Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Cedric –I’m Leavin’/You Say You Love Her – Obscure US Hard Rock/ Proto Punk (1970)

Cedric –I’m Leavin’/You Say You Love Her –Derrick D -1888 (US 1970)

Yes here you have it - Cedric on Derrick…. The Derrick label was perhaps best known for issuing the Marble Phrogg LP. Out of Tulsa Oklahoma Cedric is in fact the beginnings of The Totty Brothers (Dennis and Byron) who later in the 70s released 2 Hard Rock albums as Totty, it’s especially their first self-titled one in 1977 that is really sought after. 

Here we go back to 1970 with drummer Roger Roden for these 2 amazing choppy loud and shambolic numbers at the cusp of late Garage with lashings of Proto Punk and  hints of Funk (yikes). It’s actually the B side You Say You Love Her that leads the way in terms of consistency of mission. The singer exhales the lyrics though the tightest of throats then around the 1 minute mark the drums let loose pushing the guitar into some kind of Hard Rock Little Johnny Jewel-like angular guitar slashes . The A side I’m Leavin’ side follows the same pattern, again just after the minute mark things get really wild and interesting. It seems that just 100 copies were pressed at the time (both documented copies have the label sides reversed) and it’s been a very hard one to track down. So here it is for your enjoyment…

More information on Totty here: http://tottybrothers.com/index.html

Hear a full version of You Say You Love Her

Hear a full version of I’m Leavin’

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Utrecht Record Fair November 2018 - Day 3 (Final day)

So here I am at Schiphol Airport with the plane delayed for 30 minutes, so an opportunity to post about the last day. It looks like that on average, it has been a good trip after all. Today I picked up more Glamsters along with other singles of a more singular interest

I don't often buy records by German artists, but 2 great ones showed up. Toxic, as discovered via ugly Things released 2 singles in the late 60s. Horse and Director is an amazing tour-de-force

The Ones single has so many potential things wrong with it. Namely made by Germans, it has a link to Tangerine Dream -Edgar Froeser plus one dude is brandishing a flute on the cover plus the sleeves states that it is music for Hippies!!!!!

However have a listen, it's a great Popsike track

The last record I picked up is a real stunner...and it will be showing up on my next list

And yes I will be back next April, Brexit or no Brexit...

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Utrecht Record Fair November 2018 - Day 2

So day 2 Saturday... I didn't manage to unearth any new discoveries, although The Juveniles blew my mind...nearly on a par with the Preachers' Who Do You Love

The Australian Yardbirds is nice...and glad to finally have a pristine on Film along with St. David's Road with a small centre

Some Glam spares mostly of the Danish Kind including a Danish version of Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet

Tomorrow is the last day, still I have a feeling that I will come back with a whole bunch of Euros, which will be handy for when I return in April as The Pound will probably not be worth much by then on the foreign exchange market...

Friday, November 16, 2018

Utrecht Record Fair November 2018 - Day 1

So the 50th Installment of the Utrecht fair began at 7am pretty much on the dot this time. A big improvement is allowing dealers into the main halls from 6am, meaning that there are no  no queues when the record fair itself opens at 7.

First thing first, Nothing momentous went down in terms of finds this time, OK got plenty of spare titles including the elusive Hammer singles, but the only killer for myself was the Fingers Lee Belgian only pic sleeve. What a monster that one is...

Anyhow early days...Hoping for an upwards gear shift tomorrow

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Utrecht Record Fair November 2018: Utrecht arrival and first buys

OK here we are again for  the 50th edition of the  ever over-whelming Utrecht Record Fair

This is bound to be the last pre Brexit fair, meaning that next time the pound will most likely not be worth more than 80 cents...Anyway my April trip is already booked, what will be will be...

I caught the end of the outdoor fair in its new more pleasant location, just picked up The Gallery single at a good price

At the Plato record shop, there have boxes of 2nd hand singles behind the counter and I picked up some unexpected stuff including the Jimmy Jukebox in its Savage pencil sleeve

My check in to the hotel was then interrupted in the lobby by offers of  Absinthe 
 and beer with a couple of boxes of singles to wade through. Nice to get a pristine copy of the Dynamites single (Switzerland)

Alarm clock is set for 6, so should be inside the cavernous hangar of dreams as close to 7 as I can ....Will report back tomorrow

Friday, October 12, 2018

Rowing Gamblers - A World of Roses -Swedish Pop perfection (1969)

Rowing Gamblers - A World of Roses/My Very Special Dream –Parlophone SD 6071 (1969 Sweden)

A World of Roses was the 4th Rowing Gamblers single released in 1969 and it’s a perfect piece of Swedish Pop  recalling Badfinger with some back to basics Let It Be/White Album meaty guitar sound.
 It also fits nicely with The Tages or Blond’s pop sensibilities which is not surprising when you learn that Göran Lagerberg from those bands actually wrote the tune. The bridge, late on, has a very recognisable Tages melodic twist to it. 
The Rowing Gamblers were formed in the Stockholm area in 1965 and released 5 singles prior to disbanding in 1970

Hear a full version of A World of Roses

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Unknown acetate – Rock Me Over – Glam era Rock n’ Roll Revival

Rock Me Over –Emidisc Acetate ( UK 197?)

Here’s another unknown. Obviously triggered by the runaway success of The Rubettes, Rock Me Over is a catchy ditty that also reminds of Wizzard or Smiffy (See You Later). Unlikely to be of the pen of Bickerton and Waddington, the performance and tunage of Rock Me Over still has the charm fitting of a sunny afternoon. Any clues?

Hear a full version of Rock Me Over

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Purepop Set Sale September 2018 - One Week Only



Here is the full set sale list of the record I am selling as a set sale. First come, first served for one week only

I will be regularly updating the list here, marking the ones that have sold (in RED)

A big bunch this spread out over 4 categories:

Part 1: 60s Freakbeat, Psych, Beat and Bubblegum
Part 2: Junkshop Glam, 70s Pop and oddities
Part 3: Heavy Psych, Bonehead, Hard Rock and Proto Punk
Part 4: Aussie Heavy Rock, Glam, Bonehead and dripping Grillfat…

In order to get the list with prices and condition you need to contact me and I will email the list to you. You can contact me via comments with your email address (I will not make the comment public), or via email purepop1ukATyahooDOTcoDOTuk,

Part 1: 60s Freakbeat, Psych, Beat and Bubblegum

Act, The - Cobbled Streets/One Heart -Columbia UK Demo SOLD
Alexander Bell -Alexander Bell Believes/ A Hymn…with Love CBS (UK)  
Billy Nicholls -Would You Believe/Day Time Girl -Immediate -German pic sleeve SOLD
Blue Beard -Sly Willy/Country Man -Ember UK Pic sleeve 
Casuals -Caroline/Naughty Boy -Decca (UK) SOLD
Cherry Slush –I Cannot Stop You/Don’t Walk Away –Coronet Germany  SOLD
Derek Paul -Drugtaker/Riverboat -Young Blood (UK) SOLD
Easybeats -Peculiar Hole in The Sky/HP Man -Parlophone (AUS)
Easybeats -Sorry/Funny Feelin -Parlophone (AUS) SOLD

Fickle Pickle -Just an Old Fashioned Love Song/ Ask The People -Explosion Dutch pic sleeve SOLD
Fingers, The –All Kinds of People/Circus with a Female Clown –Columbia Demo UK 
Fire -Round The Gum Tree/Toothy Ruthie -London (US)  
Flowerz - Flyte/Talken about Love -Kingston (US) 
Fresh Air - Running Wild/Stop Look Listen -Pye Demo (UK)  SOLD
Jay and The Americans -French Provincial/Shanghai Noodle Factory UA Demo (UK) SOLD
Just William - I Don’t Care/ Cherrywood Green –Spark Test Pressing (UK) SOLD
K.G Young -Spider/Spider Woogie 9th Movement -CBS -German sleeve  SOLD
Kult, The - No Home Today/Mister Number One -CBS Demo (UK)  SOLD
Marmalade -I See The Rain/Laughing Man -CBS Dutch Pic Sleeve SOLD
Merseys, The – So Sad About Us/Love Will Continue –Fontana UK  SOLD
Nimbo -When The Swallows Fly/ Noticeingly By - Pye UK  SOLD
Peter and The Wolves -Little Girl Lost and Found/Is -MGM (UK)    SOLD
Peter Janes -Emperors & Armies/ Go Home Ulla -CBS -UK art sleeve 
Please - We Aim To Please (rougher version) /Paper Anne (Acetate) SOLD
Power - Children Ask (If He is Dead) /She is The Color of -MGM (US) Promo issue 
Raspberry Pirates -Looky Looky, My Cookie's Gone/ Good Morning Baby Atlantic (UK) SOLD
Rupert's People -A Prologue to a Magic World/ Dream on my Mind -Columbia Belgian Pic sleeve SOLD
Smoke -My Friend Jack/We Can Take It -Columbia SOLD
Street People -Jennifer Tomkins/All Night Long -Ariola German pic sleeve SOLD
Them –Walking in The Queens Garden/I Happen To Love You –Tower US Pic sleeve 
Troggs -Lost Girl/The Yella in Me -CBS (UK) 
Yardbirds -Happening Ten Years Time Ago/Psych Daisies -Columbia 
Yellow Pages -Here Comes Jane/Ding Dong Bell -Page One Demo (UK) SOLD

Part 2: Junkshop Glam, 70s Pop and oddities

Alan Steve -Honey Baby/ Daisy Five -Egg French art sleeve 
American Jam Band -Jam Jam/ Back on The Road- Young Blood German art Sleeve) SOLD
Andy Bown -Supersonic/ Feeling Better- GM (UK) 
Angel -  Good Time Fanny/Who D'ya Think Your Fooling -Cube (German Pic Sleeve) SOLD
Arlan Green -Promo EP-Moonbrite/I Do/ Rock Hotel/The Next Time White label -Bell (UK)
Big Star -O My Soul/ O My Soul edit - Ardent (US Promo)  SOLD
Bo' Flyers  -Do The Buster/So Young and in Love -Pye (UK) SOLD
Bo' Flyers - Saturday Could only Last Forever/17 Teenage Dream - Pye -Portuguese Pic Sleeve  SOLD
Chicory Tip -Survivor/ Move On -Vogue  French Pic sleeve 
Frenzy - Poser/ Things You Do - DJM  (UK)  SOLD
Gerry Morris - Sunlover/Only The Beginning -  York UK Demo   
Giggles  - Reaching Out/ Street Dancer - EMI UK Demo  SOLD
Hero - Love Gone Bad / Nothing Comes Easy - Private Stock UK Demo 
Imperial Dogs -This Ain't The Summer Of Love / I'm Waitin For The Man -Backdoor Man (US pic sleeve) 
Jackal  -The Year of The Tiger/Big Star BASF-UK Demo  SOLD
Jet - My River/Quandary -CBS (UK) SOLD
Jinx -Saw Your Face/ I Love You - Pink Elephant (NL pic sleeve)    SOLD
Lance Romance -California Summertime/ Hollywood Nites - Now (US)    SOLD
Loco -At The Local Dance/ The Man -BUK German Pic Sleeve)    SOLD
Marcus Hook Roll Band  -Natural Man/ Boogalooing is for Wooing -Regal Zonophone (UK) 
Mustard -Good Time Comin/I Saw I heard - EMI Demo (UK) SOLD
Nick Lowe  -So It Goes/ Heart of The City -Stiff- (UK) SOLD
Ning -Machine/ More Ning - London US issue  SOLD
Pete Dunton -Taking Time / Still Confused -RCA -French art sleeve SOLD
Pheon Bear -War Against War/ 87th Precinct - Pye Demo  (UK)  SOLD
Puzzle -Houla/ Do You Feel The Pain -DJM -  German Pic Sleeve  SOLD
Rescue Co. No. 1-  I Want to Save You/Amanda -Jam (UK)  SOLD
Robin Goodfellow -Why Am I Waiting/ Love You 'Til Friday -Pye Demo (UK)  SOLD
Shakane - Gang Man/ Jenny - UA (UK)  SOLD
Shambles -Hello Baby/Held Me Spellbound-RCA (UK)   SOLD
Shamrock -Bird Dog/Some Things that I Need-Polydor  NL Pic sleeve)  SOLD
Sisters  -There's a Raver Coming Home/Help The Music -WB (German pic sleeve) SOLD
Smyle -It's Gonna Be Alright /  She Means a lot to Me -Polydor -Dutch pic sleeve 
Spode -Cincinatti Woman/Singalong Song-Decca  Bel art sleeve)  SOLD
Stray -Move It/ Crazy People -Transatlantic-UK SOLD
Wellington -Alright I'll See You Tonight/How would you like to Rock with Me - Concord (UK) SOLD
Whistle  -The Party Must Be over/Hideaway - York (UK) SOLD
Yello Taxi -Anna Laura Lee/ Mary Ann -President (UK)  SOLD
Yellow Bird - Attack Attack/ Right On - Ariola German Pic Sleeve)  SOLD

Part 3: Heavy Psych, Bonehead, Hard Rock and Proto Punk

3's (Threez) - Do You See/ Transporter - Threez (US)  SOLD
Artist - Every Lady Does It/For The First Time -Peppermint (US)  SOLD
Black Rose  - Love Handles/ Man is Blind-Michigan Nickel (US)    SOLD
Brood  - The Roach/Virginia Neal -Lemon (US) 
Budgie - Crash Course in Brain Surgery/ Nude disintegrating Parachute Woman –MCA German Art sleeve SOLD
Chilly Chimes - Join The Army/ Let Me Inside Swedish Pic Sleeve  SOLD
Corporation  -Wild Time/Let’s Try to Put Him Down Negram (NL) SOLD
Griffin - I Am The Noise in Your Head/ Don't You Know-Bell (US issue)  SOLD
Hard Road - Pain in My Heart/ Movin' Down The Line -Marjon (US) SOLD
Influence, The - Driving Me Wild/ I Want to Live-Orange (UK) 
Lucifer  ‎– Mr Jack / Mr Jack -private (UK) SOLD
Lucifer  ‎– Pr**k / Want It-private (UK) 
Merriday Park ‎– Witchcraft / My Shady Friend -Columbia (Canada)    SOLD    
Morse Code Transmission - Satan's Song/ Cold Society -RCA (Canada)  SOLD
Nick Simper's Dynamite ‎– St. Louis / Soul Rider -Ariola (Dutch pic sleeve) 
Old Scratch - Devil Take You/Diamond Lady –Colly Records  (Canada) 
Pentagram ‎– Livin' In A Ram's Head/ When The Screams Come -High Voltage (US) SOLD
Raving Maniac, the - Rock n Roll Man/ Freedom -Cricket (US) 
Rog & Pip - From a Window/ Warlord -Philips German pic sleeve SOLD      
Smog ‎– Wiched Man/ Time For The Blues -M&G (Peru) SOLD
The Jax - The Jax are Back (Live)/ The Jax Are Back -Baddog (US) SOLD

Part 4: Aussie Heavy Rock, Glam, Bonehead and dripping Grillfat…

Ash band–Let's Go/ Since She Left Me –Kanandra (AUS)  
Buffalo- Just a Little Rock and Roll/Barbershop Rock -Philips (AUS) 
Buffalo- Little Queenie /The Girl Can't Help It -Vertigo (AUS)  
Buffalo- Lucky /On My Way Vertigo (AUS)   
Buffalo- Sunrise (Come My Way) /Pound Of Flesh -Philips (AUS) 
Buffalo- Suzie Sunshine /No Particular Place to Go -Philips (AUS)              
Buffalo- Sweet Little Sixteen /Essukay-Vertigo (AUS) 
Buffalo- What's Going On /I'm Coming Home -Philips (AUS) 
Bullet–Rock My Lady/Mover –Chicago (AUS)  SOLD
Finch –Out of Control/And She Sing –Picture Records Australa (AUS) SOLD
Geeza–Song to Warilla/Dragon Queen –Living Sound (AUS) 
Geeza–Sydney City Ladies/Run n Hide –Laser (AUS) SOLD
Geeza–Vambo/Get It –Living Sound (AUS)  SOLD
Nitro–Blues in My Shoes/For Me or For You –Warm and Genuine (AUS)  SOLD
Sweaty Betty–Every Little Thing/Man of The World –Van Diemen (AUS)  
U-Turn –Living in The City/Do You Remember –Laser (AUS) 
U-Turn –Sidewalk Teaser/One Day Love Affair –Laser (AUS) 
U-Turn –Traffic Lights/Long Lost Years –Laser (AUS)  SOLD

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Robin Goodfellow – Why Am I Waiting – Obscure UK Glam-era Pop (1973)

Robin Goodfellow – Why Am I Waiting/ Love You ‘Til Friday –Pye 45271 (UK 1973)

Robin Goodfellow was the talent behind Gideans League UK Bubblegum cracker” Hey! Did You Know You've Got Your Face on Upside Down” but also released 2 unheralded UK 70s pop singles both with a nod to Glam. I reviewed the 2nd one a few years back, you can find the review with sound here Robin Goodfellow -You Know Me Now
Now is the time to post his first solo single. Both songs are great Glam era Bowie-like concoctions often resembling Graeme Grace. The tracks feature arresting production values and arrangements, just a shame more wasn’t released…A singular British talent for sure

Hear a full version of Why Am I Waiting

Hear a full version of Love You ‘Till Friday

Thursday, August 16, 2018

R. Black And The Rockin' V's - Such a Lovely Day – Unreleased Vanda & Young (1968)

R. Black And The Rockin' V's - Sorrowful Stoney/ Such a Lovely Day –Sunshine QK-2479 (1968 Aus)

As with The Birds based in Perth (who recorded on Clarion) who had a tenuous link to the UK Birds, Dave Rossall was from Blackpool; where Rev Black and the Rockin' Vicars (later Rockin' Vickers) were from, but formed his own Rockin' Vicars when joining The Finks upon his arrival in Australia. Interestingly 3 of the Rev. Black and The Rockin' Vicars featured then unreleased Vanda and Young compositions. The first of these, Down to The Last 500 actually fared quite well, but this follow-up sank without a trace. Such a Lovely Day only later appeared on the Easybeats Best of Volume 2 (1969) and was one the many demos recorded in Denmark Street during their UK sojourn. Such a Lovely Day is quite a faithful recreation of the Easybeats demo version and works well in a released single form. R. Black And The Rockin' V's released one more Vanda & Young composition “Walking and Talking” before splitting in 1969

Hear a full version of Such a Lovely Day

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Ginger –Get Back Mama –Rare Aussie Glam Stomper (1974)

Ginger –Get Back Mama/It’s a Crying Shame –Polydor 2079 053 (Aus 1973)

This one’s been a long time coming! 6 years in fact since the head honcho at The fine Wallabybeat blog outbid me and left me at the alter clutching nothing but a Bo’ Flyers single to make do. The guy selling it at the time was in fact Nick at Glamrock Bear…Now that was such an educational Glam site. Archive capture of the website here GLAMROCK BEAR Capture
Anyhow Wallabybeat reviewed it, wallabybeat.blogspot however not much has been learned since…
The A side is a fine rendition of the Suzi Quatro  1st album track, It’s raw with the guitarist going out to lunch with a Flanger in lieu or of any real production values. The seemingly pre-pubescent screechy vocals recall The Teens with a twist of Darren Burn.

 The B side is also a refreshing find… full on Teen Pop over a phased rolling Glitter beat. So after 6 years of looking and asking…Here are both sides for your entertainment

Hear a full version of Get Back Mama

  Hear a full version of It’s a Crying Shame

  Next time I will probably post another long term Aussie Want…on RCA

Friday, June 08, 2018

Cold Touch –Ride to Live, Live to Ride/ Grease Paint Widow – Unreleased US Hard Rock/Punk acetate

Cold Touch –Ride to Live, Live to Ride/ Grease Paint Widow –Gold Star acetate (US 197…?)

What the hell is this???!!! Out of nowhere (well LA actually), comes this totally insane unreleased acetate. The band Cold Touch just hit the nail over Bonehead with this Spazz  hybrid concoction of Biker, Punk and Hard Rock which reaches untold levels of perplexing Madness. 

The vocals are incredible. The singer warbles, in a familiar manner –hang on is it Roger Chapman? No...Jesse Hector –No…in fact, it sounds like bloody Jello Biafra! However it is more than unlikely it's him, however could it be his uncle or something? 

 I have been told it is likely to be early 70s, however I have a feeling it might have been recorded during the LA Punk days. Who knows... Lyrically both tunes live up to their titles, really stupid but all so fun. 

The A side is the Biker tune “ Satan is my father and mother unknown…” it twists and grinds along, steeped in grease and grime. The only issue is that a band member seems to have let the brother-in-law into the studio clutching a sax, which detracts somewhat from the overall perfection the track would have otherwise attained. Still you could try and convince yourself it’s a rare appearance by Steve McKay which can help... 

Based on this the B side is the winner here, with no need to make any excuses. Grease Paint Widow is the hunter and you’ll also be the prey when you groove to this. 
Please please please someone must know who this band were…

Note: I have had to edit both tracks slightly by fading each side a couple of times, I hope this doesn’t detract too much from the experience 

Hear an edit of Ride to Live, Live to Ride

Hear an edit of Grease Paint Widow

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Black Moon Evil Wolf -Good Day Feelin’ –Obscure US Hard Rock (1973)

Black Moon Evil Wolf -Good Day Feelin’/ Searching For Nothing –Rains VPI-7301S (1973 US)

Black Moon Evil Wolf…God, you’ve got to love that name and the record itself nearly lives up to it. This track nails it, the drumming is stellar full on pounding throughout, the tune and the monotone riffing is also up there while the vocals resonate disinterested Punk attitude. It is just a shame that the lead break is organ-based and a bit pointless… now if only we had a blistering screeching Guitar lead instead. Out of Knoxville Tennessee; Black Moon Evil Wolf seems to have only presented this entry to the near Bonehead Pantheon.

Hear a full version of Good Day Feelin’

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Barracudas Playing Live in London 28th July 2018 -New Blog


We seem to be heading for a reformation culminating in a one-off gig in London on Saturday 28th July in London

All the news will be here
The Barracudas Live in London 2018

Perhaps see some of you there...

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bran Vattën – I Just Want To Rock and Roll You -US Proto Punk 1972

Bran Vattën – I Just Want To Rock and Roll You/ From Now On – Segué SG-113 (1972 US)

Released in 1972, here is a slab of high energy rock n roll by an obscure Pittsburgh area band.  It reminds me a bit of a budding early Kiss but without the histrionics. I Just Want To Rock and Roll You is a short, cutting and succinct Proto Punk Rock n Roller of the highest calibre. Produced by local DJ/Producer/Manager Terry Lee who was also behind The Swamp Rats and The Fantastic Dee-Jays, but I am not sure there is any lineage there. Bran Vattën had another single out in 1972, and that seems to be it. I look forward of hopefully hearing more about this band soon

Hear a full version of I Just Want To Rock and Roll You

Friday, April 27, 2018

Unknown Acetate: He Who Laughs Last – Mystery Glam era UK Chugger

Unreleased Acetate - He Who Laughs Last -  Decca  Acetate UK (1973/74?)

Here’s a cool and unknown Glam era rocker. He Who Laughs Last is a catchy Chugger which sounds like it was recorded in 73/74. 
It’s starts off with a riff similar to Marcus Hook Roll Band’s classic Natural Man, then moves into James Hogg-like territory with added ivory tinkling. The backing vocals are pure Glam and there’s a fun posh announcer voice over around the 2 minute mark. 

So who the hell is this –Any ideas out there?

Hear a full version of He Who Laughs Last

Friday, April 20, 2018

ebay have messed up their music listing categories

Slightly off topic but here is some really important news for serious record collector and sellers   who use ebay as a way to source rare gems as well as selling

ebay.co.uk have  implemented  drastic changes (since last week)  to their music categories which seriously affects  the browsing and listing experience. 

They have basically dumbed down their categories; which means searching for recently listed items in specific genres and formats is now pretty much impossible. 

Here is some background information on how I used to search for records on ebay

I have 2 ebay accounts meaning (on the desktop version) I have up to 400 searches saved based on key words/group names or titles). From these I receive email notifications.  I also use the ebay mobile app on my phone to see new listings “live” although in their wisdom the later versions of the app limit this to 100 saved searches for some reason.

More importantly I have saved categories (for which I don’t receive email notifications) but which I used to check around 10 times a day in order to see the latest items as close to the listing times as possible.

 I was mainly using my phone for this. I was very useful as it didn’t depend on keywords and it allowed me to browse and discover items within genres which perhaps weren’t on my wants list

Here are some examples of searches I had saved (all filtered to show new listings)

Music >Records > 7inch>Rock> 60s Garage/Psych 
Music> Records > 7inch>Pop> 60s Beat
Music >Records > 7inch>Rock> Glam

Now the only option to spot new listed stuff is Music > Records 

Meaning if you look for new listed records it brings up EVERYTHING!!! So it has absolutely no use at all
Here is the link to their category changes

I understand that this pretty much mirrors the US site. The main implication (as a buyer) is that I will no longer be able to browse and discover new stuff within categories and be first in line to snatch an item. I am now going to miss out on perhaps 90% of what I might be interested in buying

For sellers, and I have talked to some sellers who appeal to collectors in certain niches, it is a disaster and their listings just get dumped in with everything else. It will mean that specific items will be more likely to be missed, so their listings may have to be changed to Buy It Now (at a high price)

When I sell I am very careful to list in the appropriate categories to reach the right buyer target

I am not sure why ebay have made these changes, but it could be to make ebay a more generic dumping ground for sellers who can’t be bothered to enter relevant information (either high volume dumpers, or newbie sellers who have no clue what they’re  selling/doing) or something to do with a change in Google algorithms 

In any case, it’s just a continuing sign that ebay don’t care about record buyers and just want to dumb everything down to the lowest common denominator

There are of course other online avenues. Discogs (with all its faults) remains a useful source, Musicstack is of dwindling importance, however Facebook selling groups are really starting to come into their own. I am buying more and more on Facebook. As a seller Facebook is also great, there are currently no fees and of course if you use Paypal as gift there are no extra charges for the seller

I have contacted ebay, but of course they won’t care. I am not an ebay basher, however until they notice a drop in revenue, they will not do anything and record sales must a very  small part of their revenue generation stream

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Utrecht Record Fair April 2018 -Day 3

Sunday, a blessed day of rest for some, for me it was a record mopping up operation. I did about half Friday's mileage at a more civilized pace.

Apart from a few titles I had my eyes on, I spotted some I didn't notice the previous day, especially the Swedish fuzz Monster that is the Outsiders single...

A new one for me, what the Belgian double-sider from The Rainbows -Where Are You Gone/Show Me What You want. From 67 or 69

I had my eyes on this Austrian Heavy Psych fuzz fest from Hide & Seek, and managed to negotiate a more comfortable Sunday price for it

A cheapie and worth picking up is the Dutch issue of Sugar Man by The Smoke. It features the hard hitting and frenetic Like A Good Man Should on the B I think only available here and on the French issue

What's next? -well the Victoria fair in a couple of weeks, then perhaps I will slow down a bit to digest all the spoils. Bring on November!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Utrecht Record Fair April 2018 - Day 2

Not a huge batch this second day, but got great deals on 3 top picture sleeves, the Danish Action, the Belgian Rupert's People and the Dutch Zombies.

Sweden's MT Self supposedly has a good B side.

Chancis was a cheap and cheerful demo, a sprightly little number...

Always dug this gritty Flemish cover of Cadillac

Tomorrow is my last day, I have my eye on 2 biggies, let's see what transpires

Friday, April 13, 2018

Utrecht Record Fair April 2018 - Day 1

So here we are at my 22nd  Utrecht...Another 17,432 steps were taken today, equating to 8.5 miles.
 Knackered and in pain, but the good stuff keeps getting found


Some nice UK issues. Roger Young is an absolute monster. The Medium was a new one for me

A lovely bunch of continentals. I couldn't resist a near perfect Cuby. Generally the covers are pretty ropey. The Ronnie Bird is a non Gallic outing, a (State of) Mick and Tommy creation

Some odds and sods.  Alan Steve is an upgrade from the last copy I found here 8 or so years ago. Weird French Fuzz madness

Next up the Glamsters and Hard rockers including Brother Susan, Pheon Bear and Rog and Pip...Shamrock is a thudding Dutch Glam re-working of the Everly Bros' tune

As I am returning Sunday, I have another 2 days of this to come. Spotted more stuff, but I would need to get the prices worked on some of the items

Until tomorrow then

Monday, March 26, 2018

26 Rare and Obscure 70s Glam singles just listed on ebay


I have just listed 26 Nice and rare Glam singles on ebay

You can find them here:

LINK to Purepop1uk singles on ebay

All have sound clips from the records for sale and all have low starts.

So have fun with this lot

Sting -Thief of Baghdad UK OTT Glam -German Pic sleeve 1974
Ronno -(Mick Ronson/Bowie ) 4th Hour of My Sleep -Heavy - Vertigo 1971
Tag -Off Down The Road -Loud underrated Junkshop Glam Classic -1975
Shado -Evil City Rare UK Hard and fast obscure Proto Punk 1974
Jet -My River/Quandary -John's Children Glam classic/ Non LP B Side -1975
Brett Smiley -Va Va Va Voom - Essential Junkshop Glam Demo-1974
Abacus - Indian Dancer -Pounding Glam Stomper- UK Demo 1974
Spode -Cincinnati Woman- Obscure 70s Joe Meek Sound!!! - UK Demo 1971
Knees- Day Tripper / Slow Down UA– Obscure UK rockers 1975
Jets - YEAH! Tough Crunching Glam Thumper Original UK issue 1973
Sparky -Summertime Woman - Sleazy Glam Troggs Cruncher-1972
Hector -Wired Up –Proto Punk Glam Fuzzfest Classic Original UK DEMO 1973
Oliver Day -Crazy Love -Over the top Junkshop Glam -1975
Whistle -The Party Must Be Over -Heavy Glam Thumper- UK Demo 1973
Washington Flyers -Another Saturday Night Top Glam 2 -sider-1974
Tracey Dean -Moonshiner -Top GLAM Thumping Cruncher-1974 UK Demo
Ransome Head -Sing - Obscure Fuzz Groover - UK Demo 1971
Soho Jets -Hi-Heel Tarzan -Mutoid Glam Cruncher Rare-1974
Slade -Get Down and Get With It - Original Australian 4 track EP 1972
Union Express -Do You Love Me/Alligator Fix Killer Crunchers- UK Demo 1973
Stud Leather -Cut Loose -WILD Proto Punk Madness ORIGINAL UK Demo 1973
Troll Brothers -You Turn Me On - GARAGE/GLAM SHOUTER! SRT-1973 UK
Buster -Motor Machine -Sweet-Like KILLER Glam -1974
Hamlett -Vampire Man Obscure UK Freak Rock/Glam-1972 UK issue
Giorgio -Son of My Father (original version of Chicory Tip) -1971 UK Demo

Monday, February 12, 2018

Purepop Set Sale February 2018


I have a set sale of  128 singles now open for one week only

112 Top Glam singles including some big rarities and 16 choice Heavy Psych/Garage/Bonehead/Proto Punk rarities

You can either request the list by emailing me: purepop1ukATyahooDOTcoDOTuk,  by messaging me on Facebook or by leaving a comment.

The lists has several close up photos and sound clips sometimes directly from the records themselves of from YoutTube for reference

I will be updating the  list here as soon and often as possible, those in red mean they are SOLD

Part 1: Junkshop Glam, 70s Pop and oddities

A Raincoat               It Came in The Night/Morocco -EMI Demo (UK)   SOLD
Abacus                      Indian Dancer/Be That Way - York Demo (UK)
Andy Bown             New York Satyricon Zany /Party Games GM Records (UK)  SOLD
Angel                        Good Time Fanny/Who D'ya Think Your Fooling -Cube (UK)  SOLD
Angel                     Little Boy Blue/Tragedy Queen-  Cube (GER) SOLD
Arlan Green        Promo EP-Moonbrite/I Do/ Rock Hotel/The Next Time White label -Bell (UK)
Arrows                  I Love Rock 'n Roll/Broken Down Heart -RAK (UK) SOLD
Ayshea                Farewell//The Best Years of My Life -Harvest (UK)  SOLD
Barry Green          Papa Do/Boomerang - Decca (UK)
Bearded Lady         Rock Star/Country Lady -Young Blood Demo (UK)  SOLD
Big Wheel               Shake-A-Tail Part 1/Part 2 Bell Demo (UK)  SOLD
Bilbo Baggins          Saturday Night/Monday Morning Blues - Polydor  (UK)  SOLD
Boston Boppers        Did You Get What You Wanted /Whirwind Girl -Penny Farthing (SP) (SOLD)
Brett Smiley              Va Va Va Voom/Space Age -Anchor Demo (UK)
Brother Susan         See My Fingers Fly/Full Blooded Natural Man- EMI  (UK) SOLD
Buster                        Motor Machine/Ring Around -Bradleys (UK)
Buster                        Superstar/Rainbows & Colours -Bradleys (UK)
Buzz                            Jubilee Rock/The Digger on Mars Crystal Demo (UK) SOLD
Chris Hodge (The Sunshine Kid)      My Linda/ Same - RCA (US Promo)
Chunky                    Albatross Baby/Road Runner Girl -Orange (UK)
Cobraa                  Ride A Pony / The End Of A Day -EMI German pic sleeve
Crunch                   Let's Do It Again/Not Tonight Josephine- Young Blood SOLD
Daddy Maxfield      Rave N' Rock/Smilin' Again -Pye (UK)  SOLD
Dancer                    Hate Generator /Love Seeds-Dawn (UK)  SOLD
Duck Deluxe     Coast To Coast/Bring Back That Packard Car -RCA (UK)  SOLD
Dust                     Rebound/Pieces -20th Century (UK) SOLD
Equals                Diversion/Here Today, Gone Tomorrow-President (UK) SOLD
Fogg                  Dancin' To The Music/Scrapbook - WB (UK)  SOLD
Giorgio               Son of My Father/I'm Free Now -Parlophone Demo (UK) 
Go Go Thunder          The Race/Mrs Mann -RCA  (UK)  SOLD
Granny                  Lady/Weirdie Deirdre’s Dilema DJM Demo (UK) SOLD
Hamlett                    Where'd The Day Go/ Vampire Man -Pye (UK)
Harpo      My Teenage Queen/I Don't Know Why -EMI (Ger)  SOLD
Hector           Wired Up Ain't Got Time DJM Demo (UK)
Hector         Bye Bye Bad Days/Lady - DJM (Portugal) SOLD
Hello            C'Mon/The Wench -Bell (Belgium pic sleeve)  SOLD
Helter Skelter       I Need You/Goodbye Baby -Sticky (UK) SOLD
Hobnail                   She's Just a Friend of Mine/Boy Scout Jambouree -Bell  SOLD
Hot Rod         I Want You (All Night Long)/Love is all Right (Hey) President (UK) SOLD
James Hogg           Lovely Lady Rock/ Happy Sad - Regal Zonophone Demo (UK)  SOLD
Jet                My River/Quandary -CBS (UK)
Jets                  Yeah!/Rusty Corinthian Pillar -Cube (UK)
Jook              King Capp/Rumble -RCA Demo (UK) SOLD
Jook            OO OO Rudi/Jook's on You/ -RCA  (UK)  SOLD
Jook          Alright With Me/Do What You Can -RCA (UK)  SOLD
Jook            Shame/City and Suburban Blues -RCA (UK)  SOLD
Jook                   Bish Bash Bosh/Crazy Kids-RCA (UK)  SOLD
Matchbox           Don't Shut Me Out/Rod- RAK (UK) SOLD
Mike Berry              Hard Times/Bougaloo Dues-Scramble  (NL)  SOLD
Milk n' Cookies           Little Lost and Innocent/Just Friends Island (NL) VG+ SOLD
Milk n' Cookies            Little Lost and Innocent/Just Friends Island (NL) EX SOLD
Muff                                Sexy Sexy Lady/Burnin' -Bell  Demo (UK)
Mustard                   Good Time Comin/I Saw I heard - EMI Demo (UK) SOLD
Ning                            Machine/ More Ning - Decca (German Pic Sleeve)  SOLD
Oliver Day                Crazy Love/ Let The Music - Bus Stop (UK)      
Panther                         One Man Band/Evelyne - Polydor  (NL) SOLD
Primitive Man                Animal Love/Major Barmy From the Army -Decca (German  sleeve) 
Ransome Head        Sing/Wide Wide River -York Demo (UK)
Rats                Turtle Dove/Oxford Donna- Good Ear Pic sleeve (UK) SOLD
Redhead                           We Ran and We Ran/ Looking For You - UK Demo (UK) SOLD
Renegade        My Revolution/ A Little Rock N Roll - Dawn (UK) SOLD
Rescue Co. No. 1              I Want to Save You/Amanda -Jam (UK)
Ricky Wilde            Teenwave/Round and Round -UK (UK)  SOLD
Rock Rebellion           Let's Go/So Sorry Baby Santa Posa Demo (UK)  SOLD
Ronno           4th Hour of My Sleep/Powers of Darkness -Vertigo (Norway
Screemer      Interplanetary Twist/ Billy - Bell (UK)
Sensation                   Black Eyed Woman/Baby -Sirocco (Fra)  SOLD
Sensation              Black Eyed Woman/Baby -Sticky (UK) SOLD
Shakane                 Love Machine/ Mr Jackson    Negram (NL)   SOLD
Shelby                    Motorbike Girl/Cirrus -Route (UK)  SOLD
Shelby                 (Dance With The) Guitar Man/ Jump into The Fire -Santa  SOLD
Simon Turner       She Was Just A Young Girl/I'll Take Your Hand -UK (UK) SOLD
Simon Turner         The Prettiest Star/Love Around-UK (UK)
Sisters          Kick Your Boots Off/Driving Me Home -Bell Demo  (UK) SOLD
Sisters            There's a Raver Coming Home/Help The Music -WB (German pic sleeve)
Sisters       There's a Raver Coming Home/Help The Music -WB Demo  (UK)
Skid         I Saw Her Standing There/Endless Sleep -Hansa (German Pic sleeve)  SOLD
Slack Alice        Put Me on The Railroad/Gravelstone Cottage- Philips (Spanish pic sleeve)
Slade       Australian EP  Get Down and Get With/Look Wot You Dun/Coz I Luv You/Take Me Bak 'Ome
Slow Dog             Walking Through The Blue Grass  -Parlophone Demo (UK)      SOLD 
Small Wonder                  Ordinary Boy/Ride a Black Sheep-Dawn Demo (UK)  SOLD
Smiffy                See You Later (Little Baby Love)/How Can You Be a Millionaire -Antic  (UK)
Soho Jets      Hi-Heel Tarzan/Night Flight -Polydor (UK)
 Sparky        (Do You Remember That) Summertime Woman -UK (UK)
Spode               Cincinatti Woman/Singalong Song-Decca  Demo (UK)
Starbuck             Do You Like Boys/ You Never Wanna Rock n' Roll -Bradleys (UK)  SOLD
Sting                        Thief of Baghdad/Stay, Goodbye EMI (Ger)
Streak            3 Track Promo EP -Gonna Have a Good Time/Be Your Ryder/ Hard Times (In New York City) A&M AME 602 (UK) Hear a full sound clip of all 3 songs in their entirety (Hard Times is the last song) https://www.dropbox.com/s/3nyv9o70tisa6ew/Streak%20Good%20Time%20-Ryder%20-Hard%20Times.mp3?dl=0 SOLD
Streak          Bang Bang Bullet/Black Jack Man -Deram (German pic sleeve) SOLD
Streak                 Bang Bang Bullet/Black Jack Man -Deram (UK) SOLD
Streakers             Turn Me Down/Wake Up To The Sunshine - Dawn (UK)  SOLD
Stud Leather                Cut Loose/Emma Louise -Dart Demo (UK)
Stumpy            Make Me a Superman/ Keep It Coming- Dawn Demo (UK)  SOLD
Tag                 Off Down The Road/Guitar Love -Philips (UK)
Tiger                  I Am an Animal/ Stop That Machine- UA (UK) SOLD
Tracey Dean           Moonshiner/Boy on The Ball - Decca Demo (UK)
Trevor White                Crazy Kids/Movin' In The Right Direction -Island (UK) SOLD
Troll Brothers               You Turn Me On/Turn Out The Light -SRT (UK)
Union Express             Do You Love Me/Alligator Fix-Decca  Demo (UK)
Villain                   Photograph/ You Should Know Me By Now -Bell (UK) SOLD
Vulcan                  Much Too Young/Action Man -Epic Demo (UK)  SOLD
Warwick              Let's Get The Party Going/How Does it Feel-RAK  Demo (UK)  SOLD
Washington Flyers      Another Saturday Morning/The Comets are Coming -Dawn (UK)
Whistle                  The Party Must Be over/Hideaway - York Demo  (UK)
Winston                 I Won't Let Anna Go/Brother Jim -York Demo (UK)  SOLD
Yellow Bird             Attack Attack/ Right On - Magnet (UK)  SOLD
Zips                 Bye Bye Love/ Evil Hearted Woman-RAK Demo  (UK)

Zoo                     Walking/Love Love -Jupiter (Ger) 

Heavy Psych, Bonehead, Garage and Proto Punk

3's (Threez)         Do You See)/ Transporter - Threez (US)  
Black Rose      Love Handles/ Man is Blind-Michigan Nickel (US)  
Blackstone            Goin' On The Prowl/ One More Time - Blackstone Production(US)  
Brood               The Roach/Virginia Neal -Lemon (US)
Cucumber              Don't Make Me Cry/ Under-Cobblestone (US)               
Dickens                 Sho' Need Love/ Don't Talk About My Music-Scepter (US) SOLD
Don Malena and The Dry Ice              Sexercise/ Land of Summertime- Mal Don (US)  
Jupiter's Children            Check Yourself (Superman's Got Blisters) Triple 000 (US) SOLD
Legends                High Towers/ Fever Games-Railroad House (US Pic sleeve) SOLD
Old Scratch        Devil Take You/Diamond Lady –Colly Records  (Canada) -
Shy Guys             Black Lightening Light/ Goodbye to You M-U (US)  SOLD
Summit                     The Darkness/Thank You Mister Jones -North Room (US)  SOLD
Sweet Tooth         Music's Gotta Stay/ Karen -Dominion (US)  
The Jax          The Jax are Back (Live)/ The Jax Are Back -Baddog (US)
Twitch          Things/ Pick Up is Illegal on 401- Demo (Can)   SOLD
Unsettled Society          17 Diamond Studded Cadillac/ Passion Seeds-Charm (US)