Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Robin Goodfellow -You Know Me Now

Robin Goodfellow -You Know Me Now/I'm Suddenly Alive -Dawn DNS 1057 (1974 UK)

Here’s a great classic unheralded UK 70s pop single with a nod to Glam. It reminds as much of Hetherington as it does Marc Bolan, that guitar is pure T. Rex in any case. You Know Me Now is damn catchy tune with a nice and bouncy production and the B side is also cool too. Robin had another earlier single on Pye (Why Am I Waiting) which is nearly as good while leaning more torwards David Bowie. I haven’t found much relevant information on the Net, so if anyone want to fill in the bits. You're  more than welcome...

Hear a full version of You Know Me Now


Robin Wills said...

Pooka said "If I remember well Goodfellow was actually much more known as a producer. For sure I own the Gidian League Parlophone 7" (from '69!), composed and produced by RG"

Robin Wills said...

Yes he wrote, arranged and produced Hey! Did You Know You've Got Your Face On Upside Down. He probably sings it as well I can't believe I hadn't featured this on Purepop before