Sunday, November 13, 2016

Utrecht Record Fair November 2016: Third and final day

So after 10 hours a day on Friday and Saturday, a more manageable 7 hours of walking and digging was achieved on Sunday. Apart from the sheer size and number of miles walked taking their toll, the hard concrete floor adds to the overall level of pain and tiredness…but, I’m not one to complain, not with the latest purchases...

First, let’s talk about a 42 year old dream that became a reality today for 10 Euros...

Back in 74/75, I had bought a German Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich LP where my favourite tune Frustration literally jumped out at me. It was so obvious to me that this song deserved to be a single, but no go. All my teenage digging brought up nothing, later discographies has no mention of Frustration ever being on a single, only an EP. In the Internet age, I carried on looking and never found any mention. Fast forward to today and a dealer had a green sleeve on his wall with a band photo that looked familiar, he told me it was a rare Dutch DDDBMT single and lo and behold it featured FRUSTRATION!!! Needless to say I had a big green on my face for the rest of the day. Dreams do come true, ok, slightly sad, but very consistent!

Distant Jim, not a Dutch band but only released in Holland with a Smoke, Junior’s Eyes connection.Never in a pic sleeve it seems…


A nice bunch of pic sleeve including the great Apple single in fetching German picture sleeve. The Tages is not a great coupling, however the German sleeve is ace. Their only single released in Germany

Next up a cracking pair of US Garage Blitzers. The Burning Bush is well-known, however Wanted Dead or Alive features a young Michael Lloyd. Hey Joe cash in time...

Some nice UK issues...

Some 70s sleeves...

Stampeders –Johnny Lightning in a cool German pic sleeve, featured here in one of the most invigorating live performances known to man. Just dig the Buckskin belting bass player

Now, time to digest then hit Olympia next Saturday, but nothing compares to Utrecht. And Yes my flight and hotel is already booked for next April

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Utrecht Record Fair November 2016: Day 2

Day 2 -Saturday

A less frantic day, but still 10 hours of continuous digging

Some pretty obscure ones including, the Belgian Perhaps Next Tide and the Dutch Phoenix, where you learn that Jimi Hendrix in fact wrote Hey Joe. 


Next up a couple of Decca demos. The faux Four Seasons Oldham/Stones folly of Bobby Jameson and the wonderfully lush folk rock pop of  The Rothchilds

Nice Dutch only coupling on this Nazz single, Blue Yoghurt is Kenny Young (Umbrella Man)

Dry ice is killer fuzz and Virgin Sleep hypnotic and gorgeous...

The 70s. Lucille is a great Italian Glam cruncher. Blonde on Blonde is nice in its UK pic sleeve. German Albatross pic sleeve (with UK record...)

A couple of LPs too.. . Picked the Skip Bifferty (Orange RCA) and Blond (Tages in lovely Swedish gatefold)

Tomorrow is the last day, normally bargain day...let's see

Friday, November 11, 2016

Utrecht Record Fair November 2016: Day 1

As part of the continual groundhog day ritualised routine of my life, I am of course in Utrecht for the ever great Utrecht fair.
Today was day 1, the set up day and I walked, talked and explored from 7am to 5pm non-stop (well apart from one coffee and chips break)

The two records that gave me the most joy was the Eyes -Man With Money (always seemed to miss out on that one and the UK Craig -I Must Be Mad, which was top of my UK wants list for 5 years or so)

Nice Swedish copy of The Tomorrow and original Canadian Ugly Ducklings

The next bunch includes a Dutch Diversion and Groovies, German Hammersmith Gorillas and Ronno (Mick Ronson) as well as a UK Giant Crab ESP. NZ's Larry's Rebels has a Coke advert

The rest was more of your usual Utrecht over-spill

Tomorrow a time for breakfast then hitting the ground running at 8am...

Friday, November 04, 2016

Dizzy’s Farm –Vodka Collins

Dizzy’s Farm –Vodka Collins/Chattanooga Blues –HMR Productions –HMR 592 (1972 US)

Another complete mystery disc here. Vodka Collins is a pretty good 70s rocker, with some gritty guitar featuring leslie speaker-like sound  during the cool guitar interplay; great  playing anyhow…Chattanooga Blues is an uptempo cowbell driven rural choogler; about the merits of moving to the country, upright yet bouncy...
Apart from the 1972 release date and that it was recorded and produced by Harry.M Randel- the head honcho at HMR ( out of Scotch Plains (NJ), nothing else was found after initial googling –More info and an upgrade would be most welcome!

Hear a full version of Vodka Collins

Hear a full version of Chattanooga Blues

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Kanaan -Leave It

Kanaan –Leave It/Something Inside –Kana RFM 408 (1969 US)

Texas 1969, and Kanaan deliver a short but not so sweet heavy gem. The track starts very promisingly with great throaty vocals and killer guitar over a tight earthy backing…however any semblance of a song structure is lost within the first minute as the song disintegrates into a Frank Marino-like plaything where  the guitarist’s pedals and a misplaced belief of his virtuosity are given full reign. The song does re-assemble itself for the end, but it is a shame that the tight gritty thudding didn’t extent to a second verse earlier on. The B side is an atrocious piano-led pro AOR dirge

Hear a full version of Leave It

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Allentown Record Fair 2016 –Saturday

Today, after 3 days of visiting rooms, corridor deals and a visit to Double –Decker records, was the first day of the fair proper.

The doors opened at 7:30am, and an intake of new dealers and records provided a breath of fresh air

I picked up some cool Garage/Psych singles today and over the last couple of days including Crystal Chandlier’s Suicidal Flowers , Pembrook Ltd,  Johnny Thompson Quintet, Loyal Opposition, Twentieth Century Zoo (Didn’t know there was another single on Caz) and the demented fury of Electric Company single, which I only discovered last night.

Double –Decker Records had The Wowii and Larry Lazar single, which were nice surprises. Double-Decker is a great shop, full of good stuff very competitively priced. Other stuff included some cheap Paul Revere and The Raiders US pic sleeves, so I will now attempt to get the full run.

Perhaps the most interesting discovery was The Dizzy Farm single –Vodka Collins/Chattanooga Blues on HMR. A perfect  1969 -1971 greased  buckskin belter of the highest order. More soon on that one

Now, the piece de resistance and a single I thought I had lost out on, as my roommate snatched it before me, however as all good things come to he who waits,  so I am now the happiest of campers. The Astaroth single is simply immense.Thanks Erik…

Tomorrow (Sunday), is the second day of the fair, where LPs are allowed to make an appearance.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Allentown Record Fair 2016: Arrival

Allentown Record Fair –A slight return

Well It has been 4 years since I ventured out to Allentown for the 45 only fair. I arrived last night and bought my first record within 5 minutes of arrival then went to  bed.
I am staying at America’s Best Inn, which is certainly less than luxurious, but it’s where a majority of the dealers are staying. So 10-12 rooms have their doors open for business, and you just navigate back and forth, to and fro, talking shit, sharing jokes and going through boxes upon boxes of 45s.
There is also a scaled down version of a similar scene going on at the Howard Johnson hotel 

The Illuminati setting market prices for the next 10 years including Tim Warren, Barry Wickham, Erik Lindgren, Dave Baldwin and yours truly

No incredible finds yet, but the fair proper is still a couple of days away... 

Extolling the virtues of Raga-Glam to the disbelieving

The demand for hotel rooms is huge this time of year in Allentown

Monday, September 19, 2016

Greg Cabrera –Darlin’

Greg Cabrera –Darlin’/Love is Just for Two –Brentwood Records BR 2711 (1972 US)

From 1972 and out of Riverside CA comes this one-off unique sounding Powerpop gem. The vocals are surprising and strangely distinctive a bit like Count Viglione in tight polyester trousers sucking up helium.  Beneath the vocals and plonking piano your ears will be drawn to a perfect replica of that 70s Eventide delay sound so loved on those 70s Flamin’ Groovies sides. The constant lead guitar twiddling is quite manic in its delivery and the tune itself is rather fetching, succinct and to the point melodically harking back to pre-70s days. The B side starts out in  rather soppy acoustic ballad mode. The vocals are nasal and sugary but when the song builds and the string section kicks in all these diverging elements come together in quite a satisfactory manner

Hear a full version of Darlin’

Hear a full version of Love is Just for Two

Monday, September 05, 2016

Blackbird –Dirty Dan

Blackbird –Am I Gonna Lose Her/Dirty Dan-Surprise Records –MS45-101 (1974 US)

Here’s a wonderful obscure burst of Powerpop hiding on the B side of an average piece of rural rock. The year is 1974, but make no mistake about it, this will give you the same thrill as the best of Pezband or The Scruffs; real Powerpop with the power intact featuring bright ringing guitars and invigorating backing vocals on a catchy as fuck number. You expect these guys would have a similar look to Blue Ash, a 70s rock band harking back to a bright past for inspiration, so as long as no picture appears with the guys sporting bushy moustaches, the magic will be maintained.

Hear a full version of Dirty Dan

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sky Blue Pink - Oats/ Makin Love Now

Sky Blue Pink - Oats(My Future Depends on You/ Makin Love Now -Right Now 1571 (US 1970)

Sky Blue Pink were a trio out of Ohio who only ever released this one single. Both sides share a similar philosophy of melding Hard Rock riffing with lush harmonies and lighter psych interludes. The effect is quite striking and accomplished, but mean both tracks don't get to fit on the Bonehead scale of things. The band comprised of Daniel Cadaret  (guitar/vocals), Gary Ameling  (bass/vocals)  and Mark Melnek (drums/vocals). Further info here

Hear a full version of Oats

Hear a full version of Makin Love Now

Friday, August 19, 2016

Bros -Red Headed Woman -Unreleased US Acetate

Bros -Red Headed Woman/ Sweet, Sweet Lovin' -Sound Trek Acetate (US 197?)

Red Headed Woman is a great greased -up Crunchin sizzler that sits somewhere between Bar Band Proto Punk (think Frut's Spoiled Rotten), Bonehead with a twist of ersatz Stones -dig the Bobby Keys-like sax break "C'mon purdy Mama shake it for me"...indeed 
This recording is unreleased ( as far as I can tell), it's by a band called Bros with production by George St. John...My guess it's from 72/73. Anyone out there know more?

 Hear a full version of Red Headed Woman


Sunday, July 31, 2016

Macura –You Make Me Feel

Macura –You Make Me Feel/There Comes a Time –Macura Music KM 101 US 197?)

Here’s a great obscure one, which would fit nicely next to the Wowii singles. Probably released sometime between 76 and 79, the guy who found it stated it sounded like a bunch of bikers who had just discovered The Ramones. This is partly true, but it goes to a whole different level with the twin lead guitars, the affected double-tracked vocals and underlying acoustic strumming. The performance works due to the different elements somehow blending together.  As mentioned it’s got a certain Wowii (Hoods) feel to it as well as that under the radar Velvets influence in a similar vein to Third Rail’s Bad Ass Bruce

This Macura single is part of a bunch of records I have that seem to partly acknowledge Punk (or pre Punk) but don’t launch themselves full hog into Plastic Punk territory. The B side is more of the same;  in a more 70s channeling the late 50s kind of way.

What of Macura? It all seems to centre around one Karl Macura out of Bakersfield, California. If it’s the same guy, he passed away aged 54 back in 2004 and this is how he was remembered
“Karl was an accomplished artist. His gift of painting and drawing was only surpassed by his passion for music. Karl’s love for the guitar led to over a thousand pieces of original music. Even though he was a consummate songwriter his family and friends knew him best for his ability to make everyone laugh…”

“A thousand pieces of original music”? Nothing else seems to have been released, but I would love to be proved wrong!

Hear a full version of You Make Me Feel

  Hear a full version of There Comes a Time

Friday, July 22, 2016

Hero - Living in The Land of Oz

Hero  -Living in The Land of Oz/ Captain Video- Inter Planetary Records ‎IPR-001 (US 1977)

Featuring ex Hollywood Stars lead singer Scott Phares; Living in The Land of Oz is a rare non-LP outing by Hero. Living in The Land of Oz was originally the main theme song for the Aussie rock fantasy Oz (A Rock n Roll Road Movie). The movie is your typical groupie girl gets knock on head and wakes up in an alternative version of outback Australia, full of greasers, effeminate shop owners and town zombies in order to save the day. Written and performed by Daddy Cool main man Ross Wilson the original version of the song although raspy, kinda jars with its mock reggae beat. Hero’s version on the other hand is much more the real deal. 
The film itself was released in the US as 20th Century Oz in September 1977, so most likely the recording took place sometime earlier that year, Michael Lloyd approached Hero as the movie people wanted a US band to do the title track on the US release of the movie. However they didn’t have the will or budget to do a Mad Max dubbing job, as the distributor was probably just hoping for a quick cash-in for the upcoming release of The Wiz which came out the following year.
Anyhow the performance is a cool Glammy hard edged AOR meets Powerpop sing-along which is miles above the original. 

Hear a full version of Living in The Land of Oz

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Eastwood –Little Miss Lucy

Eastwood –Little Miss Lucy/ Living to Learn –SRT 73332 (1974 UK)
Following a couple of singles on CBS, Eastwood went missing in the wilderness for a few years before releasing this Crunchin’ Glam winner. As their freaky underground sounds on CBS didn’t bring them much in the way of fandom, the boys took their chances and went all Glam on this superb A side; hoping to win over some of what Gary Glitter was getting. Although an obvious cash-in for this hairy mob, the A side rings true and loud, Little Miss Lucy being an utterly convincing performance.
The guys had learned their chops, but were open minded enough to include some Chicory Tip moog licks as well adding a bit of amphetamine to their habitual drug intake. The performance is gritty, frenetic and is not a millions miles away from Hector in terms of effect. Sadly this seems to have been it for Eastwood and they eventually crawled back under their damp rock, not to be heard from again. The B side is not half bad, channelling Bobby Womack’s Across 110th Street into a grungy and Freaky Space Rock setting. Nice greasy solo on that one.

Hear a full version of Little Miss Lucy

Hear a full version of Living to Learn

Monday, June 27, 2016

25 singles for sale on ebay

Thanks to a bunch of bigots, the pound has crashed, so here's a chance for the rest of you to profit from the plummeting exchange rate

Anyhow I have listed 25 rare and wonderful 45s from the Proto Punk of Alan Lee Shaw's She Moans, through Mandrake Paddle Steamer to Boys and Girls Together's Knock Knock along with the usual mix of Junkshop Glam and Bonehead, there's plenty to peruse, listen to and maybe bid on

Have fun

You can find them here
Purepop1uk singles for sale

Here’s the full list of the 25 singles

Arizona Swamp Company -Tennessee Woman Train Keeps Rollin’ FREAKBEAT Demo
Playful Pups Palpatations -Killer US Bubblegum Groover 1969
Boys and Girls Together -KNOCK KNOCK- Snarly US Bubblegum PUNK 1969
UGE-Mad Charles -Weird US Psych obscurity -1974
Eric Elder –SUNFLOWER/San Tokay -MOD Psych Dancer- 10CC- RARE UK orginal
Tonics -Daddy -Heavy KRAUT Psych Killer Hard Rock–1969
Jeff Smith –Going to a Party/ Gypsy in My Blood RARE RAK 10CC Demo –1971
Mandrake Paddle Steamer -Strange Walking Man -PSYCH UK Original –Demo
Together -Memories of Melinda UK Popsike -Circus Days -German Pic Sleeve
The Two Dollar Question - Aunt Matilda's...US Bubblegum Dancer 1969
Dunno -Sunday Girl/ Magic Beat Electric Asylum 1971 –Demo
Q65 –Love is Such a Good Thing -Dutch HEAVY Psych/Hard Rock Freak –1970
Nevada Sound -Gimme Good Lovin'- POUNDING Irish Mod Dancer 1969
Corporation -Wild Time- Dutch HEAVY Freak BONEHEAD CRUNCHER 1970
Frenzy -Poser -1976 -Proto Punk Glam Cruncher Demo 1976 - Hear!
Billy Beethoven -Dreams (Graham Bonnet) screeching Junkshop Pop Demo -1975
Scarface -Dance To The Band-Obscure UK Glam Cruncher 1975
Alan Lee Shaw –She Moans - RARE UK Proto PUNK Bonehead 1974
Gumbo -We Don't Care/ The Devils -Killer UK Proto Punk 1974
Eyes -Wild Wild Woman- UK Proto Punk Hard Rock Rarity Promo Vertigo -1976
Jets -Yeah! - Pounding Junkshop Glam -German Pic sleeve 1973
Hammersmith Gorillas –You Really Got Me - Proto Punk-German pic sleeve
Dean Klevatt Story of His Life - Glam era Powerpop -Demo-1974 
Wellington –Swoop Down on You -UK Junkshop Glam STOMPER 1975
Equals - Diversion - Crunchin' Glam Stomper-German Pic Sleeve-1973

Friday, June 24, 2016

Stud Leather -Cut Loose official reissue

Stud Leather -Cut Loose/Samantha Dear -Last Year's Youth LAST 24 (Germany 2016)

I usually make a point of not reviewing reissues/new issues or compilation LPs, however in this case the project is really close to my heart

My unbound obsession with Cut Loose goes back a long time now ever since I heard it on one of Tim Orchard's CDRs nearly 10 years ago

I was well chuffed to have met the inspiration that is Roger Cook, and featured the story back in 2009  I also re-wrote the piece for an old issue of Bucketful of Brains

Anyhow I was happy to introduce the label guy to Roger so that this fine re-release became reality

It's wonderfully produced, with a fold out glossy page featuring the original article plus scans of covers and labels of the original releases
The artwork by Tony Crazeekid is simply ace!

It's a limited edition, with a few special copies that also features a photo of the band
There is one big difference with the original issue in that the unreleased drunken haze that is Samantha Dear features as a B side

Enjoy, you should be able to get copies here as well as in other places

...and in case you haven't heard Cut Loose

GO CRAZY! with a lofi clip recorded with a microphone, so go get the real thing!

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Dean Klevatt –The Story of His Life/Don’t Bury Molly

Dean Klevatt –The Story of His Life/Don’t Bury Molly –Decca F13495 (1974 UK)

If it wasn’t for that Titan of a man Mark Prellberg, I would never come across this perfect specimen of Glam era pop. 
Dean later became Kim Fowley protégé Bobby Sky and nearly had the wonderful Beach Boys/Powerpop concoction The Water released on Titan at the time (it does however feature on Numero’s Titan comp It’s All Pop with 2 others (more US info here

Both songs are wonderfully evocative of the time. Supremely melodic performances that still sound really fresh, it is literally a preserved time capsule that sends you back to early 70s Bowie or Elton John with a sparkling pop effervescence that is timeless. At times you may think if a teen version of Pilot, but it’s much more imaginative and lively than any of those comparisons. There are however closer similarities with Brett Smiley but without the Clout of Andrew Loog Oldham or a Russell Harty TV appearance.

Anyhow back to the UK and 1974 with the 3 day-week and industrial strife. Dean had a dream you see, the lure of Anglophile Pop and the chance to write the story of his life among his heroes. Dean was 16 at the time…

DK:  “I grew up listening and being influenced as a musician by so many UK artists such as The Beatles and David Bowie that as soon as I could I wanted to go and experience for myself where that all that incredible music came from…! This certainly wasn’t Kansas anymore
DK: “I came to London from Kansas with very little money and only a 2 month visitor’s visa. I recorded a piano and voice demo at a little studio somewhere in London and took it round to all the publishers I could get an appointment with. I was politely turned down by everyone, and literally the last appointment I had was with Ivor Raymonde who had his offices on Denmark Street. He really liked my tape and asked me to return the next day. I was totally broke so he gave me £5 to insure I could make it!"

Can you give some background on the single -who played on the session?

DK: “Ivor arranged the session at Decca Studios in West Hampstead--a very famous place in pop music history--as he had gotten me a singles deal with Decca Records. It was in Studio 2 which had a Neve console, I thought it sounded amazing in there. We cut 5 songs, not knowing which would turn out to be the single. I can remember the session very clearly. The guys sat around that morning waiting for Ivor to turn up with their sheet music, kind of bored and matter of fact, like another day at the office. It features Clem Cattini on drums, but I didn't realise how much of a well-known a session player he was. Once they got playing however my songs sounded amazing from the first take. Ivor had insisted that the piano was played by a session guy which devastated me at the time as I felt my piano playing was integral to the feel of my songs. But Ivor wasn't about to take a chance on an untested 16 year old being able to play a session with these top guys whose ability he could count on. Nevertheless I was really upset about that..."

The single reached demo stage and regular copies were also pressed up, but probably only with sample stickers. It is unclear if any singles actually reached the shops. The Demo has Don't Bury Molly as the A side, whereas the regular issue appears to have switched sides

DK: "It got a few plays on Radio 1 in their new releases slot on a Friday evening and also some local radio play but not much after that. There was a 3 day working week in Britain at that time which meant that there was no vinyl in the shops so it was unavailable anyway!"

What was your return to the US like? How did you hook up with Kim Fowley?

DK: “I went back to the States as my visa had run out and Ivor was so busy with his other projects that even though he was quite happy to record another single for Decca, I just couldn't hang around waiting for that to happen. So I told him I thought it was best I return home and we parted as friends. By the way I'm so grateful to him for his enthusiasm to produce me and the chance to make a record in England! I moved to LA where I had family I could stay with and met Kim through a contact who gave me his pager number. He phoned me back and we had one of the most amazing conversations I've ever had in my life. It must have lasted 2 hours or more and I got the full Kim Fowley manifesto. We met up in a studio he booked in Hollywood where I played him my new songs which he really liked. He gave me a handful of title and lyric ideas which I thought were genius and told me to go away and write tunes to them. I did and he was overjoyed with the results. This led to an introduction to a publisher he knew at Chappell Music on Sunset Boulevard who signed me immediately. Bobby Sky was Kim's idea. He was always renaming his charges. One day he turned to me and said "From now on you're Bobby Sky."

Many thanks to Dean and Mark Prellberg

Hear a full version of The Story of His Life

Hear a full version of Don't Bury Molly

Monday, May 16, 2016

Brethren –New Day

Brethren –New Day/ Heather –Ruda Bega Records 0001 (1972 US)

New Day is an excellent early 70s drawn out yet punchy Psych track which relies heavily on the guitarist’s nifty hooks. In fact the lead guitarist seems to have just learned Layla and attempts to play it throughout the track. The track gets heavier as it progresses and it’s a highly enjoyable ride
The melody of the B side Heather is VERY reminiscent of Free Bird (released in 73), but with a slight Doug Yule 3rd Velvet feel. As Lynyrd Skynyrd toured extensively down south prior to signing to MCA, it’s possible that Brethren were somewhat inspired by a live rendition, unless… Lynyrd Skynyrd stole the ideas from Brethren…in which case a law suit should ensue, if it’s not too late for Spirit, why not Brethren?
Although the exact origin of Brethren is unclear, there were certainly from the South as PRP pressings tended to be from The Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee or Arkansas. As per usual more info always gratefully received...

Hear a full version of New Day

Hear a full version of Heather

Friday, April 29, 2016

Smash Well You Know

Smash –Well You Know/ Love Millionaire –Philips 6029 039 (1970 Spain)
This is not what you expect from a bunch of hairy Proggy looking Spaniards. This is snarly Freakbeat at its raucous R&B best. Strange for 1970, looking at  the guys I kinda expected hearing flute...The singer has got that snotty Punker attitude down perfectly, add in some spooky sounding lead and a neat line hypnotic congas and the result is a rousing tour-de-force.. Unexpected and great all round

Hear a full version of Well You Know

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Purepop is 10 years old...

Well that went by quickly...10 years of Purepop already.

Not sure if Purepop will ever reach puberty, but he is currently feeling a bit lazy, let's see if he can't get a bit more productive in the coming months
Thanks for sticking around

Here's a little something to celebrate. It's because of these guys I picked up a guitar in the first place...

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Utrecht record Fair April 2016 -Day 2

A great day today...Where to start?

Some ace scores at incredibly favourable prices. A box was lurking behind a “Punk” dealer’s wares which seemed to have been untouched. Best deal was probably the rousing Better Days single.
 The Spider was an out of the box find and a Kim Fowley single I didn’t know, sounds very weird but fun... and the B side

The weirdest provenance story for sure. These 4 DJM Demos came all the way from Bolivia!. Thanks to Patrick who has all manner of South American connections, a couple of Bolivian dealers had brought these demos with them to Holland. They had been languishing somewhere untouched and unplayed in La Paz...Where the air is dry.

Some random selections now follow...

Glad to have won the legends -great B side. Also nice to finally have a Laughing Gravy with a B side...

Never seen an Eric Elder pic sleeve before. I love Sunflower

a Really great Utrecht -April 2016, one of the best ones ever

Friday, April 15, 2016

Utrecht Record Fair April 2016 -Day 1

After the slight dissapointment with last November's fair, things really took off this Spring

A high return when it came to some choice 60s sides

The Slaves with Slave Time deliver a top Freakbeat performance in its wildest form. A mix of Austrian and Swiss guys apparently. A new discovery for me anyhow

The Lovin’ is also great, thank god for Youtube when looking through singles

Another cool one is Turnstyle’s Single with its killer Trot B Side, Mark Ashton would later show up in Rare Bird

The rest...

Not sure what will go down tomorrow. Bring it on...