Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Legend -Portrait of Youth

The Legend –Portrait of Youth/ Enjoy Yourself –R703 (1968 US

We go a bit further back in time than usual for one of the most exuberant Who-inspired performances around. Although owing an obvious allegiance to The Townsend School of Riffs (Think Raspberries I Don’t Know What I Want), the tune goes beyond its Mod/Garage origins into Heavy Fuzz Psych with Powerpop overtones. The production values elevate the tune even further, the power remains, but the overall effect is surprisingly glossy (in a good way!)
The Legend got out of Denver early in their career and relocated in LA signing to the Megaphone label. Portrait of Youth was their second single. They also released 2 LPs, the first under The Legend name, the 2nd when they morphed into Dragonfly when things got even heavier. The B side Enjoy Yourself is a great example of inventive tuneful Psych at its best.

Hear full versions of Portrait of Youth and Enjoy Yourself


Anonymous said...

Both sides are great. Awesome single. Thanks for sharing!

Vespatone said...

Wasn't this a cover version of a song by Dragonfly (US)

Robin Wills said...

Pre Dragonfly