Saturday, April 12, 2014

Utrecht Record Fair Day 2 / Phil Spector unreleased Acetate -Lucy in London

Just a gentle 7 hour walk around the stalls today...

Some nice if not midblowing stuff...BUT

.... -There is the little matter of this unreleased Phil Spector acetate from 1966 which featured in the Luclle Ball in London TV special...It looks like it was one of only 4 acetates made...

You can watch a newly edited clip from the show and hear the song loud and clear. It's a great tune and performance with a wonderful wall of sound and a near Pet Sounds middle bit. It appears that this is Phil Spector singing himself

Watch the video here

The rest...
A nice Dutch Sister Morphine and an upgrade of the Pussy single

Friday, April 11, 2014

Utrecht Record Fair April 2014 -Day 1

Reporting back from Utrecht where the first day was not always the usual fair...

First things first. The records. One thing that has changed in the last couple of years, it that it has become more and more unlikely to pick up cheap  Glam/Proto Punk singles. There are still plenty of cheap singles, but where you could unearth gems before, the word is now out and you are now likely to find them in the €20 -€50 bracket. Some dealers  even have Junkshop Glam sections on their stalls. Still there is plenty of great stuff out there although you may now have to pay a price.

A great mixture of classic Garage Punk (Haunted / Oxford Circle and Freakbeat (The Dakotas' The Spider and The Fly) along with great Supachief and Jerusalem pic sleeves. The choice of the bunch might well be Scorpion's It's All over Now/Wolf's Mouth Song (Sweden)

At Last The 1958 Rock and Roll Show features Ian Hunter on bass.

Some more Glammy stuff including 2 entries from East Germany, fierce Gallic Punk and the  pre Fickle Pickle single by Samsun. Particularly nice is the I Drive Superstar single.

Thanks to Mauro who got a full cheese fondue together behind a record stall (with Absinthe!) which provided much relief from the Frikadelen and frites...

Guerrilla Fondue
Fondue Terrorist

Bring on tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Utrecht Record Fair April 2014

God how  time flies. November seems like it was only a few weeks ago...

Anyhow I fly off tomorrow. I will have time to check out the small outdoor fair on Thursday then it's back to the wonderful madness from 7am on Friday. There are bound to be some prized hot ticket items with the Swedish mob bringing back a good chunk of Michel Terstegen's collection. So  will it be a case of 10 expensive buys or 100 cheap ones?...let's see

Friday, April 04, 2014

Carriage Company –The Beasts

Carriage Company –The Beasts/Come Along –CBS 4144 (1969 Belgium)

The Beasts was the first of 5 singles released by this great Belgian outfit. It is also the most far out of their releases. The Beasts is just full to the brim of ideas from the Biblical opening to Fuzzed out Heavy Rock through Easybeat chord changes all the way to the Sleazy Blues/end Freak Out. The Beasts is an incredible trip, but God knows what they were trying to do. The singer does a wonderful job out-taxing Wally Tax and shines across both sides while the guitar playing is cutting and a model of controlled lunacy. The B side Come Along is slightly more sane, but still a raucous affair featuring again some great guitar and further tempo shifts

Hear a full version of The Beasts

Hear a full version of Come Along

Friday, March 28, 2014

Rippa –Witches Brew

Rippa –Witches Brew/Same –Rocky Coast Records RC 19762 (1976 US)

Here are the Galahad boys Gerry Morris and Tony Atkins on what must be the most obscure entry in their catalogue. Although a bit overblown; the production values apparent in Rocket Summer still linger. It is a strange Heavy Rock/Glam concoction, with a severe case of–“OK we have this new mixing desk and all this outboard –how far can we go? Oh that’s handy, there is a horn section in the next studio...” I suspect drugs and too much time to mix. Enjoy

Hear a full version of Witches Brew

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hog –Cop Killer

Hog –Cop Killer/Driving Pusing –You T579-422 (197? US)

This is probably one of the most basic, shambolic yet gripping slices of Bonehead you will ever find. The playing is just so…well crap, but somehow riveting, it’s just like watching a car crash, or in this case a band implode, in front of your eyes, well ears. COP KILLER!!!! Are these a bunch of bikers who had free time in a pal’s studio? Did they ever get to even rehearse this opus? With names “Jew” on lead guitar, ”Mad Dog” on bass, “Biggy” and “Sticks” on drums they give Peppermint Ridge a good run for their money and deserve your full attention. This is actually the B side to Driving Pusing (sic) a gooey piece of rambling stoner absurdness by what might be a different bunch of people. Ah those mysteries…

Hear a full version of Cop Killer

Hear a full version of Driving Pusing

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Clapham Junction –Emily on Sunday

Clapham Junction –Emily on Sunday/Good Time Music –Du Monde SDM-309 (1970 Australia)

Emily on Sunday is a classic piece of Aussie Freakbeat/Powerpop with crashing Who-like powerchords and Anglophile inflexions similar in approach to what the Raspberries would emulate later on. It’s not a full frontal assault, but a great performance making all the right melodic noises. Clapham Junction were from Sydney and this was their sole release with singer James Willebrant then moving on to Toby Jug. Emily on Sunday is backed an OK cover the Katz/Kasenetz workhorse Good Time Music

Hear a full version of Emily on Sunday

Hear a full version of Good Time Music

Monday, March 03, 2014

Cagney –Gypsy Sunrise

Cagney –Gypsy Sunrise/Sun on The Run-Cagney 6093-198 (197? US)

Apologies for all the crackling on this one, but it’s worth it. Gypsy Sunrise is a fabulous Bubblegum tune played with loud conviction with a fuzzed-up yet tasteful guitar player ably supported by a monolithic cowbell Imagine a garage version of Boston attempting the Archies catalogue... It’s tuneful, rockin’ and a real classic in my book. No information on this one (Mark Dutton get in touch!) but it’s near perfect in construction and execution.

Hear a full version of Gypsy Sunrise

Monday, February 24, 2014

38 Singles and 6 LPs on ebay: Glam, Bonehead Proto Punk, Psych and Powerpop

I have a bunch of choice singles on ebay along with some LPs. All low starts, most with sound clips

You can find them here:

Good luck!

Jimmy Jukebox -Motor Boat (KIM FOWLEY) ORIGINAL UK Picture sleeve
Ohio Express -That's The Way a Woman is-RARE MOD Dancer/Bubblegum 1970
Flamin' Groovies -Feel a Whole Lot Better EP 7" (NOT the 12") UK Pic sleeve
Renegade My Revolution/ A Little Rock 'n' Roll -Killer Hard Glam1974 Demo
TALES -Rockin' Suzanna -Raucous Rock -Flamin' Groovies/Stones-DEMO- 1973
Neil Christian -She's Got The Power -Fuzz Freakbeat/Glam Stomper UNIQUE SWISS Sleeve!
Chaos -Guitar Man- UK Top (hat) GLAM German Pic Sleeve-1975
Dawn Chorus/Galahad -Little Green Men BUBBLEGLAM PSYCH -1973
Hetherington- Teenage Love Song-Powerpop 1973
Dwarf -Backstage Queen-- US-Private Proto Punk -Rare -1976
Dils -I Hate The Rich - US Punk 1977-original
Candy -Whatever Happened to Fun -Great US Powerpop
Wild Angels -Jo Jo Ann -R'n'R Revival/Glam-1972
Wild Angels -Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet-Killer Rockin' Glam 1973
Day 'N Night -I Just Need Somebody -Phased Psych -1970
Simon Turner-SEX Appeal -Stomping Glam JK -1974
Rescue Co. No. 1 -I Want To Save You - Psych/Glam -DEMO-1972
Savwinkle and Turnerhopper -Your Mother Thinks I'm a Hoodlum DEMO-1970
Capital City Rockets -Little Bit o' Fun - US PROTO PUNK/Glam 1973
Jon Symon -Silver Star -Wild PROTO PUNK/Glam Scorcher 1975
Whizz Kidds-Big Teaser - US Glam/Proto Punk-Promo
Tiger B Smith -Morning Bird -Bonehead Glam Stomper 1975
Incredible Hog -Lame-Bonehead Cruncher -HEAVY Glam!-1973
Don Fardon -Don't Do That -Geordie-Blitzkrieg GLAM -1974
New York Dolls -Jet Boy- Rare Dutch Picture Sleeve -Original EX -1973
April-Rollin' It Over - GLAM-Autographed photos etc..." 1975
Christ Child -Let' Em Eat Rock -US Bonehead Crunching PUNK -1978
Shambles -Hello Baby -ORIGINAL UK Glam Cruncher-1975-Demo
Albatross-Rock 'n'Roll Boogie Man-BOOGIE GLAM Pic Sleeve!-1974
Good Habit -Find My Way Back Home -Crunching Glam 1974
Richmond -Peaches - Top UK GLAM 1973
Rockmore Williams -Lady Rock -Raucous Junkshop Glam -Demo -1973
Barry Ryan -Do That - GLAM classic - German pic sleeve! 1975
Mustang -Man On The Radio -German Teen Glam ROCKER-Promo sheet
Rockits -Livin' Without You -Badfinger -Nimbo -Powerpop-DEMO – 1973
John Black -Accordion -Crazy Gallic Glam -1974-Promo
Ritz -Jenny Gentle/Why Love -RARE UK Crunching Glam 1974 Demo
Robin Goodfellow-You Know Me Now- Great Purepop/Glam-1974

Plus 6 LPs
BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS VOL.1 proto-punk obscurities from the USA
BONEHEAD CRUSHERS (Crunchers) VOL 2 14 Demented Fuzz-Faced Monsters from the USA
BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS VOL.4 Streetlight Fight Boot-Stomping Low-life Heaviness

Barracudas -Mean Time Limited Edition PICTURE DISC!!! 30th anniversary Release

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gidians League - Hey! Did You Know You’ve Got Your Face On Upside Down

Gidians League -Hey! Did you Know You’ve Got Your Face On Upside Down/You’ve Got a Mind of Your Own –Parlophone R 5933 (1972 UK)

Let’s stick then with Robin Goodfellow (see review below) for this bouncy Bubblegum ditty he wrote and produced prior to signing to Pye and being relegated to Dawn.
OK, it is a lightweight piece of fluff but a most enjoyable one thanks to its catchy chorus. It harks back to the pure Bubblegum sound of ’68 but adds a quintessential Englishness to the proceedings. What a great title anyhow...

Hear a full version of Hey! Did you Know You’ve Got Your Face On Upside Down

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Robin Goodfellow -You Know Me Now

Robin Goodfellow -You Know Me Now/I'm Suddenly Alive -Dawn DNS 1057 (1974 UK)

Here’s a great classic unheralded UK 70s pop single with a nod to Glam. It reminds as much of Hetherington as it does Marc Bolan, that guitar is pure T. Rex in any case. You Know Me Now is damn catchy tune with a nice and bouncy production and the B side is also cool too. Robin had another earlier single on Pye (Why Am I Waiting) which is nearly as good while leaning more torwards David Bowie. I haven’t found much relevant information on the Net, so if anyone want to fill in the bits. You're  more than welcome...

Hear a full version of You Know Me Now

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sugar –Hot Damn

Sugar –Hot Damn/Let It Roll –Lady Records UR-898 (1976 US)

Driven by a gleaming cowbell, Hot Damn is a thumping piece of Riff Rock leaning towards Bonehead Boogie with Glam overtones provided by the camp vocals. These guys were not Glitter clad cross-dressers, but the singer comes across like a truck driver in stilettos with his amusing delivery. The lyrics are a real hoot -Good ol’ boy ethics on how Atlanta boys only want to rock while dissing non-Southerners and wussy English accents. Hot Damn is a joyfully dumb yet juicy Georgia peach.

Hear a full version of Hot Damn

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

US –He’s Coming Back/You’ll Never Know

US –He’s Coming Back/You’ll Never Know –Straita Head Records (1975 US)

This looks to be a San Diego band who enlisted Johnny Almond (Ex Zoot Money/John Mayall and half of Mark –Almond) as a guest on the A side of this single. Not sure why 20 seconds of Sax warrants such star billing…Anyhow -He’s Coming Back has a heavy early 70s Who influence, but is even closer to Side Three/Overnight Sensation Raspberries or Artful Dodger stuff. Enjoy the stunning lead guitar over the ending…Very tasteful. You’ll Never Know is Almond-free and it’s a blistering high energy rocker again with a bit of Raspberries thrown in with some top lead guitar. Straita Head was a production company and a well-known Hair Metal club in the San Diego are in the 80s, but you can safely date this single to the mid-70s as Johnny Almond signed to ABC in 1975. A killer double-sider.

Hear a full version of He’s Coming Back

Hear a full version of You’ll Never Know

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ian Stuart Lane and The Davelto Swingers - Don't Rock Me Baby

Ian Stuart Lane and The Davelto Swingers - Don't Rock Me Baby (If You're Fine And Fair)/ See What You Can Do With Your Life -Greenwich Recording Company GSS 103 (1972 UK)

Here is a sublime piece of early 70’s UK lushness recalling Sunflower era Beach Boys with some unexpected chord changes. It also has a certain Spectorian elegance in its production values which predates some of Roy Wood’s Wizzard’s releases. There isn’t much about Ian Stuart Lane or his swingers to be found, although he sang backing vocals on Cherry Vanilla’s Bad Girl LP 6 years further down the line.

Hear a full version of Don't Rock Me Baby

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bill Case –I’m Your Hero

Bill Case –I’m Your Hero/ You Gotta Know –Bellaphon BF 18529 (1977 German issue)

Here is a weird one, created by Alan Blakley and “Chip” Hawkes as an extra-curricular Tremoloes excursion. Slip inside the cover and you will find two striking examples of top notch Crunching Glam. I’m Your Hero is a real stunner; a wild intense performance enlivened further by some fine specimens of Moog noodlings. Gary Glitter joining Black Sabbath channeling Chicory Tip. You Gotta Know starts in a quieter yet meaty fashion. It has a certain T. Rex meets Led Zep feel and really rocks out by the end. Both songs seem curiously out of date for 1977 and all the better for it. I believe this only got a German release and I can’t just see some Bellaphon A&R guy complaining with the lack of Punk potential on the label and coming across the sleeve photo in a draw. Ja  Ja das ist Punk! So I wouldn’t be surprised if this project had been hanging around for a couple of years. As for Bill Case? Who knows…but what a midriff! It’s nice to know that there are still oddities such as this one still laying around out there

Hear a full version of I’m Your Hero

Hear a full version of You Gotta Know

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Factory –Time Machine

Factory –Time Machine/ Castle on The Hill –OAK RGJ 718 (1971 UK)

Here is a real MONSTER that doesn’t know when to quit. This is essential Heavy Psych cum Bonehead Crunching Proto Punk madness…Think of The Stooges if born in an East Sussex barn fed on exclusively on fermented scrumpy and ‘shrooms. The proceedings start all quiet and subdued then it all literally burst out of the vinyl with blistering lead breaks and a crazed lead vocal falling somewhere between a Jesse Hector and a goat-like Roger Chapman. The whole performance approaches the grandeur of Open Mind’s Magic Potion, only here Time Machine just goes on and on and on; squeezing as much sleazy noise and prolonging the madness until it reaches its delirious fuzzed-out ending. This Factory is not to be mistaken for the Factory who issued the psych gem Path Through The Forest, this lot were formed around the nucleus of Andy and Tony Qunta with Lol Cooksey and Geoff Peckham. Based in Hastings; Factory were in operation between 1970 and 1976. Although encouraged at different times by Robin Gibb and Roger Daltrey, Time Machine was their sole release. The B side is tamer, yet a fine example of early 70s Brit Psych owing a large debt to 1968.. There is plenty more information and photos of the band scattered around this great website

Hear a full version of Time Machine

Hear a full version of Castle on The Hill

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Burning -I'm Burning


Burning -I'm Burning/ Johnny B. Goode -Utopia 42520 (1975 French Issue)

This is the last Spanish installment on Purepop for a while and this time we feature the English language version of Burning's first single "Estoy Ardiendo". Burning is a long standing Spanish institution, but to these Anglo-Saxon ears this is their finest moment mixing Crunching Glam with straight-ahead Hard Rock moves. The B side is no more than perfunctory.

Hear a full version of I'm Burning

Monday, December 23, 2013

Norah –Nobody Gotta Be Home Tonight

Norah –Nobody Gotta Be Home Tonight/ Let’s Do It Again-Novalo NOX 229 (1974 Spain)

Let’s stay in Spain for this 2nd helping of screeching from crazed Argentine nutter Norah. You may remember the previous episode, if not go here  and return afterwards. Anyhow Nobody Gotta Be Home Tonight finds our punked out Chipmunk in fine fettle, balancing a tango based backing with awkward male backing vocals and other craziness…Just what were they thinking of? The B side is more straightforward and it’s a rousing piece of Quatro-inspired pounding Glam with scuzzy Moog, male waiter vocals and the usual vocal histrionics…OlĂ©!

Hear a full version of Nobody Gotta Be Home Tonight

Hear a full version of Let’s Do It Again

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Siglo XX –Cerca Del Rio

Siglo XX –Algo Que Nos Paso/Cerca Del Rio –Ariola 14.904 (1970 Spain)

Although there were several outfits sporting the same name, this single seems to be the only release by these Catalonian groovers. Although A side is pretty lame as it’s a cover of Chris Andrew’s Think It All Over, the B side is where it all happens. It’s a vibrant, heavy and infectious performance, with loud guitars enveloped in a great production wrap by Tony Ronald (Sigfried Andre Den Boer Kramer), just dig the cowbell and harmonies... The song sounds familiar (written by W. Erwin adapted A. Alpin) but I can’t place it. If any Spanish/Catalan brethren can help –please fill in the gaps

Hear a full version of Cerca Del Rio

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Suck –Aimless Lady

Suck –Aimless Lady/The Whip-Parlophone SPD 3027 (1971 South Africa)

With South Africa in the spotlight at the moment, here is another angle of kicking against the pricks with Hairy Freak mob SUCK. It seems that they had originally intended to replace the “S” with “F”, which would have curtailed their activities even further as Suck only recorded 1 LP (Time to Suck) in a 6 hour session and this was their only single. The album was mostly covers and the A side is the cover of a Grand Funk B side. It’s a wild and heavy affair and cranks up the power tenfold. The B side The Whip is the only band original and the heaviness reigns supreme with top lead guitars and tons of reverb. It’s a real shame the band disbanded after this without further any recordings as they would have been real heavy contenders on the international scene.

Read the story and interview here

Hear a full version of Aimless Lady

Hear a full version of The Whip

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Jeremiah –Do It To Ya

Jeremiah –Do It To Ya/Starlight Stampede –Artesia ACA 6562 (1975 US)

Do It To Ya was the lone record from this Houston band who pressed up this self-released single to give out at their shows. The A side finds the band honing their bar room skills from Hard Boogie to near Proto Punk. It’s a hooky energetic performance .that doesn’t pretend to be what it’s not, although the no-nonsense straight ahead riffing and 42nd Street mentions makes you think that they might have had The New York Dolls in their sights. The B side owes more to obvious 1975 Southern Rock influences.

Hear a full version of Do It To Ya

Bassist Jack Beasley was kind enough to give some background on the band and recording the single

Jeremiah was formed in 1972. Jack Beasley was the original bass player with Mike Rayburn on drums. There were two other guys on guitars, but as it turned they weren’t that serious about playing rock music. As those guys moved on to do other things, they were replaced by Jimmy Deen in 1973 and Tommy Mansell was added to the line-up in 1974. The early gigs were high school dances and proms. But they eventually started playing night clubs and private parties.

“In 1975, the band paid for some time at ACA recording studios in Houston. We recorded six original songs. I don't know who mastered the two tracks on the 45 or where the 45 was manufactured. The label name, "Artesia", was just something we made up. I think we had 600 45s made, maybe less, but no more than that...”

Although the ambition was there to break beyond the local scene and go professional, it didn’t pan out for the boys

“Our goal was to become rock stars. In the fall of 1975 we quit our day jobs and went on the road. We played mostly in Texas. We became friends with members of the band Point Blank, who were managed by the same guy that managed ZZ Top. This was in 1976 and we thought we were close to a record deal, but it didn’t happen. We played at the bigger clubs in Houston , Dallas and Fort Worth , among others. We played four to five nights a week, every week, just about. We did all we knew to do to get a record label to sign us, except leave Texas. That might have been the problem…”

What was the difference the 60s Texas Garage/Psychedelic bands and what was happening in the mid 70s?

“I believe that 60s bands, even in Texas were heavily into the psychedelic experience. They were trying to find new sounds, and a lot of experimenting was going on then, with their instruments, and also their minds (drugs). 70s bands just wanted to rock. To heck with experimenting. Find that groove. Turn up the volume. And create a sound that compelled your audience to move with the beat and play their air guitars. Although the guys in Jeremiah were somewhat influenced by the 60s music, I believe the stronger influences came from what was going on around us at the time. We covered many of the most popular rock bands of the early and mid 70s. We liked the melodic stuff, but it still needed to have that hard edge. You can hear that fusion in the original Jeremiah songs. Often in those songs, you have some very soft, melodic vocals or guitar segments, slammed up against a dynamic, hard-driving mix of guitar, bass and drums. We just couldn’t stay quiet for very long...”

Both sides of the single and the 4 other tunes from the 1975 session are now available to download

Monday, November 25, 2013

45 singles and 5 LPs for sale on ebay

I have just listed a whole bunch of singles plus 5 LPs (the complete set of Bonehead Crunchers)
Most have sound clips, so enjoy...

Here is a sound clip for the great Five by Five single

You can find the records here:

Here is the full list

TNS -Time's Up - Essential US Garage/ Proto Punk Classic 1972

Knees -Day Tripper (Brinsley Schwarz/Nick Lowe) – 1975

Sneakers -Link Lady Rare UK Punk/Powerpop 1977

Paul St. John -Flying Saucers Have Landed Demo Rare Psych/Glam -1972

Helter Skelter –I Need You –Hammersmith Gorillas –PROTO PUNK CRUSHER

Bloom -Don't Break This Heart -Dutch Powerpop – 1976

Rockits -Livin' Without You -Badfinger -Nimbo -Powerpop – 1973

Hetherington- Teenage Love Song-Powerpop 1973

Phil Cordell -Roadie For The Band -UK Powerpop – 1973

Dennis Wilson -River Song -German Picture Sleeve- Beach Boys 1977

Smiling Hard (QUEEN!!) - Sooner or Later-Dutch only-Spike Edney 1973

Tommy James-I Love You Love Me Love/Devil Gate Drive -1976

Jamul -Tobacco Road -Heavy Psych/Bonehead -1970

Limonaya-Walk Walk Walk -Cracking obscure NEDER-GLAM-Bintangs-1974

Cross Fire -Hi Yo Silver -BUBBLEGUM Motherf-er/Mod Dancer – 1969

Stephen -Right On Running Man -Hard Crunching Glam-1974

Nicky Bulldog -Chewin' Gum Rock/ Dog Power -Hard Crunching Glam Classic

UFO -Prince Kajuku -Hard Rock /Heavy Psych classic- 1971

Bert De Coninck CADILLAC -HEAVY Glam/ Bonehead

STEPSON –It’s My Life/ Rude Attitude –Bonehead Cruncher Proto Punk 1974

TALES -Rockin' Suzanna -Raucous Rock -Flamin' Groovies/Stones 1973

Starbuck -Do You Like Boys? -CAMP GLAM Classic 1973

Crescent Street Stompers (MOONQUAKE) Louie Louie/ Having a Party-1975

Catapult -Let Your Hair Hang Down - Junkshop Glam-German Pic Sleeve -1974

Paul Ryan -Natural Gas -Hypnotic GLAM classic- Dutch pic sleeve -1972

Friends -Gonna Have A Good Time -Easybeats -Zoot -Top Version 1973

Brass Alley -You Better Run -Crunching Heavy Glam/Freakbeat-- Demo 1973

Richmond -Peaches - Top UK GLAM 1973

Tin House -I Want Your Body -US BONEHEAD CRUNCHER -1970-Hard Rock

Slade -Get Down and Get With It -Danish Pic Sleeve with original centre

Bacchus -Teen Queen -Loud UK Junkshop Glam-1975

Captain Groovy and His Bubblegum Army -FUZZ /Heavy Psych Corker- 1969

Jabberwock -Sneakin' Shaky- RARE 1977

Five By Five -15 Going on 20 -Killer Garage Punk/Proto Metal -1970

Pantherman -PANTHERMAN -Wild Junkshop GLAM Classic -1974

BOSTON BOPPERS -Did You Get What You Wanted-Mutoid GLAM 1974

STUD LEATHER -Cut Loose -Hard Glam Cruncher/Proto PUNK Lunacy -1973

Ohio Express -That's The Way a Woman is-RARE MOD Dancer/Bubblegum 1970

Warhorse -St. Louis Dutch Vertigo SWIRL Easybeats- 1970

Anita Garbo -Miracles -Sparks -Obscure Jeff Lynne Production -1977

John Black -Accordion -Crazy Gallic Glam -1974-Promo

Merlin -Dirty Woman -Heavy Psych/Hard Rock -1970

Inca Bullet Joe -Nothing Has Changed -1971-HEAVY Rock/Glam -Ex Zipps

Wild Angels -Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet -Rousing Glam-1973



And 5 LPs…

BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS VOL.1 proto-punk obscurities from the USA

BONEHEAD CRUSHERS (Crunchers) VOL 2 14 Demented Fuzz-Faced Monsters from the USA


BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS VOL.4 Streetlight Fight Boot-Stomping Low-life Heaviness


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Utrecht November 2013-Day 2

Another long day...a smaller but perfectly formed bunch, no great bargains, but some top shelf stuff including a Dutch Jet Boy, German Masters Apprentices, The Norah single I was missing as well the striking German pic sleeve of Tame Me Tiger. I think this is the stereo mix which packs a lesser wallop, but the photo more than makes up for it. The Japanese Mott single couples Saturday Gigs with Foxy Foxy. The most surprising find was the South African Suck single.

All in all another great Utrecht. It has become much harder to find cheap copies of Glam stuff, the dealers have usually wised up, but that just makes it more challenging...

If all goes to plan look out for a mamoth ebay listing on Wednesday

Friday, November 22, 2013

Utrecht November 2013 -Day 1

A good first day at the fair.

It all started at 7:am...entrance by the side door...

So 7am until 5pm...pretty much non-stop walking up and down, back and forth...In fact Utrecht may be considered a personal marathon. As you can see I took16,344 steps today...

However Utrecht is not just about getting fit. It is also about getting fat...

Ladies and gentlemen...may I present you with the next best thing to congealed donkey semen...FRIKANDELLEN!

OK, OK, onto the records. In fact about half of these are spares which I will be listing next week...

Of the Michel "da capo" Terstegen, the only one I got was the good Dragonfly single. Celestial Empire. An inspired fuzzfest...

The first Rasputin (Jon Symon) single has a mean version of Spoonful and comes autographed with a promo photo included

Bring on tomorrow!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Utrecht November 2013

Here we go again...tomorrow at 7am I'll be on the floor ready to dig. Of added interest this year is the fact that the Michel Terstegen collection has been purchased as a whole by a Swedish collective The Nederbeat section will be available at the fair along with a selection of other titles, although the prices are bound to be pretty "Swedish"

I will report back tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hollywood Stars –Shine Like a Radio


Hollywood Stars –Shine Like a Radio -Last Summer Records LS1974HS (2013)

With the release of the LP only days away, here is the background on how Shine Like a Radio finally gained release as well as a track by track descriptor…

For me, It all started back in 1975. Bomp magazine not only featured The Flamin’ Groovies on the cover of the spring 1975 issue, but also a long piece written by Kim Fowley on the next big thing that never was –The Hollywood Stars. It was a tragic but fascinating story, they seemed just like the band we were crying out for at the time. This band had it all - the looks, attitude, great song titles plus the involvement of the king of Sleaze. When would I ever get to hear song like Russia, Kings of The Night Time World or Shine Like a Radio? The song titles alone promised so much, but as highlighted in the article the band was no more, but the story behind the unreleased album got me dreaming.

Last year the dream started to meld into reality. Terry Rae (drummer) left a comment on the Flamin’ Groovies post about the Dutch issue Shake Some Action (which he played on). I guess my second question to him was…do you have the 1974 recordings? The answer was positive and he sent me a CDR of the 1974 recordings along with the 1976 Neil Merryweather demos (10 cracking from the Hollywood Stars MKII), for the first time I was finally able to hear the tracks. The tape was very hissy and some intros and endings were clipped, but I was in awe. Later Ruben De Fuentes sent me a remastered version and although it was great to hear clearer versions, something was missing, the sound was too brash and trebly. Still the thought of getting the LP released was now becoming a concrete project. Later on a ¼” tape was discovered in the hands of singer of Scott Phares, and although missing a bit of top, this was the real deal and made the hairs on the back of my neck quiver.

You must remember that the album was never really finished and Scott’s tape was a collection of rough mixes they presented to the label. But I am glad these are rough mixes as the rough edges provide an urgency which may have been subdued by a proper mix.

The LP was mastered and cut at Fluid Mastering in London and it really sound perfect, loud, clear yet meaty and warm. After all these years, I am very proud to have been instrumental in finally getting these great songs and performances released.

1.    Supermen are Always Gentlemen
Loud and brash rocker with cutting guitars to the fore. It’s a great first track as it combines a rough and ready urgency with a great chorus hook with blistering lead breaks and a fine tough vocal by Scott.

2.    Kings of The Night time World

Later re-written and popularised by Kiss. The original is a great Stonesian rocker. Particularly impressive is Marc Anthony’s tight Richards-like riffing which chugs along under Ruben’s great lead. This one rocks supreme.

3.    Tough Guys Don’t Cry

A Mars Bonfire tune. It’s another tough number with crashing powerchords  underlined by a stomping piano. Note the sitar-like guitar. A real cool touch…

4.    Shine Like A Radio

Angie Bowie said it sounded like a number one hit and in a better world this would have come to pass. Kim Fowley’s own version on Automatic didn’t bring out the best in the song, however The Stars turn it into a real tour de Force. The backing vocals are a real hoot to boot!

5.    Russia

Another classic Mars Bonfire song. The production is lush and more refined. It provides the perfect backdrop to this tale of Teenage Spies and betrayal ” Bureaucrats and winter palace, army tanks and ballerinas…” A  striking stand out track

6.    Don’t Let The Kid Down

Mark Anthony’s plea to the record business to give the Kids a Chance. It fell on deaf ears, but this short and snappy statement of intent makes a great closer to side one.

7.    Escape

Some songs are built around a killer riff, such as The Move’s Do Ya, the Velvet’s Sweet Jane or Ducks Deluxe’s Fireball. This is one of the better examples  of a riff song and a classic piece of brash 70s Rock.  Alice Cooper recognised its value as he later covered the song on the Welcome To My Nightmare LP. This original version is far superior

8.    Roses and Rainbows

Roses and Rainbows was a small hit for Danny Hutton and was an inspired choice for  a cover. From the way the song emerges from Escape to the delightful backing vocals supporting Scott’s pure and crystalline vocals, this is another performance which could have provided The Stars with  bona fide hit.

9.    It’s Got To Be Today

A fine original capturing a perfect blend of outright rock with a certain Buffalo Springfield appeal. Great vocals and guitar throughout.

10.  Satisfied Electric Fingers

What this album is all about, energy, electricity and a great tune. The lyrics allude that being a guitarist in a Rock and Roll band doesn’t always guarantee being able to  hold on to a special lady. You don’t often get references to a Ringo solo effort, but you do here…

11.  Last Days of Rock n Roll

Although a bit corny at times (Glenn Miller?), the song is a heart-felt ode to loss of innocence. Nostalgia a vehicle to loss as valid then as it is now. There’s a nice off hand feel to the overall performance and the backing vocals are stellar.

12.  Modern Romance

Like Mott The Hoople giving a nod to A Day in The Life. The song is supremely dramatic with Scott’s vocal full of pathos. There’s nice line in Mellotron layering and with Ruben lead sounding just like Mick Ronson; it’s a truly majestic tour de force and a perfect album closer

Shine Like a Radio should be reaching stores at the end of this month. 1000 copies (Vinyl only!) are being split for distribution between Europe and the US.