Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Unknown Acetate: Stop Messin' Around

Unknown : Stop Messin' Around-Emidisc Acetate (UK 1972)

Here's an absolute monster unknown and (as far as I can tell) unreleased Proto Punk monster from 1972. The guitars remind me of Third World War's Ascension Day, but the overall performance recalls more Barry Rolfe (Look The Business 1973) or a less focused Streak. The song was recorded as a demo for Carlin Music, but it is clear why it didn't get any further than the acetate stage as it was definitely 5 years too early. It really forges a link between Garage Punk and Punk and is more proof that Crushed Butler weren't the only proponents of loud and brash riffing with a snotty attitude in the UK at that time.

Anyone with any clues or information -please step forward

Hear a full version of Stop Messin' Around

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