Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Khristian Young/Barry Rolfe – Boadicea/Sayonara -Obscure UK Junkshop Glam/Proto-Punk (1973


Khristian Young – Boadicea/Sayonora – Surrey Road Records -PSR115 (1973 UK)

Khristian Young’s Boadecia is a hitherto unknown entry in the Junkshop Glam/Proto Punk cannon. The points of reference are that Barry Rolfe released a different version of Boadicea on the B side of his Beam Me Up Aboard Mr. Spock single. 

The producer is one Bob Bloomfield who officiated across both releases.

I believe that Khristian is in fact Barry Rolfe. The Khristian Young version is much more cutting, but somebody forgot about the bottom end. It probably has the tinniest sound you will ever find, so it’s up to you to play with the equaliser! 

Khristian’s version also has an extra snotty, sneering Punk delivery compared to the Barry version. I have added the Barry version to the video for comparison. The B side Sayonara is an earlier version of Molly Molly (B side of Look The Business). It has a wider sound  with proper EQ, it’s a real driving slab chugging Glam. The backing  is provided by Britania (here spelt as Brittannia) who released the Glamster Right Down The Line on EMI. All releases have the same publisher (Golden City Music) involved.

So there you go – is the case convincing that this is Barry Rolfe? He was good at playing ruses as he was also known as Nicky Rolfe on the 2 Bell releases.

Hear full versions of both  Boadiceas and the B side Sayonora (in that order)

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

The Huntingtons – You Lose, I Win – Obscure Doom Folkrock (1965)

 The Huntingtons – You Lose, I Win/ Is There a Way – Highland Records 1167 (1965 USA)

Now here is a real moody gem which seems to be completely under the radar. The performance on You Lose, I win exudes a real sense of doom and despair. The instrumentation is dramatic and the backing vocals sound like an open invitation to suicide with the vocalists appear ing to have already taken quite a few Mogadons to ease into the ride. There’s definitely a Surf reverb feels on the guitar, so this must be the first example of Surf Goth...

The B side, Is There a Way is slightly more upbeat in a Beatles kind of way, but the interplay between the acoustic and Fender/Mosrite guitar is very impactful and sounds like a stereo idea in a mono world…

At least 2 members - Joe Aguayo, Ray Luna were school friends at Huntington Park High School (class of ’63), so there is no relation to the other Huntingtons on Wasp or Yorkshire

Joy through despair!

Here a full version of You Lose, I Win/ Is There a Way

Monday, November 13, 2023

Den Bosch Record Fair November 23 - Day 3

Finally back home and completely worn out. Note to self: Get much fitter for next April!

Anyhow I picked up a nice mixed bunch including some spares for my next list

I seem to have a bit of a Paul Revere and Raiders fetish - The German EP has a strange song selection - not a hit in sight

Perhaps the November  fair didn't quite reach the heights of last April, but I am well pleased with many of the finds

Robin signing off (Yawn...)

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Den Bosch Record Fair November 23: Round up of Day 2


The 11 of the 11th is the day when the area goes nuts in a very Dutch way…

But the record fair seems to take place each year over the same weekend

So a more subdued affair at the fair, still some nice pieces including the great Motions single. The Bugs are on the B side of the rather weird Strangler in the Night. 

More info on this one here https://thelisteningpostblog.wordpress.com/2019/12/01/song-of-the-day-albert-desalvo-strangler-in-the-night/

Not sure how fruitful tomorrow will be. I have my eyes on a real obscure gem, but I don’t feel confident that my offer will be successful

Friday, November 10, 2023

Den Bosch Record Fair November 23: Round up of Day 1

 Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder… 

I digress

So back to Den Bosch then for the mighty fair. The lay out is different for the November fairs as more dealers take part so it gets spread out over 2 immense halls. It seems were are talking about 700 dealers (compared to 500 in April)?

Hall 1

Hall 2

One of the benefits is that there is a wider variety of stuff to be found, the downside…well there is a wider variety of stuff to seek out!

A good first day, with one key want now happily owned. Yes we are talking about the Swinging Machine. I never noticed how it resembles The Squires Going All The Way. Especially nice to get it at a very reasonable price. 

Another great one where I probably paid a bit over for was The Sevens

The Green Beans in its glorious pic sleeve was another top find, in near perfect condition.

A fun one is the Stach De RolA Danish only single – or Prince Stash (Prince Stanislas Klossowski de Rola) friend of the Stones, a Swinging London happening and now a TIKTOK star.


Anyway a good first day. Saturday might be a bit more measured then I expect a return to quantity on Sunday. We’ll see…

Bye for now

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Starlust album (2023) !


Starlust – Lost N Found – Reminder Records REM 20 (US 2023) 

Finally a release that tells the tale of the Steve Starlust saga with tracks recorded between 77 and 1980. After so many years was it worth the wait? 

Read on… 

The first side is a revelation as it features performances that remained unreleased until now .The chugging Sad Anita that opens the set can be considered a supremely melodic Cars number with a sprinkling  of Velvet Underground New York sleaze. Tightrope Line continues in a similar vein with some great guitar interjections. The energy levels are then upped for Evil Woman which is fine riff rock comfortably poised within its Tuff Darts, Demons or Brats setting. I’m Going Home again fits perfectly with a near Heartbreakers vibe. You Are The Only breaks the pace and is a calmer spot which jangles and swoons to the senses. This proves to be a short respite before the wild and invigorating No Time For Love concludes this near perfect side. 

If these tracks had been released at the time its repercussions would have been felt far and wide
Side  2 culls the four tracks released between 77 and 1980 as by Starlust and The Grapplers. All 4 of these tracks have increasingly been recognised by collectors and hip groovers as bona fide winners. I therefore refer you back to my initial reviews of these 2 platters. 

As well as  these 4 performances you will find another unreleased tune Just For One Night which feels a bit more intricate with more overt AOR leanings but still firmly positioned on the rougher edge of that spectrum

 I am really glad that my initial review of The Starlust single led to Steve getting in touch with me with the next obvious step of introducing Steve to Jeremy @ Reminder which was the natural home for getting this stuff finally released. The package is also great with the sadly now bearded Collin Makamson writing the erudite liner notes. 

 Before buying the vinyl you can check out all the songs on the album here


Friday, August 04, 2023

Purepop 48hr mini auction August 2023


Over on the Purepop  sister sale site, a 48 auction is now open. Bidding closes Sunday 10pm BST (UK)

PUREPOP 48hr Mini Auction

Thursday, June 08, 2023

Eskees – I’m Free - Obscure US Glam/Powerpop (1975)


Eskees – I’m Free/I Sure Miss My Friends – Self- release (US 1975)

Here’s a real obscure one, but a really great track that veers between riff rock, Glam and Powerpop. They certainly knew how to recognise and maximise a hook to its best effect with slashing guitars

The band were based in Las Vegas, but were an outgrowth of a band called The Esquires (yes, yet another one) from Belvidere, Illinois. The Esquires released the Am I To Blame / Pretty Little Blue Girl single on Feature in 1967. Pat Glass who wrote both sides, joined the Esquires in 1969, then moved to Las Vegas with the band changing its name to Eskees.

Hear a full version of I’m Free

Monday, April 24, 2023

Den Bosch Record Fair - Day 3 (Sunday)

So that was it - the 3rd edition of the Den Bosch fair. It was a good fair, perhaps not quite a buzzy as November's, but that is often the case. Great stuff though

So I walked 77,138 steps, spent too much money and came back with some great titles.

I have now definitely made the jump emotionally from Utrecht to Den Bosch. The Thursday outdoor Utrecht fair is REALLY rubbish, cheap shit and clueless chancers, so I will refrain from stopping off at Utrecht on the way.to Den Bosch again. Utrecht you are now dead to me

What is missing from Den Bosch are large hotels within a short walk of the fair. Utrecht had the NH and Park Plaza where there was a great amount of socialising with other buyers and sellers. In Den Bosch everyone is spread out. 

I ended up staying in a converted convent, that was actually really cool, however a 32 minute  walk from the fair.

So the last day

Pick up of the bunch is the French Love EP. Old shop stock with the tab (languette) and seamingly unplayed, paid a bit too much, but it's now done.

Swedes...The Shakers improve on Thee Stones' original - still desperately missing Who Will Buy (These Wonderful Evils).

and a few Yanks... The UK McCoys demo is a highlight

Till November then!

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Den Bosch Record Fair April 2023 - Day2


A more subdued day today...

It seems dealers are more and more expecting Discogs asking prices (NOT sold prices), so there were many records I had to walk away from.

Thank god for some sellers I know well and who's best price request often cane out better than I was expecting (often 30% less than asking price)

Love the French Beau Brummels EP - still with the "languette" (as is The Motions). The Charlatans is Danish so nice to have it with a small hole

I love the German pic sleeve for the MPD Ltd. It's not in the best condition, but I am sure another will pop up one day

Tomorrow many sellers drop their prices by 25 - 50%., so hopefully I will get some nice deals done

Friday, April 21, 2023

Den Bosch Record fair April 2023 - Day 1


As a change to the way I usually do these reports, I have done a short video - saves me typing! 

Here are also the Photos of today's haul


Thursday, March 23, 2023

Reform - One For The Boys/ Salt Away - Crunching Irish Glam (1974)


Reform – One For The Boys/ Salt Away – Young Blood International YB 1066 (UK 1974)

This one has been hard to track down as it has taken me over 10 years to finally acquire a copy. Reform also had another great single in a similar vein namely I’m Gonna Get You http://purepop1uk.blogspot.com/2012/09/reform-im-gonna-get-you.html

One For The Boys was produced by Miki Dallon in the UK and shares similarities with contemporary singles such as Getting Hungry by Big Boy Blue as it features slight Barron Knight inflections without forsaking its Irish pedigree “The crack…”. 

Now I had never heard the B side before and Salt Away is a revelation with a fully bloodied raucousness recalling acts like The Sensation, Brother Susan and other 1974 crunchers

More information on Reform can be found here https://www.irishrock.org/irodb/bands/reform.html

Hear full sound clips of both sides

Monday, February 06, 2023

Cold Touch - Ride to live, Live to Ride - Essential unreleased Bonehead


Cold Touch – Ride to Live, Live to Ride – Splattered Records -Splat 30 (US 2022)

A few years back I was sent an obscure Gold Star acetate that set many a tail wagging. http://purepop1uk.blogspot.com/2018/06/cold-touch-ride-to-live-live-to-ride.html   The singer then got in touch with me and once I heard there were further recordings, I contacted Reed at Splattered Records, as I knew this could be right up his street

Heavy and not so ‘umble, these lost recordings by Cold Touch hit the spot and would be positioned high in the Bonehead Parthenon. The recordings are  basic but of high quality, rough with just the right amount of ready 

The opening trio of Ride to Live, Greasepaint Widow and Derailed Ladies (what a great title!) set the scene of much of what is to come. Again, as demonstrated on the acetate singer Barry has an inimitable garble-warble which is quite remarkable in its uniqueness and character. 

His vocal delivery is in perfect fit with the heavy powerful Thudding that underlines these gems. Land of The Foxes has a Love It To Death Alice Cooper feel to it. 

Side 2 is more of a mixed bag with a saxophone which tarnished the acetate version of Ride to Live, making further appearances. I have always had an aversion to men sticking things in their mouths and blowing on them, although I am partial to a bit of harp – go figure! There are still gems on the 2nd side including Rock n’ Roll Star which somehow reminds me of Mogan Davis and His Winos! The 2nd side also includes several alternative versions of some of the best tunes from side one, however often derailed by the sax

If some of these songs had come out at the time, people would be clamouring about them in the same way as Seompi, Supachief or Purple Sun. If this album had been released privately back then it would certainly be commanding four figure sums nowadays.

All in all it’s still an essential release and full marks to Splattered records for releasing this, however for some reason there are no liner notes or any information on the band line ups or recording dates.

From the online interviews found here .primitivemansoundz - Cold Touch it seems these sessions either took place in 74 or 75. 

There are still a few copies left here https://www.splatteredrecords.com/

Friday, January 20, 2023

Purepop Set Sale and 48hr Mini Auction -Sunday 22nd January 2023


Hi all

The new Purepop set sale and mini auction goes live at 10pm GMT on Sunday 22nd January.

The list with pics and sound clips will be launched here PUREPOP set sale and mini auction

The list also goes out by email to those on my list

Thanks and good luck


Sunday, November 13, 2022

Den Bosch Record Fair November 2022 - Day 4: Sunday

 I was glad to have stuck around on Sunday as I made some great deals, often knocking off 50% on many items I was looking at over previous days

Perhaps the icing on the cake is The Emeralds - UK copies were housed in Dutch printed sleeve, such a cracker I only discovered a few months ago

Some other nice titles at reasonable prices

And yet more spares for my next list

So all in all, I think Den Bosch is making good sense. Things are different, so many of the old dealers and no longer present. 2 years of COVID and the change of location has meant that many old favourites have jumped ship. However there is some promising flesh blood, so it's all looking good for the future

Bring on April then!

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Den Bosch Record Fair November 2022: Day 3 Saturday


Today, picked up a few singles, then got a lift for a furtive glance to check what was going on at The Collector/Antique fair at the old Jaarbeurs location.

Although there is a dedicated area for records/CDs, there were no more than 5-6 dealers, I still managed to pick up that elusive 2nd Belfast Gypsies EP at a bargain price

A good score at Den Bosch were these really clean Tages singles. The sleeves are usually in rough condition as the paper is very fragile.

along with some US titles.

Tomorrow I will be back at the Den Bosch fair, to make a few offers on some singles I had my eye on, then train-plane-home with my aged cheese and records

Friday, November 11, 2022

Den Bosch Record Fair November 2022 Day 2: Friday

Looks just like Jaarbeurs at 7am!

A pretty good day, no mind-blowing finds, but a fine and varied collection.

It started with a bit of Bootboy merriment

Then picked up some nice 60s stuff...Didn't know The Buffaloes

Perhaps the best find was this Tony Brook and The Breakers single, pretty wild stuff for 64


Some more 60s singles. Love that Kink's  Party Line and the Johnny Kid (without patch) is also from Norway. The Portuguese Renegades features Thirteen Women.  Got a nice upgrade on the Randy Fuller

....and finished off with a bit of Glam, mostly spares for my next list

The Den Bosch fair is just under a 30 minute walk from the City centre, so did 20.000 steps today and I now feel at least 14,000 of them. Had my eye on a few more singles, and still  more to wade through tomorrow

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Den Bosch Record Fair November 2022 - Day 1: Arrival and Outdoor Utrecht Fair

 So here we go again, now for the 2nd time of the "Utrecht" fair is at its new location in Den Bosch.

Stopped off at Utrecht for the outdoor fair. There seems to have been a change, several of the regular dealers (those with the more interesting singles) seem to have given up. Some hearsay of disagreements with the organisers...

So it was mainly cheap/overstock LPs and 1 euro singles which seemed to be on display here on the way to landfill

However I found the Sheephouse single with the rare Danish sleeve. Basically a few UK copies found their way to Denmark and a sleeve was produced locally. I had been after the sleeve for 15 years, so a nice surprise. Such a cracker with/without the sleeve

Last April, following the first visit to Den Bosch, I felt the jury was still out about the new location. Since the cancellations due to COVID and the full implementation of Brexit (hardly any UK dealers anymore) things are certainly different. Will report back each day

Friday, October 28, 2022

Purepop Set Sale and Mini Auction goes live on Sunday 30th October 2022 at 10am GMT


Hi all

The list go out by email on Sunday October 30th at 10pm GMT, but it will also go live here on my Purepop Sale Blog at the same time


Monday, October 24, 2022

Kevin Buckingham – Take Me Back - Obscure Aussie Chugger (70s)

Kevin Buckingham – Paradise/Take Me Back – MA 7218- Self Release (AUS  70s)

Here’s a totally obscure Aussie release that was worth uncovering. First thoughts it sounds Welsh, well it’s got that Dave Edmunds chug doing on as well as a melodic Glam overlay reminding of another Welsh combo, The James Hogg Band (Everybody Smile).  Albatross’s Rock and Roll Boogie Man also come to mind. 

Although it has low production values, the performance really cooks and features not 1, nor 2, but 3 lead breaks!

Update: Kevin Buckingham was the guitarist for Melbourne-based band Dave and the Derros.

The A side is pleasant 70s Pop, a bit like a rural Pilot.

Kevin – where are you and do you have a better condition copy?

Hear a full version of Take Me Back

Friday, August 26, 2022

Han Shake – It’s Revolting - Unreleased Glam Era Acetate

 Han Shake – It’s Revolting – Pye Acetate  (UK 1971/72?)

With a title like It’s Revolting, you probably expect a no holds barred Proto Punk venom spewing Trasher, but  in fact you get something quite different. Han Shake (who him/they?) serve(s) up a breezy, catchy but driving ditty. Kind of like McGuiness Flint meets Badfinger with a touch burgeoning Glam. You can easily imagine the same tune in full raucous Junkshop trappings, instead of its stripped back low-key delivery. No idea at all who this could be, but it sounds like it belongs in 1971/72. The answers might be out there…

Hear a Full version of It’s Revolting

Sunday, April 10, 2022

A return to Utrecht April 2022...

So today I returned to the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht instead of a 3rd day at the Den Bosch fair. Utrecht is half way between Den Bosch and the airport, so made a stop over for old time sake

In truth I had rumours that there would be some records as part of the general collector fair. I was even told that one dealer had 100.000 record on show

Well that was true on both counts. One area of the fair was taken over by a gated area where there were at least 100K records. However the whole approach was more like a supermarket/ prison, the staff all wore the same branded tops and what about the records?  Well...

I spent about 20 minutes going through the alphabetised singles, went from W to S and found ZILCH

It was mainly 80s stuff, totally over-priced and crap that should be destined to landfill

Leaving the area in disgust, I then stumbled upon 3-4 dealers scattered around the main hall and found some nice stuff

Of particular note is The Riats. How did a Dutch band n 1967 end up recording 2 Velvet Underground tunes from the first album.


 Although I missed the emotional and social buzz of Utrecht fair when  I was at Den Bosch, I will reserve judgement in term of its merit and how special it might become. Change is never easy, so let's see what happens in November

Saturday, April 09, 2022

Den Bosch Record fair April 2022 - Day 2 (Saturday)


The fair got pretty busy on the first day open to the public, but I had 3 hours before the masses descended on proceedings. As mentioned the new location makes the fair feel roomier, but it feels a bit weird. At Utrecht you knew instinctively where every regular dealer stalled out, now we start again from scratch.

Some nice finds today all nicely priced. Top of the bunch might be The Danish Koobas with the exclusive B side. The Searchers EP is a UK issue and a real tough one to find.

Again some nice US 60s stuff and The Bootles in its Swedish pic sleeve on blue vinyl is a real charmer


 Tomorrow it looks like I am going for a different yet potentially familiar experience…