complete blank, however the track is question was naggingly catchy, so I was relieved when the truth was revealed. Mister is an overly commercial Teen Pop number with Glam/Rubettes inflections. It really sound like 1974, however Tommi jumped on the bandwagon late as the single was released in 1981. The A side is also is the typical Teen Rock and is worth hearing; being good but non-essential fun stuff. Thomas "Tommi" Ohrner was a well-known child actor in Germany who then released several singles and a couple of LPs in the early 80s ,

Hear a full version of Mister


Hear a full version of 5 O’ Clock Rock


Monday, August 10, 2015

Majik Dust –Don’t Walk Away

Majik Dust –Don’t Walk Away/ Fistacuffs –Burlap B-7782 (1977 US)

From St. Louis, Majik Dust feature the bastard son of the Move’s Do Ya twinned with a melody that naggingly hints of Something I’ve Got To Tell You (Glenda Collins/Honeycombs). Released in 1977 it just about sits on the right side  of melodic Hard Rock thanks to its rawness and Powerpop appeal. The heavier and rockier B side Fistacuffs is a near Ultimate Bonehead contender, but doesn’t quite reach potential heavyweight bliss. Majik Dust later metamorphosed into Boyfriend with the arrival of Bobby Flynn and released an LP in 1983

Hear a full version of Don’t Walk Away

Hear a full version of Fistacuffs

Here’s a good resource for St. Louis acts  It’s where I lifted the following press shot of Majik Dust from

Monday, July 27, 2015

Silver –Serpent in The Street

Silver –Serpent in The Street/ Find Another Feeling- Aquarius AQ 5029 (1973 Canada)

The Henman brothers were always my favourite April Winers, with David Henman writing some of the best riff-led numbers on their first 2 LPs. Leaving April Wine in the middle of the recording of the Electric Jewels LP, Dave and Ritchie formed the one-off Silver as a temporary outlet prior to forming The Dudes with Bob Segarini (Wackers) and a couple of Mashmakan guys. It appears that Serpent in The Street was to have been included on Electric Jewels and features the full April Wine line-up. It’s a surprising number, being quite an elaborate fusion of Glam, Hard Rock with some unexpected twists and turns once the tune gets going. There’s also some top guitar riffing and soloing By David Henman. The B side is OK but more mundane.

Hear a full version of Serpent in The Street

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Melrose Abbey- Small Fat Jim

Melrose Abbey- Small Fat Jim/ Morning Break -R.P.C. 171273 (1973 NL)

Melrose Abbey came from Vlissingen (NL) and were in existence between 1970 and ’75, but didn’t get much further than the odd support slot with Kayak or Focus and recording this single. Small Fat Jim is a driving Rock n’ Roll Boogie work out where the original power trio is augmented by some keyboards. It is all pretty brainless and pleasingly basic. The B side is a slow smooching instrumental of limited interest.
Hear a full version of Small Fat Jim

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sleepy Hollow –Take Me Back

Sleepy Hollow –Take Me Back/ Roller Coaster Man –Philips 6078 012 (1972 UK)

Surprisingly, Sleepy Hollow was not a UK band, but hailed from Philadelphia with this sole UK release. Fitting nicely next to early 70s Philips releases such as Fresh Air or Rocking Horse or more appropriately Nimbo (also a US band on Pye), Take Me Back is a fine slab of early 70s Purepop with more than a strong hint of Beatles with a Raspberries twist. Sleepy Hollow also released an LP (US and France) from which this track is pulled. I haven’t heard the LP, but it would be interesting to see how far it goes beyond being an ersatz Beatles effort

Hear a full version of Take Me Back

Thursday, July 09, 2015

A Little Shopping Trip: Hoorn Record Fair July 2015

One of those spur of the moment things…Receive notification email about the fair one day, when merry on wine a smartphone on hand and pronto a cheap EasyJet return flight with a 6am departure is booked…
Hoorn is a picturesque Dutch town north of Amsterdam on the shores of the Ijsselmeer lake (well it used to be the North Sea, but those crafty Dutch subjugated it). Once a year the Utrecht record fair people (who also have record shop Dropstyle) organise an outdoor fair that curls around the City centre with over 75 dealers in tow. There was a good turn out of dealers, with some Utrecht regulars along with more opportunist dealers. I must have gone up and down the fair 3 times, and although mainly Dutch dealers, there was an abundance and a good variety of items and mainly on vinyl. So the catches, some great new discoveries including…

The phased out Heavy Psych of The Sub

Belgium’s Mustang and Melrose Abbey with a couple of killer Boogie work outs

Another great one is Holland’s Gallery with The Problem.

More Lowland heaviness with Jeronimo’s No No No

No sound clip, but the crunching Heavy Boogie of the Crunching She Rolls by Pluto is also pretty cool

And the rest of the bunch? Of particular note is the late (Dave Allen and) The Arrows exercise in heaviness with Little Big Horn


And 1 LP. The  Dutch issue of the second Sir Lord Baltimore LP. Although an uneven affair that pales next to their first outing, it features a wonderful one-off cover that better fits the band

Anyhow it was a fun day trip, felt pretty knackered coming back. Would I return? Yes, but more likely as part of a record shopping trip checking out other shops in Holland and Belgium. As proved here, there are more lowland lowlife 45s to be found.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Half Life- Get Down

Sorry for the lack of activity on Purepop....but I am currently unable to upload new sound files to Divshare who stored all my sound files (before they lost them all). Not sure when normal service will be resumed...In the meantime enjoy this wonder...A pulverising Proto Punk masterpiece from 1969 that was unreleased at the time. Before settling on the name Half Life they were called No Fun. Yes a Detroit band named after The Stooges number. Wow.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tribal Sinfonia - Something Has You Turned Around

Tribal Sinfonia - Do You Want Me/Something Has You Turned Around–Tribe Records Z4KM- 3010 (1970 US)

Out of Detroit, here is quite an oddity. Horn driven Rock with some blistering guitar riffs and lead. It is not so much Chicago as a mutoid marching band crossed with the heaviest of what Michigan could offer, only slightly hindered, by a weedy interlude. Compiled on one of those Michigan Meltdown comps, it sounds best as nature intended. It appears they released a second single but supposedly in a more Funky vein. The b side is pants and features flute, so is best avoided

Hear a full version of Something Has You Turned Around

Note: I am unable to upload files to Divshare…yet AGAIN! Arrrgh…

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Vodka Collins –Automatic Pilot

Vodka Collins –Sands of Time./Automatic Pilot- Express ETP -2857 (1972 Japan)

A wondrous and killer single released in 1972 by Alan Merrill whilst in Japan following the initial line up of Streak  and forming hit-makers Arrows in the UK. Automatic Pilot could have been huge beyond Japan, if only their management and label had seen the wisdom of recording the song in English and looking beyond the Nippon market, but it was not to be. Alan’s Japanese sojourn did bring local success and they also recorded an album Tokyo New York. Automatic Pilot is the perfect Glitter choogler with a chorus that is pure T.Rex bliss in its hooky melodicism.

Hear a full version of Automatic Pilot

Alan was kind enough to fill in the gaps and tell the tale...

Streak was formed by Alan with Jake Hooker and John Siomos (drums) “We started Streak in New York while I was on holiday from Japan waiting for a work visa to go back there. It usually took 3 weeks to a month. We recorded a demo tape that reached Tony Hall" (Black Sabbath/Arrival manager), John soon left the band and Streak reconvened in London recruiting David Wesley on drums. However things weren’t moving fast enough for Alan.At this point my money was running low and with no retainer in sight I got cold feet and took a flight back to Japan where I knew I'd have solid work and a record deal…”
Alan had co-written (although un-credited) "Gonna Have A Good Time and Be Your Ryder which was the first Streak singe on A&M featuring Alan’s replacement Ben Brierly on bass Meanwhile back in Japan… "While Jake was struggling to make Streak a hit band in the UK I had managed to make the first ever Japanese language glam rock records, singing in Japanese with Vodka Collins. I wrote the songs in English in 1971 and my drummer Hirsohi Oguchi made Japanese lyrics for the songs. "Automatic Pilot" & "Sands Of Time" in 1972. It was a double a-sided hit single. I think at that point in time I had made the right decision to return to Japan rather than stay in England with Streak..."
Was Automatic Pilot ever recorded in English at the time?
"No, that was one of the major sore points. I wrote the song in English but EMI Japan would only release the Japanese language version. That confirmed my fear that they had no interest in promoting the product outside of Japan. It was so frustrating. Compound that with only a very small trickle of money coming my way from Vodka Collins' management, so I had to say 'Sayonara" and jet it to London to start the Arrows. I took a big chance. When I got to England in 1974 I was broke, slept on Jake Hooker's floor until we got the record deal with RAK a few months after I arrived in London. It all worked out somehow. We were soon in the charts and touring as Arrows. I see in Vodka Collins you were a duo then were joined by a guy from The Spiders plus another..."
Was Automatic Pilot recorded as a duo?
Vodka Collins started as a duo, much like T Rex in the UK. We rehearsed my original songs just bass and drums for a few weeks. When the time was right we brought in a bass player (who was actually a fine guitarist, top musician) to complete the live line up. "Automatic Pilot" was recorded as a trio with Hiroshi Oguchi on drums and Take Yokouchi on bass. I played all the guitars (Gibson Les Paul) and sang the lead vocal (and the high falsetto octave vocal, overdubbed) in Japanese. Monsieur Kamyatsu of the Spiders joined us for live gigs, his being such huge star in Japan it was a great plus having him aboard.

  You know, odd as it seems to this day I am still considered a domestic Japanese act, and not a foreign act in Japan. In that sense I'm unique and an anomaly. The only foreigner who will always be considered a home grown local act…

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bruce Spelman -29 Years to Doomsday

Bruce Spelman -29 Years to Doomsday/Cutting The Traces Leaving The Places/Remember This –Montagu -Mont 3000 (UK 1972)

Montagu Records was an off-shoot of Beacon Records. Bruce actually had an LP on Montagu “You Don’t Know What You’re Paddling in”,  so Phil was a bit of an eco-warrior and 29 Years to Doomsday is another one of those “respect the planet or will drown in a cesspool of muck” ditties, however it goes beyond being an expected laidback folky dirge and is actually quite a concise driving and catchy tune similar to a Phil Cordell or Hetherington type number with a nice line in cutting fuzz guitar.

Hear a full version of 29 Days To Doomsday

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mike King –Rock n’ Roll Waitress

Mike King –All the Boys and Girls/ Rock n’ Roll Waitress –O Brothers PW 440 (197? US)

Here’s a strange one that I can’t find any information on. It appears to be out of Oklahoma City and I assume it’s late 70s. Rock n’ Roll Waitress is a grinding cross of Johnny Thunders/Heartbreakers (One Track Mind) and Flies on Sherbert (I’ve Had It) era Alex Chilton minced through a Bonehead grinder. Simple, rough and effective. The A side is also pretty decent, but with more of a bar band tinge. Why is this a Google ”0”?

Hear a full version of Rock n’ Roll Waitress

Hear a full version of All the Boys and Girls

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Pesky Gee! –Where is My Mind

Pesky Gee! –Where is My Mind/A Place of Hearbreak –Pye 7N. 17708 (1969 UK)

Pesky Gee! Was in fact Black Widow before their name change. Their cover of this Vanilla Fudge track finds them leaving their soul cover band origins behind and heading into the weirder territory they would later occupy. The saxophones and high vocals add a certain baroque feel which is odd yet fitting with the Heavy dose of Psych fuzz. Ex Pesky Gee! members Clive Jones and Clive Box would later re-appear in the late 70s as Agony Bag, releasing the incredible Rabies is a Killer. I was lucky enough to see Clive perform the track live with Guida last year shortly before his untimely death.

Hear a full version of Where is My Mind

Monday, April 20, 2015

Gilbert Kopland –Leave The Rest To Me

OST Ultime Gride Dalla Savana –For You and Me/ Leave The Rest To Me –AMP 157 (1975 Italy)

On the soundtrack of the tame and mostly stagged Italian Mondo movie “Ultime Grida Dalla Savana” (Savage Man Savage Beast) lurks this driving gritty rocker which melds Barry McGuire with Chicory Tip into a 3 chord Beat on The Brat no hope wonder. It sounds like it was recorded more as an afterthought with an ending that is more than abrupt. The lyrics attempt some form of socio realism from its factories and assembly lines to switchblade knives, dealers, Junkies, street fighting men and honky tonks with fun results.
  If you like this tune, you’re in luck as there are literally dozen of really cheap copies out there. The A side starts out like Neil Young then goes all Italo-schmaltz…so quite listenable for the first 30 seconds! Gilbert Kopland appears to be a pseudonym; however he sounds reassuringly American.

Hear a full version of Leave The Rest To Me

Monday, April 13, 2015

Shindig! Magazine taken over by usurpers!

Over the years, through its different permutations, Shindig! has not just been the finest (and readable)music mag out there, but also the most influential. It's the shared vision of Jon Mills and Andy Morten that has made Shindig! special and unique. Now through some ghastly underhand tactics, their vision has been ripped out of their hands by Volcano Publishing and has been replaced by some ersatz /pale imitation under the name of Kaleidoscope. If you believe in integrity, if you believe a publication would be hollow with content stitched together  without a driving vision. Stay away from Kaleidoscope and give Volcano a right earful. Shindig! will be back and hopefully soon.

Please the statement below and show your support

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Utrecht Record Fair -Day 3

OK, all done now. Today was half price or "Sunday prices" on most of the stuff, so it was worth doing a relaxed last walk around the stands. The weirdest purchase was the 4 track Thai Bloodrock EP!
All in all Utrecht remains the best record fair anywhere and is a constant reminder of how crap fairs are in the UK.

Until November then!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Utrecht Record Fair Day 2

A more compact bunch today, including this corking heavy Swedish double-header

Zane –Step Aside

Zane –Damage

Although the sleeve has seen better days, I was well chuffed to find this single by Panda

Panda –Medicine Man

The rest of the 45s...

Now not my usual buying behaviour, but I also picked up 4 LPs....

Tomorrow I will spend a few hours and perhaps a few Euros more at the fair before flying back  to the UK...

Friday, April 10, 2015

Utrecht Record Fair DAY 1

oOOooOOoo  good start today. One killer now off my virtual wants list: Matchbox -Run Much Faster

Now this no longer really happens in this day and age, but the bunch of 32 singles below cost €2 each. Nice to get those Smoke and Creation singles. Bargain!

More  nice stuff including the Dutch Jetz single at a reasonable price.

I'm here until Sunday...So I will report back

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Utrecht Record Fair April 2015

Yes, Spring is in the air and my flight to Holland is but a few hours away. I will report back all the finds, sights and smells over the  next 3 days. With WFMU at the end of the month, April is a monster record buying month...

Monday, April 06, 2015

Stumpwater –Turn Me on Woman

Ronnie and Natalie -6 Times/ Stumpwater –Turn Me on Woman –WMC Records (1975 Canada)

Beware Canadian content! Stumpwater emanated from the outlands of Nova Scotia and this is actually the B side of the single which they shared with Ronnie and Natalie. Stumpwater were without any doubt a killer combo supremely loud and heavy, oozing attitude and a rampant sexuality, but not quite as rampant as on the other side which features Natalie Pollock who co-hosted The Pollock and Pollock Gossip Show and who’s screeching vocals complement Ronnie. Judging the size of Natalie’s ample bosom, it is no wonder Ronnie managed to get it up 6 times a night…This single will soon be re-released on the Supreme Echo label, who have already released the Twitch, Sphex and Triton Warrior with much more cool stuff to come.

Hear a full version of Turn Me on Woman

Hear a full version of 6 Times

Monday, March 30, 2015

Spirit of St. Louis –See Me Go

Spirit of St. Louis-Something Lazy/See Me Go –Hansa 14829 AT (1970 German issue)

This is the first single from this Leiden (NL) band who released at least 4 more singles. The band in this earlier incarnation was comprised of brothers Roland (guitar) and Arthur De Leeuw (drums) with Martin Kramer (bass). See Me Go is a Top Neder-Cruncher which makes me think of The Pretty Things gone Hard Rock filtered through S.F Sorrow but keeping their 60s R&B rawness. It features some cutting lead guitar at the cusp of Freakbeat and Heavier fare. The A side is a good mid tempo number, although less wild in its approach while their next single Down by The Radio (1974) was more commercial a bit like CCR covering Yellow River (Christie). So a one B side wonder?

Hear a full version of See Me Go

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Jax -The Jax are Back (Live)


The Jax -The Jax are Back/The Jax are Back (Live) -Baddog -FKU 69 (1973 US)

Talk about primitive. Recorded "live" at The Trashy Trailer, I would be surprised if more than 2 mics were used to capture the pure wild Proto Punk abandonment just about contained here. Pressed in miniscule quantities, their only single featured two versions of the same song, but this is the “Live” side and the wildest of the two. The other side can be found on Youtube. From Clinton, Iowa, who were these guys?

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Seompi - Almost in The Whole

Seompi - Almost in The Whole/Slide Slide -Black Star S-102 (1971 US)

(Just a quick post using a different sound file storage /player until normal service is hopefully resumed)

Seompi were a legendary Texan congregation part Hippie, part Agit pop, but full FREAK. The performance is wonderfully heavy although they do go a bit dear I say it...Jazz at the end. The band, based in Austin released 3 singles at the time and played on until 1974

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