Friday, June 24, 2016

Stud Leather -Cut Loose official reissue

Stud Leather -Cut Loose/Samantha Dear -Last Year's Youth LAST 24 (Germany 2016)

I usually make a point of not reviewing reissues/new issues or compilation LPs, however in this case the project is really close to my heart

My unbound obsession with Cut Loose goes back a long time now ever since I heard it on one of Tim Orchard's CDRs nearly 10 years ago

I was well chuffed to have met the inspiration that is Roger Cook, and featured the story back in 2009  I also re-wrote the piece for an old issue of Bucketful of Brains

Anyhow I was happy to introduce the label guy to Roger so that this fine re-release became reality

It's wonderfully produced, with a fold out glossy page featuring the original article plus scans of covers and labels of the original releases
The artwork by Tony Crazeekid is simply ace!

It's a limited edition, with a few special copies that also features a photo of the band
There is one big difference with the original issue in that the unreleased drunken haze that is Samantha Dear features as a B side

Enjoy, you should be able to get copies here as well as in other places

...and in case you haven't heard Cut Loose

GO CRAZY! with a lofi clip recorded with a microphone, so go get the real thing!


Makke Luojus said...

Had to order immediately. Thanks for the tip!

gabriel alexander said...

Thanks for makin'this happen! He's got a great story & really one of the best 45s of the 70s!