Tuesday, February 04, 2014

US –He’s Coming Back/You’ll Never Know

US –He’s Coming Back/You’ll Never Know –Straita Head Records (1975 US)

This looks to be a San Diego band who enlisted Johnny Almond (Ex Zoot Money/John Mayall and half of Mark –Almond) as a guest on the A side of this single. Not sure why 20 seconds of Sax warrants such star billing…Anyhow -He’s Coming Back has a heavy early 70s Who influence, but is even closer to Side Three/Overnight Sensation Raspberries or Artful Dodger stuff. Enjoy the stunning lead guitar over the ending…Very tasteful. You’ll Never Know is Almond-free and it’s a blistering high energy rocker again with a bit of Raspberries thrown in with some top lead guitar. Straita Head was a production company and a well-known Hair Metal club in the San Diego are in the 80s, but you can safely date this single to the mid-70s as Johnny Almond signed to ABC in 1975. A killer double-sider.

Hear a full version of He’s Coming Back

Hear a full version of You’ll Never Know


Anonymous said...

Us also recorded a lone LP, released in 1979, it was entitled 'It's Just Us!'.
You can hear it here:
Doogie Howitzer

Anonymous said...

b side sounds to me like dave of foghat