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Utrecht Record Fair Day 2 (November 2014)

Here I sit at Schipol Airport and about to board. No time to write, but here are some pics. The German Wild Uncertainty single is wonderfull...

Friday, November 21, 2014

Utrecht Record Fair Day 1 (November 2014)


Not a bad first day, with some killer singles as well as som3 accumulation fodder

Some grinding heaviness, of particular note Belgium’s Opus Est and Holland’ Moby Dick.

Nice German pic sleeve of Jook’s  Bish Bash Bosh/Crazy Kids. Unexpected: Donnydale,  Red Temple Prayer and Easy Fever Volume 2

Paying the price, but well worth it; Andy Ellison –Cornflake Zoo with a fun cover of You Can’t Do That on the A side

And the rest...

Let's see what tomorrow brings...




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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Acetate: Bullitt –Nobody/I’m Gonna Win (US 197?)

Acetate: Bullitt –Nobody/I’m Gonna Win (US 197?)

Time for another mystery acetate and a fine Powerpop Pearl specimen. This is really worth somebody doing some detective work as I couldn’t find any obvious trails out there. I assume this is mid 70s and it sits nicely between Pilot-type Anglophile Pop and US Powerpop in the mould of The Raspberries with a touch of Blue Ash. It’s hard to believe that both songs are unreleased as both performances have high glossy production values and are mighty fine tunes to boot. Now unless this has come out under another name, we need to know who these guys were. Terrific stuff!

Hear a full version of Nobody

Hear a full version of I’m Gonna Win

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Legend -Portrait of Youth

The Legend –Portrait of Youth/ Enjoy Yourself –R703 (1968 US

We go a bit further back in time than usual for one of the most exuberant Who-inspired performances around. Although owing an obvious allegiance to The Townsend School of Riffs (Think Raspberries I Don’t Know What I Want), the tune goes beyond its Mod/Garage origins into Heavy Fuzz Psych with Powerpop overtones. The production values elevate the tune even further, the power remains, but the overall effect is surprisingly glossy (in a good way!)
The Legend got out of Denver early in their career and relocated in LA signing to the Megaphone label. Portrait of Youth was their second single. They also released 2 LPs, the first under The Legend name, the 2nd when they morphed into Dragonfly when things got even heavier. The B side Enjoy Yourself is a great example of inventive tuneful Psych at its best.

Hear full versions of Portrait of Youth and Enjoy Yourself

Friday, November 07, 2014

Inheritance –Kookie

Inheritance –Kookie/Come on - EMI test pressing (1972 Australia)

After all the Bone Crunchin’ heaviness, let’s go back to the safety of a Global Bubblegum World… Here’s an obscure, Antipodean cover of Kookie originally record by Germany’s Sandwich (pre Bläck Fööss). I think the Aussie version just wins it, by having rougher edges and more hard driving Bubblegum grooves, although the sound is more ’68 than ’72. This appears to be a custom promo pressing prior to gaining a limited release on HMV. Anyhow know anything about Inheritance? –was it a real group or a studio creation? The B side is a pleasant enough pop ditty.

Hear full versions of Kookie and Come on

Here’s a link to Sandwich’s version

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Unknown Acetate: Stop Messin' Around

Unknown : Stop Messin' Around-Emidisc Acetate (UK 1972)

Here's an absolute monster unknown and (as far as I can tell) unreleased Proto Punk monster from 1972. The guitars remind me of Third World War's Ascension Day, but the overall performance recalls more Barry Rolfe (Look The Business 1973) or a less focused Streak. The song was recorded as a demo for Carlin Music, but it is clear why it didn't get any further than the acetate stage as it was definitely 5 years too early. It really forges a link between Garage Punk and Punk and is more proof that Crushed Butler weren't the only proponents of loud and brash riffing with a snotty attitude in the UK at that time.

Anyone with any clues or information -please step forward

Hear a full version of Stop Messin' Around

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Clinton - Midnight in New York

Clinton –Falling Behind/Midnight in New York –Shotfire EU 694210 (1976 US)

With members from Uniontown and Masontown (PA), this record seems to have been Clinton’s sole outing. Recorded at Audio Innovators in Pittsburgh, this great double sider was released in August 1976. I am only featuring the rousing Proto Punk scorcher Midnight in New York as the A side is in even worse condition, although it’s a great Hard Rock number. Anyhow the B side is loud and crunchin’ a bit like Streak with some Under My Wheels era Alice Cooper licks. The band was comprised of Lee Hayes (vocals), Tom Skelton and Bill Osniak on guitars, Bill Rankin (drums) and songwriter/bassist Jim Tait.

Guys, if any of you see this –please get in touch. I need more information and an upgrade!

Hear a full version of Midnight in New York

Friday, October 10, 2014

Canadian Satanists on the rampage: Morse Code Transmission –Satan’s Song vs. Merriday Park -Witchcraft

Morse Code Transmission –Cold Society/Satan’s Song-RCA SPCS-45-116 (1972 Canada)
Merriday Park –Witchcraft/My Shady Friend –Columbia C4-2942 (1970 Canada)

Two major label Canadian outings screaming to be untied from the stake…Quebec’s Morse Code Transmission were more from the Proggy side of the spectrum, but on this non-album B side they let all hell loose with some near Proto Metal machinations and silly vocals. Ontario’s Merriday Park released 3 Heavy Psych singles with prominent organ, but here on their second single they added a fun line in exploitation groovy-ness to their brew (Evil’s black, hairy black… )!

Hear full version of Satan’s Song and Witchcraft

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Galactus –Live With Me

Galactus –Live With Me/You Can’t Win –Airship 6042-22 (1976 US)

Continuing the Swamp Rats’ (Psycho!) tradition of only releasing cover versions, lead singer Bob Hocko reappeared in 1976 with Galactus. Live With Me is a gritty near-Proto Punk rendition of The Let It Bleed number instilled with crunching guitars and snotty vocals. They also surprisingly cover the Kinks Kontroversy obscurity You Can't Win  on the B side. I am sure their sole LP (Cosmic Force Field) is worth hearing as it includes a cover of The Move’s Do Ya which should work great based on the performances on this single. Galactus is of further interest as it also featured Jim Wilson, the Creme Soda (Tricky Zingers) bassist

Hear full versions of Live With Me and You Can’t Win

Thursday, September 25, 2014

50 rare and obscure singles listed on ebay

I have just listed 50 rare singles +1  on ebay including some killer obscure Proto Punk/Hard Rock, Freakbeat and some cool Glam and Powerpop stuff

You can find the listings here:

One recent discovery is the amazing Sweet Leaf single:

Sweet Leaf -Indian Man/ I Need You-Elmwood (1975 US)

“Custer Custer What you’re going to do? You have 10.000 indians down on You…” What can you say about this fake native American-sided extravaganza that throws XIT back into the reservation. With its Heavy riffage and pounding war drums, this make Propeller’s Apache Woman or Moonquake’s Wardance sound positively restrained. From Pueblo Colorado, this was somehow the creation of Norman Petty’s studio. Pressed up in minute quantities, this single was Sweet Leaf’s first and last (recording) stand…

Hear a soundclip of Indian Man

Here is the full list

Ted Mulry -Jump in My Car-Original version -German Pic Sleeve -1976
Barry Ryan -Do That- Glam classic -French Picture Sleeve -1975
Harpo - My Teenage Queen -Glam Thumping Cruncher -1974
Boston Boppers -Did You Get What You Wanted -Killer Junkshop Glam -1974
Scarface -Tootsie Roll Baby -Killer Obscure Crunchin' Glam -Demo -1975
Ricky Wilde-- Teenwave -Crunching Glam-French Pic Sleeve -1974
Sparky-Summertime Woman -Snarly Troggs Junkshop Thumper -1972
Jerusalem -Kamakazi Moth- -Hard Rock FREAK -German Pic Sleeve-1972
Andromeda -Go Your Way -Heavy Psych/Freakbeat/ Hard Rock -1969
Marsha Hunt -Desdemona/Hippy Gumbo -John's Children -Bolan-1969
Sundance -Gotta Get You Back -Crunchin' US Hard Rock-1971
Jailhouse -Bad End/ Ya Hoo Hoo - UK BONEHEAD Hard Rock -1972
Haffy's Whiskey Sour -Shot in The Head-Vanda & Young/Easybeats -1971
Small Wonder - Ordinary Boy/ Ride a Black Sheep -Raga Glam -T. Rex 1974
Jon Symon -Silver Star - Killer Glam/Proto Punk -1975
Rainbow Family -Travellin' Lady -1972 -Heavy Psych FREAK
Snatch- For Always and Ever- Ultra Rare GLAM- Glitter Band 1975
Chris Neal -Mr. Leather and Velvet -Classic GLAM Anthem -1973
Sweet Leaf -Indian Man -Heavy Bonehead Hard Rock -1975
Tiger B Smith -Morning Bird -Bonehead Glam Stomper 1975
Dwarf -Backstage Queen-- US-Private Proto Punk -Rare -1976
Josuha -Jenny (Take Me Out For a Ride) -Stoner Freak Glam -1973
Husky Wells -Can't Be Satisfied -Female Mod/Glam Dancer -1974
Incredible Hog -Lame-Killer Heavy Rock/Glam -German Pic Sleeve -1973
Farm -Fat Judy -Bonehead Crunchin' Glam Boogie -Demo -1974
Stepson –It’s My Life/ Rude Attitude –Bonehead Cruncher Proto Punk 1974
The What -The Devil's Game -Obscure Proto Metal Doom Heavy Psych
TNS -Time's Up Michigan Proto Punk/Hard Rock -MC5 -1972
Rescue Co. No 1 -Roll-A-Bowl-A-Woman -Stomping Junkshop Glam -Demo -1975
Life -This Time -Heavy Fuzz Psych/ Hard Rock- Obscure-1972
Inca Bullet Joe -Nothing Has Changed -Heavy Rock - Bonehead Cruncher 1971
Just Plain Smith -Just Open Your Mind /February's Child -FREAKBEAT -1969
Biddu -Look Out Here I Come -Eastern Psych Mod Dancer- Pic Sleeve -1967
J.C. Livingstone -Momma Was A Steamroller -Killer Freakbeat/Glam UK 1973
Catapult -Let Your Hair Hang Down -Thumping Dutch Glam 1974
Arzenboys -Bump on My Head -Heavy Glam Groover -1975
P.A.T.C.H -Where Are you Now?/Bang Bang Bang -Top UK Powerpop -1972
Hetherington- Teenage Love Song- UK Powerpop-1973- Pic Sleeve
Pony -It's Gonna Be So Easy- US Powerpop-1974- Promo
Dana Gillespie- Weren't Born a Man- German Pic Sleeve-Bowie -1974
Libido -Hold on To Your Fire/Weren't Born a Man -Dana Gillespie -1973
Jetz -Catch Me -Proto Punk/Powerpop - Original German picture Sleeve -1977
Dictators -Heartache/ Search & Destroy - German picture Sleeve -1977
Hector -Wired Up -Killer Proto Punk/Glam - DEMO -1973
Puhdys -Hellraiser/Highway Star -East German!!!! Glam -1974
Union Express -Do You Love Me/Alligator Fix -Killer Glam - Pic Sleeve 1973
T. Rex -Get It On -Rare Italian Picture Sleeve-1971
Abacus -Indian Dancer -Stomping & Crunching Glam - Dutch Pic Sleeve 1974
Streak -Bang Bang Bullet -Wild Proto Punk - Pic Sleeve 1973
Pagliaro -Illusion/ Revolution -Moonquake-Killer Crunchin RAWK

And the +1: Barracudas-God Bless The 45

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

K.G. Young –Spider

K.G. Young –Spider/ Spider Woogie 9th Movement –CBS 4302 (1969 German issue)

K.G. is in fact Brill Building songwriter/producer Kenny Young whose long and varied career encompasses many fine Girl Group, Bubblegum, Purepop and novelty (Yellow Dog) sides. Spider is a fine specimen of late 60s Psych Pop featuring fine line in orchestration and arrangement. This single is an astute blend of melodicism and quirkiness which could have appealed to kids as well as the more sophisticated pallet

Hear a full version of Spider

Monday, September 15, 2014

Zendik –Is There No Peace

Zendik –Is There No Peace/Aesop – Pslhrtz 100 (1970 US)

From Illinois and as the label states: Recorded in America…Yup and with real attitude too, with the stars and stripes probably hanging upside down. Zendik sounds like a slightly hippie-fied MC5 underpinned by a driving bass riff recalling The Stooges. This is the real McCoy, like a rural White Panther call to arms. Where Black Sabbath may have shied away by only asking the question, these shout out GOD IS DEAD. Apparently this is not related to the Zendik Texas commune, but perhaps inspired by?

Hear full version of both songs

Monday, September 08, 2014

Henry Turtle –Do You Believe/ You Turned Your Back and Walked Away

Henry Turtle –Do You Believe/ You Turned Your Back and Walked Away –Columbia DB 8859 (1972 UK)

Do You Believe was the first single released by Henry Turtle and was issued from a session at Air with a heavy backing crew featuring Chris Spedding, Herbie Flowers and Clem Clatini. Do You Believe is a surprisingly successful Spector recreation recalling I Can Hear Music or Don’t Worry Baby with Henry’s distinctive vocal delivery adding an unexpected twist.  The B side is a real heavy monster. The first few seconds are pretty weird then all hell breaks loose with Chris Spedding shining on what could be construed as a bongo infused T. Rex covering Whole Lotta Love. Funny to note that the French release (where the A and B sides were switched), warns the purchaser that the song only really gets going after the first 20 seconds! Henry is still active as a singer/songwriter and artist, you can check out his website here:

Hear a full version of You Turned Your Back and Walked Away

Hear a full version of Do You Believe

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Giano Ton –Matalo

Giano Ton –Bocca Di Rosa/Matalo –Rca PM 3550 (1970 Italy)

Giano Ton is a nom de plume for Giacomo Tosti and Matalo was featured on the soundtrack of Cesare Canevari’s Spaghetti Western of the same name. What is surprising is the mix of virulent Heavy Fuzz, Psychomania (Witch Hunt) choir vocals and snarly lead in English. The second half of the tracks is where the lead guitar gets cooking and the overall performance is pleasantly short,  getting to the point without time for any digressions.

Hear a full version of Matalo

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The New Lords –T.V.

The New Lords –Radio/T.V. –Columbia C006-30419 (1971 Germany)

The Lords were (and still are?) the longest serving German Beat group. Although their best (R&B and some near Psych numbers) was also offset by some more radio friendly comedic sing-along stuff. By 1971 the band had split and the short-lived New Lords incarnation only featured Ulrich Gunther from the original band with younger cohorts in tow. They managed to put out an LP under the new moniker along with a single culled from that album, however the two tracks presented here were exclusive to this release. The coupling of T.V. and Radio makes this a concept single of sorts. Heading in a more Heavy direction T.V. is a real corker. It is Euro Hard Rock of the highest order and sits nicely next to Propeller (featuring Achim Reichel and Herbert Hilderbrandt from that other German rock dynasty –The Rattles) The A side is also superb but in a more radio friendly manner but with plenty of twists and turns including some surprising backward guitar. It is a shame that The New Lords didn’t continue in this promising direction as this line-up of the band split in ‘72

Hear a full version of T.V.


Hear a full version of Radio

Monday, August 11, 2014

Godson –We’ve Not Made It

Godson –All Dressed in White/We’ve Not Made It -Philips 6006155 (1971 UK)

We’ve Not Made It is an absolute killer piece of Proto Punk coming across like an early Boys track with strong Stones inflections. The vocal delivery is positively yobbish and snotty in its attitude; it’s hard to believe that this came out in 71. Even more surprising is that Godson was a project created by John Bachini (ex-Orange Bicycle) with Mike Vaughan (Easybeats manager) on production duties and not a kick off effort by some young upstarts. All Dressed in White is more obviously commercial recalling John Kongos imitating Dylan over a Abbey Road/Hotlegs backing track but spelling out no hit wonder.

Hear a full version of We’ve Not Made It

Hear a full version of All Dressed in White

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Angelo Finaldi –Le Sorcier Le Maudit

Angelo Finaldi –Le Sorcier Le Maudit/ Pas Fou –TC Extra EX 7726 (1972 Canada)

Here’s a pair of cracking raucous Glamrockers from this French Canadian guy. Le Sorcier Le Maudit was written for French wrinkly/Plastic surgeon victim Johnny Halliday, but Johnny didn’t give it the A side treatment it deserved. Anyhow both sides are top notch powerful performances, out-rocking Michael Pagliaro in his own backyard. Angelo was in 60s Canadian Garage Punkers La Revolution Francaise and Les Sinners. Strangely enough he recorded in London around this time for RAK. The result? Yes Angelo Finaldi was the Angelo in Angelo & Eighteen! Vivre Le Quebec –Vivre Le Quebec libre…!

Hear a full version of Le Sorcier Le Maudit

Hear a full version of Pas Fou

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beautiful Garden –Dear Miss Mary

Beautiful Garden –Dear Miss Mary/Dreaming –Delta D 1019 (1973 NL)

Here’s a real Purepop number with the emphasis on stomping quirky Pop. Dear Miss Mary featuring lead vocals with a strong Bowie/Tigers on Vaseline delivery adding a Glam element especially when also considering what sounds like clog stomping underpinning the beat. There’s also some nice Fuzzy guitar over the strong melody widening its appeal. Dear Miss Mary was written by Alan Decker (Left Side’s bass player). Beautiful Garden was from Schoonhoven, with the band’s name being a direct translation of their hometown. The band was Dick Hegeman (lead vocals), Ron de Wit (bass guitar), Gert v.d. Lagemaat.(guitar), Gerrit Bohré (keys) and Cor Gravestein (drums). It looks like this was the first of 2 singles the band released 

Hear a full version of Dear Miss Mary


Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Kingsmen -Today

The Kingsmen -You Better Do Right/Today –Capitol 3576 (1973 US) 

This single came out a long way along The Kingsmen career. It seems that by 1973, they tried to actualise their sound  away from the Jolly Green Giant/Louie Louie workouts towards a more contemporary Hard Rock sound. Not sure what permutation of the band was behind this, but on this B side Today they rock out in a surprisingly assured manner with some fine lead guitar. You Better Do Right is also good, more melodic  like a cross between the Raspberries I’m a Rocker and a convincing Bob Seger number. 

Hear a full version of Today


Hear a full version of You Better Do Right


Monday, July 14, 2014

Wolfman and The Pack -Gimmie Gimmie Good Lovin'

Wolfman and The Pack -Gimmie Gimmie Good Lovin'/You're So Fine -New Deal NDR 0001-45 (1969 US)

From the wilds of West Kentucky, comes this spirited cover the Crazy Elephant hit. It’s raw and rockin' and features some killer guitar from the 1 minute mark making it the perfect mix of Bubblegum and Hard Rock. Wolfman and The Pack was a long serving outfit featuring Robert “Wolfman” Crider on Guitar and lead Vocals, James Stanfill (bass), Gary Holder on drums and Lannie Wall on the cutting lead guitar. There also had an album out on New Deal as well as another single on Century Records "Give Me Back What's Left of My Heart". The Wolfman passed on a couple of years ago

Hear a full version of Gimmie Gimmie Good Lovin’

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Time’s Up: The TNS story

Posting on Purepop sometimes helps to uncover fascinating back stories to hitherto unknown but key releases. In this instance the band members were blown away that their sole private label single was being talked about over 40 years after its initial release and contact was made. The original review can be found here

Time’s Up is a a remarkable no holds barred overdriven Michigan Rock Classic and the archetypical example of the perfect Proto Punk performance. Following a couple of calls with drummer Dave DeHoog, here’s the lowdown
TNS were born as a trio comprised of Dave DeHoog (drums/lead vocals), Steve Barkwell (bass) and guitarist Randy Nichols. Based in Grand Rapids, the band was formed around Dave and Randy’s friendship. After trying out another couple of guys they met Steve (bass). He didn’t play an instrument but really wanted to be in the band, so Steve went off to buy a Silvertone bass and Randy taught him some basic moves. Dave: “After 6 months he learned so much that we put him in the band. He just took right off…” In 1971 they auditioned Al (lead vocals) who then joined the band

Live at Calder Plaza, Grand Rapids 1972
They were known as The TNS Blues Band from 1969 onwards heavily inspired by UK Blues Boom acts such as Chicken Shack or early Fleetwood Mac. But why the name TNS? The reason screams out attitude…Dave: “Originally we would play anywhere including wedding receptions and our music didn’t fit that kind of thing and we were done being yelled at during wedding receptions because the music was too loud. TNS stands for Take No Shit! We are the Take No Shit Blues Band and we are going to play what we want, where we want and we are going to play as loud as we want…”

The change from TNS Blues Band to simple TNS was not due to a shift in direction or even a concerted decision, but due to practicality and graphic design issues! Dave: “There wasn’t room on the label for TNS Blues Band!
Although heavily inspired by the UK blues sound, Michigan/Detroit high energy wasn’t far away Dave: “We used to go and see the MC5 about twice a month, we loved Wayne Kramer and Dennis Thompson, but we weren’t really aware of The Stooges and never saw them. Detroit was about a three hour drive away and there was a lot of talent there…”
The sound on the record is incredibly raw with an exemplary guitar sound. Dave: “When we got to the studio there were 2 engineers. We started rolling in those 100 W Marshall stacks in and that one dude didn’t want anything to do with us and left, so we were just left with one engineer…” That lone engineer did a great job in capturing the performance with the amps cranked up to maximum to get the overdrive and sustain needed. The band played the tracks live in the studio and added the vocals later.
The recording of the single was the only record session they did, but there is a live ¼”  tape waiting to be uncovered. Their live set included other originals as well as some choice covers such as MC5’s Ramblin’ Rose or Alice Cooper’s Return of The Spiders along with more bluesy material such as Taste's  Catfish Blues or Messin With The Kid. I hope that we will get to hear this live tape one day.
Time caught up with TNS and although they remained friends; by 1974 the band started to dissolve due to other commitments taking precedence. Now 40 years later, TNS are gaining wider interest. Time’s up has since shown up on Michigan Meltdown Volume 2 and may be making another appearance on a Numero group compilation. But there’s still nothing quite  like playing Time’s Up as it was intended on a glorious 45.
From Left to Right -Randy, Dave, Allen and Steve
Thanks to Dave DeHoog
Hear a full version of Time’s Up
Hear a full version of Telling Your Fortune

Monday, June 23, 2014

Twelve o’ Clock –Easy Come, Easy Go

Twelve o’ Clock –Easy Come, Easy Go/Baby, Baby, Baby –Imperial 5C 006-24 643 (1972 NL)

A bit of a Dutch mini-supergroup (featuring various ex Brainbox, Cobra, Machine and After Tea members) who only managed this one single during their 72-74 existence. Easy Come, Easy Go is a delightful overtly pop number that didn’t know shame; repeating its chorus over and over…Anyhow it sticks in the mind and fits right in with the best in Dutch 70s Pop with a sprinkling of late 60s Kinks and early T. Rex with a very evocative lead vocal and a mighty hook. The B side is more dreamy with some nice backward guitar.

Hear a full version of Easy Come, Easy Go

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Primevil –Too Dead To Live

Primevil –Too Dead To Live/Fantasies –LM 7144 (1972 US)

Yes, this is the same Indiana combo who released the coveted Smokin' Bats at Campton’s LP in 1974. This is the group 2 years previous with a rarely documented  self-released single. Although the B side was later re-recorded for Smokin' Bats, Too Dead to Live is exclusive to this release. Too Dead To Live (great title) nearly lives up to expectation. It’s a raucous basic Riff -Heavy Rock-Blues Work-Out with a good line in twiddling leads and mouth organ exhalations. Supposedly the band were not too enamoured with the sound on the single and destroyed most copies

Hear a full version of Too Dead To Live

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Image-Witchcraft 71 vs. Frog-Witch Hunt

Image –Witchcraft 71/Hot Blood –Chaparral C1306 (1971 US)

Frog-Witch Hunt/ Living Dead –Jam 39 (1973 UK)

70s Exploito-Occult Fun this time... Here we place a British entry by John Cameron which was featured in Psychomania…(you know the film - wild youth biker gang commit suicide to come back as the Living Dead under the gleeful eye of Beryl Read) vs an obscure US entry that screams out to have featured in a movie. I couldn’t find anything on Image; just that they were from Illinois. The pressing is poor (all 3 copies I have heard have noisy intros), but the track builds nicely and goes into Heavy Psych mode with a wild manic African Black Magic bit. HEAVY!

Hear a full version of Witchcraft 71

Hear a full version of Witch Hunt

Psychomania Trailer

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Transfer –Play It Cool

Transfer –Play It Cool/How Can You Change Me –Self Release - S80 24809 (1974 US)

Time to name a mini genre here…. I could just about file this under "Records that sound like The Flamin’ Groovies" (Flamingo period), as it has that tight gritty rhythm guitar groove very much like FrÜt’s Snatch n’ Grab It in fact. Other tracks in the genre could include Midwest’s Heaviness or Homegrown’s Loaded. It’s not heavy enough to be classified as a Bonehead Cruncher, it’s not Rural Rock, but it stands at the tail end of Garage with a tight and streamlined sound featuring a noticeable Stones influence. Anyhow not much can be found on Transfer, they seem to have operated out of Duluth Minnesota and that’s about it, unless someone out there knows more. Thanks to Collin for another hot tip. Enjoy!

Hear a full version of Play It Cool

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dwarf -Another Chance

Dwarf -Another Chance/Perfect Pair -Merlyn 3380 (1977 US)

Onwards and forwards with the third release by Michigan teen sensations Dwarf. We are now 2 years on from Gotta Get Louder
and the boys would soon turn into men, but were still a long way from being drink legal. Nick Piunti’s Another Chance has a certain air of disillusionment about it. Although a vibrant and a great Proto Punk’ tune, you could initially be led to believe that the boys were nearing burn out (at 17!!!). However, the song itself was more about not fitting in and a plea to be heard above Disco and the Prog AOR morass prevalent at the time. Nick explains: “I wrote that song because Disco was in full tilt and I thought that rock bands were being replaced by DJ.'s, hence we weren't gigging as much as we would have liked… I think the band was in a bit of a lull because we didn't sound like any of the bands that were on the radio at the time. Boston, Kansas, Journey, we didn't connect with that kind of thing. And it was before I discovered Tom Petty, Elvis Costello and others that I could relate to…” Melodic and riff strong the single is further enhanced by a sublimely chaotic delay that provides an interesting mish-mash of sounds and makes it quite unique.

Hear a full version of Another Chance

Nick has just released a solo album that is now available on vinyl
 The lead track 13 In My Head is superb and harks back to his days in Dwarf. I wholeheartedly recommend it, especially on vinyl!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Terry Williams -Wig Wam Bam

Terry Williams -Wig Wam Bam/Where Did All The Good Times Go? – MGM K14611( US 1973)

I don’t know what’s more absurd – the fact that this solo effort by the lead guitarist from KENNY ROGERS & THE FIRST EDITION exists OR the fact that it’s so good. …cos it’s both: extant, absurd and beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt essential. Ex-NEW CHRISTY MINSTRELS Terry Williams, by 1973, after more than five years of touring and mind-boggling strings of consecutive hits, had begun to show ‘signs of middle age with weight gain and patches of gray in his beard…Although he made up for it by wilder dress and hair.’ Not my words, people, but the words of Wikipedia dot com. So, in whatever burrito-truck-funk Williams found himself in, he – after releasing a few other solo singles – found himself in the sunken-living-room clutches of perpetual KIM FOWLEY companion, MICHAEL LLOYD. One can only guess that it was Lloyd who initially hipped Terry to THE SWEET’s year-old hit; perhaps suggesting that it might go down a storm with the hot-panted and panting jailbait crowds crowding the miniscule mirrored dance floor at Rodney’s English Disco. In any event, he was wrong and it didn’t and Terry went back to Kenny Roger’s Roasters where he continues to check in on what conditions audiences’ conditions are in to this day. That said, this song more than belongs in the pantheon of great U.S. Glam Rock-n-Roll with great Skydog FLAMIN’ GROOVIES’ guitar and exquisite production by Lloyd. If you thought THRILL’s take on LOU REED’s ‘Hangin’ Round’ was a reductive improvement, then ladies and gentlemen welcome to Heaven.Oh. I didn’t include the 45’s b-sde as it’s a soppy ballad later covered by DONNY OSMOND (real talk). You’re welcome!

Hear a full version of Wig Wam Bam

Thanks to infrequent collaborator Collin the enlightened and inspirational scribe for digging this one up and writing about it so eloquently. Visit his blog

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I Drive –Castle in The Sky

I Drive (Superstar) –Castle in The Sky/Coming on Home –BN 45-114 (1974 Spain)

I Drive were an Altringham based band who took a trip to Germany and ending up staying there when their van broke down! As I Drive they had a collectable LP released on Metronome in 1972, then for some reason two band members  relocated to Spain where this fine single was recorded and released. Castle in The Sky has a bit of everything, but somehow doesn’t lose its sense of direction. It has a firm identity and features great playing with ample riffage. Of particular note is the lead guitar sound which has a nice slapback delaywhich really comes into its own over the two sides. Castle in The Sky is probably the stand out part Hard Rock, Glam (you can just about hear the eye make-up) with a sprinkling of not too invasive prog. Coming on Home is a sturdy T. Rex type rocker again featuring fine guitar and some Move-like bass lines.
Read the story here

Hear a full version of Castle in The Sky

Hear a full version of Coming on Home

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Desperated Company –Higher

Desperated Company –Higher/Can Somebody Tell Me –Foon F4535026 (1977 Belgium)

Higher was the first of the two singles that Belgium’s Desperated Company released in 1977, but Higher is their stand out moment being a prime example of 60s Beat influenced Powerpop sounding like something that could have easily been released on Titan (or on Outrage) at the time. The B side is also cool, melodic but with a more straight ahead Boogie flavour. At least 2 members of the band are still active today as Desperated Company still ply their trade as a cover band servicing the local Belgian population at private functions, clubs and other forms of merriment…

Hear a full version of Higher

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