Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Jax -The Jax are Back (Live)


The Jax -The Jax are Back/The Jax are Back (Live) -Baddog -FKU 69 (1973 US)

Talk about primitive. Recorded "live" at The Trashy Trailer, I would be surprised if more than 2 mics were used to capture the pure wild Proto Punk abandonment just about contained here. Pressed in miniscule quantities, their only single featured two versions of the same song, but this is the “Live” side and the wildest of the two. The other side can be found on Youtube. From Clinton, Iowa, who were these guys?

Hear a full version of The Jax are Back (Live)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Seompi - Almost in The Whole

Seompi - Almost in The Whole/Slide Slide -Black Star S-102 (1971 US)

(Just a quick post using a different sound file storage /player until normal service is hopefully resumed)

Seompi were a legendary Texan congregation part Hippie, part Agit pop, but full FREAK. The performance is wonderfully heavy although they do go a bit dear I say it...Jazz at the end. The band, based in Austin released 3 singles at the time and played on until 1974

Hear a full version of Almost in The Whole

Monday, March 16, 2015

Divshare Sound file FAILURE

I am sure that many of you have noticed  on other blogs, or on ebay listings that Divshare has been down for 5 days now. Since yesterday the players have re-appeared but they are not linked to the sound files!!!
Their customer service is non -existent (well one note on their Facebook page on the 11th of March, since then...ZILCH!) . I am not the only who pays an annual fee for their service, but this is pretty bad.

About 5 years ago they lost half my files and there was another long outage back in February. This explains the lack of posts for the time being until things get resolved. In Feb I tried another service, but it is not as user-friendly as Divshare.

Divshare has a great product, but I suppose weak infrastructure that they can't afford to replace and crap customer service.  Oh dear...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Maxx -200 Years

Maxx -200 Years/Castles –Signal AR 1043 (1969 US)

200 Years is a Heavy Michigan fuzz fest in its original incarnation on Signal prior to being licensed to Mainstream albeit only in promo form. This trio comprised of Dennis Pinkston on guitar, Hank Markeson (bass) and Joey Pannesidi on drums didn’t manage to release anything else at the time. The thick layer of fuzz guitar, reminding me of Golden Sun, is exemplary while the performance itself could have gone on for longer than it’s short playing time. The B side is more like a Love Da Capo outtake, extended soft psych with jazzy beats and intricate changes.

Hear a full version of 200 Years

Hear a full version of Castles

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Unknown- Acetate –Revolution/ Drive (1974)

Unknown –Revolution/Drive –Trident Acetate (UK 1974)

The year is 1974, Great Britain ain’t so great anymore, we have the 3 day week, IRA bombings, the constant rain and The Glitter sparkle is fading fast…2 years before Punk and the revolution craved for here, is not about overthrowing the government or kicking Ted in the teeth, these guys just want some comfort and a “decent” life. So basically this is not a Third World War rallying call to arms, but an amiable bouncy near Glitter/Pub rock ditty which is pretty hooky with some cute guitar leads. The other side Drive is er…more driving, but the guys still don’t cut loose at full speed, but it has a nice Kinks-like middle bit So who the hell is this? Could it be an unreleased Bo’ Flyers song? It is definitely a demo, perhaps from a Denmark Street studio nearby. Don’t be fooled by the UA catalogue number. What probably happened is that an engineer at Trident had a few left over acetates, so he called up his mates who had recorded a demo offering to cut them a few copies in return for favours from the singer’s sister…

Hear a full version of Revolution

Hear a full version of Drive

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Martin’s Art - Control Group Dropout

Martin’s Art- Thoughts Have Wings /Control Group Dropout-Counterpart APG 13 (1975 US)

Here’s an obscure Ohio outing that seems to be a pet project of one Jeff Martin. I’ll focus on the B side here as it’s a delightful mish-mash of Powerpop-like melodic moves tied in with some compressed Psych elements along with a cool guitar break, backward effects and a nice dry drum sound. The A side is more laidback and perhaps lack the outgoing appeal of the B side. It appears that this was originally slated to be released on the subsidiary Applegate label, but ended up on Counterpart with an incongruous catalogue number

Hear a full version of Control Group Dropout

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Unreleased Phil Spector Acetate: Lucy in London (1966)

Unreleased Phil Spector Acetate: Lucy in London (1966)

To feature on the Lucille Ball London special, it appears that Phil Spector was commissioned to provide the main title theme. The song was finally aired in 1966 along with clips of Lucille going All Mod and Fab in and around London…”It was Lucy with The Dave Clark Five…Lucy with a mini skirt on” You can hear and see the full version here


To my knowledge, it was never released in its own right. Lucy in London is a delightful kitsch yet invigorating uptempo melodic winner. Featuring Phil Spector on lead vocals, the full version has that full Gold Star glistening treatment along with a near Pet Sounds dream sequence middle bit.

Now about this acetate. I believe this version is completely unheard up to now. I bought it thinking it would be the full version, but no. This is something completely different. It appears to be the original demo sung by Phil Spector with piano, drums and a cute celeste part. This version already features the full arrangement ideas but without the orchestration and is 4:20 long. I’m not sure if it’s a Gold Star recording or not and who is playing with Phil. More info is most welcome.

For obvious reasons I am not featuring the full version, but here is an edit

I am in no rush to sell this, however if anyone is really interested, I am open to reasonable 4 figure offers… my email is on my profile page

Friday, February 06, 2015

Brett Smiley –Lying in The Sun –Unreleased Acetate (1969)

Brett Smiley –Lying in The Sun/Got To Get Through To You –Gold Star Acetate (US 1969)

Between auditioning for musicals and trekking up and down the West Coast, Brett recorded many demos in the hope of finding that elusive first step to musical success. These recordings were made at least 5 years before he met Andrew Loog Oldham and targeted Europe with the release Va Va Va Voom on Anchor before the dream evaporated with the proposed album being shelved (but not before an unbelievable Russell Harty appearance. )

Lying in The Sun is simply amazing and quite the doom opus. Here The Prettiest Star is deeply poignant, letting reign to teenage death fantasies, but with a maturity beyond his teenage years. Lying in The Sun is in fact an Anti-Vietnam song written in 1968 but recorded in ’69

Brett: “The very same year Charles Manson murdered Sharon Tate...Written one year I believe after The Summer of Love... Anti-War song... Vietnam War at the time... Simply lying in the sun as the song says at Sunset Beach, Ca USA. A simple Truth... The first War the U.S Lost!”

It all ends up a bit like a teenage Nick Drake covering Brian Wilson’s Til I Die, but recalling Dennis Wilson’s unreleased Carry Me Home insofar of its dramatic effect. Superb!

Gotta Get Through To You  is more straightforward, It’s enjoyable but perhaps lacks the impact of Lying in The Sun. Glad to say that Brett is alive and well…

Hear a full version of Lying in The Sun

Hear a full version of Got To Get Through To You

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Blue Creed –Need a Friend


Blue Creed –Need a Friend/ Sugarbabe–Mogo 4570 (1970 US)

Heavy Monster Freak time! Sporting some ridiculous wigs, these West Virginians must have been in the military (like The Monks?) or had secure day jobs that precluded them from growing their hair long. Freak yes, but able to blend into their day to day, so more like Weekend Freak! Anyhow Need a Friend is crude, loud and fuzzy with masterly growly vocals that take the performance out of the Garage and into the realm of Bonehead. The B side is also worthwhile using the same approach. Grrrrrr…

Hear a full version of Need a Friend

Hear a full version of Sugarbabe

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cherry Slush –I Cannot Stop You

Cherry Slush –I Cannot Stop You/ Don´t Walk Away - Cornet ‎5006 (1968 German issue)

Although a bit earlier and better known than the usual fair future featured here, I just love this track too much not to post it. Also with Dick Wagner’s recent passing, it’s nice to remember him as more than just half the twin leads on Rock n’ Roll Animal or Welcome to My Nightmare. The Slush came out of Saginaw (MI) and had the chance to hook up with Dick somewhere between his Bossmen and Frost Days. I Cannot Stop You apart from being a great tune, features a wonderfully original production, elevating it beyond typical Garage/Psych stuff into a drone infused commercial outing that deserved more than it local success. Read more about The Cherry Slush here:

  Hear a full version of I Cannot Stop You

Friday, January 16, 2015

Snow -Sunflower

Snow -Johnny B. Goode/ Sunflower - Castle 108 (1970 US)

Snow was the new name for Negative Space following the release of their Hard, Heavy, Mean  & Evil LP (also on Castle). Fronted by Rob Russen and based in Trenton, their tenure as Snow was short-lived and they seldom played beyond New Jersey. Johnny B. Goode was in fact the A side, but is no more than a perfunctory version, however the B side is where it’s at. A bit overlong, Sunflower features softer interludes between bouts of intense rampant riffing. Although not quite meriting an Ultimate Bonehead accolade, Sunflower stands in its own right as a prime example of lo-fi early 70s heaviness.
More info here:

Hear a full version of Sunflower

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Pagan Blitz vs Quick Fox: The genre that doesn't know its name

Pagan Blitz –Slippen Away/Rosalie –self release (US 197?)
Quick Fox –Feel My Touch/Indian –Wild Records A11-0678 (US 1978)

Sometimes records just don’t fit either in a fixed time period or match a pre-identified style. The two records in question ring all the right bells, but are too late for Proto Punk, as in one case at least, were released after the first wave of Punk. Both releases have Powerpop tendencies, but not overtly so…They are not AOR, as both releases have an energy and sensitivity that elevate them far from that field. Wherever they sit, both records are most enjoyable. All I can say about Pagan Blitz, is that they were from Greenwood Virginia and they cover Bob Seger’s Rosalie on the B side which probably betrays a bar band background. Quick Fox were from Massachusetts and released at least one other single (Pretty Baby) 4 years later. Here the mix is even more engaging with anglophile near Milk and Cookies vocals over some tasty and tough guitars. The B side Indian even reminds me of a Hard Rock Buffalo Springfield. (Thanks to Collin for turning me on to Quick Fox)

Quick Fox (from left to right) Nick Soldato, Johnny Soldato and Mick Valenti

Photo: Dan Valenti

Hear a full version of Slippen Away

Hear a full version of Feel My Touch

Monday, December 29, 2014


GYGAFO –Wino/Broken Smiles –Look Records SP. 6061 (1975 UK)

GYGAFO from Yorkshire, were named after an enlightened Northern promoter told the band to Get Your Gear And F*** Off during a sound check. In 1973, they got as far as recording an unreleased LP Legend of The Kingfisher which is full of proggy moves and flute, but this single appeared a couple of years later and is a different kettle of (king)fish. Loutish, bratish and rousing; Wino stomps and pounds and features some fine lead guitar. Although they had already shorn off their earlier Prog leanings, by 1976 they were “knocked for 6” by Punk and the band imploded.

Hear a full version of Wino

Friday, December 19, 2014

Monument –Infarctus

Monument –Infarctus/Computer Love –AFA 639 (1971 France)

This was the only single release by these teenage miscreants from the outskirts of Paris. Already responsible for a Heavy Psych LP in 1970 titled Volume 1, this was their only further output, released under the banner of “Plays Hard Rock”. Both sides do as they say on the tin, and if anything the Cro-Magnon attitude hits deeper lows (or exultant heights?) with plenty of fuzz, guttural vocals and overall heaviness. Both songs are pretty long and although they could have been more succinct, the sheer unrelenting thumping will batter you into submission. Both tracks are totally wild. Monument were Micky Wals (vocals, guitar), Joël Averbouch (guitar), Lou Lou Laguerre (keyboards), Patrick F. (bass) and Tony Laguerre (drums)

Hear a full version of Infarctus

Hear a full version of Computer Love

Friday, December 12, 2014

A little Record Shopping Trip: Brooklyn

I had a bit of time off, so I had the opportunity to visits some of the record shops in Brooklyn. Thanks to Doug Pressman of Record Grouch as my guide, here is the lowdown:
Green Point seems to be the new centre of record buyers, with Academy and Record Grouch moving from Williamsburg.

All store owners were all friendly, and although I made no great finds (at first), it was a pleasant day with the odd bar visit to liven up proceedings

Coop 87
coop 87

Co-op 87, at 87 Guernsey Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 had some good stock and is well worth visiting. It looks like there is a good stock turnover. Some good singles.


Academy have recently moved to 85 Oak Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222, and the focus is currently more on LPs, however once they get organised, 45s should be making more of a comeback. Some very reasonable prices.

Captured Tracks

Captured Tracks at 195 Calyer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222, have a good selection of LPs, perhaps more of a Soul focus
Captured Tracks

Record Grouch
Record Grouch, 986 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222, played the best music. A good wide selection of stuff, from second-hand to choice reissued (picked up the Iron Claw double...). Owners who live their stuff and are the perfect hosts.

Record Grouch

The Thing

Apparently a big hit with Japanese tourists is The Thing opposite from Record Grouch at 1001 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222, is quite amazing. When you walk round the mounds of stuff, you walk downstairs to the catacombs just filed wall to wall with vinyl. Wonder where records go when no one wants them? Well it looks like at 250.000 of them end up here. The last stop before landfill. Now if you had 2 days, there may be some finds, but it is a tad overwhelming..

The Thing
The Thing

By early evening we headed to The Archive of Contemporary Music at 54 White Street, New York,  NY 10013 as they were holding a cocktail party (well cheese and wine) as a pre-sale event. Picked up nice copies of the A Square SRC/Rationals and MC5. I was holding out getting the pic sleeve, but the copy they archived was not for sale at any price...
Never seen that red cover for the Thundertrain...
Today, Manhattan...

Monday, December 08, 2014

Raw Meat –Stand-By Girl

Raw Meat –Stand-By Girl/Out in The Country –Blue Hour BH9 -1001 (1969 US)

Raw Meat’s Stand-By Girl is a prime example of an overlooked obscurity, which is bound to gather better-late-than-never recognition for those still hunting for Heavy gems of outstanding worth. Stand-By Girl is a wondrous tour-de-force in heavy fuzz-faced shenanigans, with a solid Bonehead foothold, but on the edge of tipping over into an undocumented world of weird. Stand-By Girl has one of the heaviest/scuzziest heavy fuzz sounds anywhere. Then the weirdness sets in from initial medieval vocal interludes into…well the heart of weirdness. More great guitar ensues. What were they thinking?

The B side is a bit more sane; featuring cowbell, layered vocals and more great guitar. It appears the A side was produced by Richard Thomas with some deft edits and crude yet all inclusive recording techniques. Full credit should also go to engineer Ken Smith and the band for some of the arrangement and production ideas. “Ken Smith was most likely the recording engineer on “Stand-By Girl,” because he was a close friend and a studio innovator; it was his idea to release “Stand-By Girl” in stereo, which garnered a lot of attention back then…” (Susan Gallion) “The boys in the band came up with the vocal ideas. I did edit the single in a couple of places including adding the ending to the very start of the song to kick it off. The other edits tightened the arrangement but I don't remember where they were or if they were used in the final release…” (Richard Thomas) The B-side was recorded at Dave Kennedy Studios, one of the first multi-track studios in the U.S., and it was produced by the band members. The A-side became popular on radio in San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and a few other places beyond Milwaukee.

(Richard Thomas and Susan Gallion ran The Blue Hour label at the time. They recorded and released the Burst of Life LP as Susan and Richard Thomas in 73. They are both still active in music today:

But what of the band?

They all lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The line-up was: Drums: Michael Jablonski, Lead Guitar: Don Gruender and Gene Peranich on bass guitar. It seems that all three of them sang and co-wrote the songs. At the time, the band was going through some personnel problems and didn’t do any traveling to promote the record. A few months after the record was released, Don, the guitar player, left the band. (He passed away in 2012.  A new Raw Meat was formed sometime in 1970, but they had a different musical focus.

There is more news for 2015 as Richard has recently licensed both tracks for a forthcoming vinyl release on Permanent Records  About time!

Hear a full version of Stand-By Girl

Hear a full version of Out in The Country

Friday, November 28, 2014

Moby Dick –Clear Days

Moby Dick –Clear Days/Hold on Me - Negram NG 189 (1970 NL)

Moby Dick was out of Delft (the home of that blue pottery). It appears that this single was their only release. Clear Days is a fine example of continental heaviness. Hold on Me also has some merit mixing in softer passages with heavier interludes. Moby Dick was comprised of singer Hans de Koning with Cees Vlottes on guitar, Joop Vavier on bass and Huib de Jong – Drums. Some of the members then moved on to form Cape Canary

Hear full versions of Clear Days and Hold on Me

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Utrecht Record Fair Day 2 (November 2014)

Here I sit at Schipol Airport and about to board. No time to write, but here are some pics. The German Wild Uncertainty single is wonderfull...

Friday, November 21, 2014

Utrecht Record Fair Day 1 (November 2014)


Not a bad first day, with some killer singles as well as som3 accumulation fodder

Some grinding heaviness, of particular note Belgium’s Opus Est and Holland’ Moby Dick.

Nice German pic sleeve of Jook’s  Bish Bash Bosh/Crazy Kids. Unexpected: Donnydale,  Red Temple Prayer and Easy Fever Volume 2

Paying the price, but well worth it; Andy Ellison –Cornflake Zoo with a fun cover of You Can’t Do That on the A side

And the rest...

Let's see what tomorrow brings...




Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Acetate: Bullitt –Nobody/I’m Gonna Win (US 197?)

Acetate: Bullitt –Nobody/I’m Gonna Win (US 197?)

Time for another mystery acetate and a fine Powerpop Pearl specimen. This is really worth somebody doing some detective work as I couldn’t find any obvious trails out there. I assume this is mid 70s and it sits nicely between Pilot-type Anglophile Pop and US Powerpop in the mould of The Raspberries with a touch of Blue Ash. It’s hard to believe that both songs are unreleased as both performances have high glossy production values and are mighty fine tunes to boot. Now unless this has come out under another name, we need to know who these guys were. Terrific stuff!

Hear a full version of Nobody

Hear a full version of I’m Gonna Win

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Legend -Portrait of Youth

The Legend –Portrait of Youth/ Enjoy Yourself –R703 (1968 US

We go a bit further back in time than usual for one of the most exuberant Who-inspired performances around. Although owing an obvious allegiance to The Townsend School of Riffs (Think Raspberries I Don’t Know What I Want), the tune goes beyond its Mod/Garage origins into Heavy Fuzz Psych with Powerpop overtones. The production values elevate the tune even further, the power remains, but the overall effect is surprisingly glossy (in a good way!)
The Legend got out of Denver early in their career and relocated in LA signing to the Megaphone label. Portrait of Youth was their second single. They also released 2 LPs, the first under The Legend name, the 2nd when they morphed into Dragonfly when things got even heavier. The B side Enjoy Yourself is a great example of inventive tuneful Psych at its best.

Hear full versions of Portrait of Youth and Enjoy Yourself

Friday, November 07, 2014

Inheritance –Kookie

Inheritance –Kookie/Come on - EMI test pressing (1972 Australia)

After all the Bone Crunchin’ heaviness, let’s go back to the safety of a Global Bubblegum World… Here’s an obscure, Antipodean cover of Kookie originally record by Germany’s Sandwich (pre Bläck Fööss). I think the Aussie version just wins it, by having rougher edges and more hard driving Bubblegum grooves, although the sound is more ’68 than ’72. This appears to be a custom promo pressing prior to gaining a limited release on HMV. Anyhow know anything about Inheritance? –was it a real group or a studio creation? The B side is a pleasant enough pop ditty.

Hear full versions of Kookie and Come on

Here’s a link to Sandwich’s version

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Unknown Acetate: Stop Messin' Around

Unknown : Stop Messin' Around-Emidisc Acetate (UK 1972)

Here's an absolute monster unknown and (as far as I can tell) unreleased Proto Punk monster from 1972. The guitars remind me of Third World War's Ascension Day, but the overall performance recalls more Barry Rolfe (Look The Business 1973) or a less focused Streak. The song was recorded as a demo for Carlin Music, but it is clear why it didn't get any further than the acetate stage as it was definitely 5 years too early. It really forges a link between Garage Punk and Punk and is more proof that Crushed Butler weren't the only proponents of loud and brash riffing with a snotty attitude in the UK at that time.

Anyone with any clues or information -please step forward

Hear a full version of Stop Messin' Around

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Clinton - Midnight in New York

Clinton –Falling Behind/Midnight in New York –Shotfire EU 694210 (1976 US)

With members from Uniontown and Masontown (PA), this record seems to have been Clinton’s sole outing. Recorded at Audio Innovators in Pittsburgh, this great double sider was released in August 1976. I am only featuring the rousing Proto Punk scorcher Midnight in New York as the A side is in even worse condition, although it’s a great Hard Rock number. Anyhow the B side is loud and crunchin’ a bit like Streak with some Under My Wheels era Alice Cooper licks. The band was comprised of Lee Hayes (vocals), Tom Skelton and Bill Osniak on guitars, Bill Rankin (drums) and songwriter/bassist Jim Tait.

Guys, if any of you see this –please get in touch. I need more information and an upgrade!

Hear a full version of Midnight in New York

Friday, October 10, 2014

Canadian Satanists on the rampage: Morse Code Transmission –Satan’s Song vs. Merriday Park -Witchcraft

Morse Code Transmission –Cold Society/Satan’s Song-RCA SPCS-45-116 (1972 Canada)
Merriday Park –Witchcraft/My Shady Friend –Columbia C4-2942 (1970 Canada)

Two major label Canadian outings screaming to be untied from the stake…Quebec’s Morse Code Transmission were more from the Proggy side of the spectrum, but on this non-album B side they let all hell loose with some near Proto Metal machinations and silly vocals. Ontario’s Merriday Park released 3 Heavy Psych singles with prominent organ, but here on their second single they added a fun line in exploitation groovy-ness to their brew (Evil’s black, hairy black… )!

Hear full version of Satan’s Song and Witchcraft

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Galactus –Live With Me

Galactus –Live With Me/You Can’t Win –Airship 6042-22 (1976 US)

Continuing the Swamp Rats’ (Psycho!) tradition of only releasing cover versions, lead singer Bob Hocko reappeared in 1976 with Galactus. Live With Me is a gritty near-Proto Punk rendition of The Let It Bleed number instilled with crunching guitars and snotty vocals. They also surprisingly cover the Kinks Kontroversy obscurity You Can't Win  on the B side. I am sure their sole LP (Cosmic Force Field) is worth hearing as it includes a cover of The Move’s Do Ya which should work great based on the performances on this single. Galactus is of further interest as it also featured Jim Wilson, the Creme Soda (Tricky Zingers) bassist

Hear full versions of Live With Me and You Can’t Win