Friday, November 07, 2014

Inheritance –Kookie

Inheritance –Kookie/Come on - EMI test pressing (1972 Australia)

After all the Bone Crunchin’ heaviness, let’s go back to the safety of a Global Bubblegum World… Here’s an obscure, Antipodean cover of Kookie originally record by Germany’s Sandwich (pre Bläck Fööss). I think the Aussie version just wins it, by having rougher edges and more hard driving Bubblegum grooves, although the sound is more ’68 than ’72. This appears to be a custom promo pressing prior to gaining a limited release on HMV. Anyhow know anything about Inheritance? –was it a real group or a studio creation? The B side is a pleasant enough pop ditty.

Hear full versions of Kookie and Come on

Here’s a link to Sandwich’s version

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Graham Clayton said...

The members of Inheritance were:

Tony Currenti - drums
Norm Group - guitar
Con Kongios - vocals
Jim Squadrito - vocals
Rob Toth - organ
Mick Tsigolis - bass

Kookie was released as a single, but didn't chart.