Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sugar –Hot Damn

Sugar –Hot Damn/Let It Roll –Lady Records UR-898 (1976 US)

Driven by a gleaming cowbell, Hot Damn is a thumping piece of Riff Rock leaning towards Bonehead Boogie with Glam overtones provided by the camp vocals. These guys were not Glitter clad cross-dressers, but the singer comes across like a truck driver in stilettos with his amusing delivery. The lyrics are a real hoot -Good ol’ boy ethics on how Atlanta boys only want to rock while dissing non-Southerners and wussy English accents. Hot Damn is a joyfully dumb yet juicy Georgia peach.

Hear a full version of Hot Damn

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pooka said...

If I remember well Goodfellow was actually much more known as a producer. For sure I own the Gidian League Parlophone 7" (from '69!), composed and produced by RG