Monday, December 19, 2011

Rock Co.Co –Rokoko Man

Rock Co.Co –Rokoko Man/ Happy and Smiling –Polydor 2041516 (1974 Germany)

Rock Co.Co is probably one of the silliest concepts ever. OK, it may be Dorksville Central but the performance and sleeve just reeks of not really, but it’s still worth perhaps 30 seconds of your precious time. It’s as corny as a joke in a Xmas cracker. If anyone is churlish enough to slag this one off, just shut up and be amazed by the phasing and the multiple key changes and wonder why The Left Banke never attained such heights and shied away from embracing the concept so fully.
PS: I have a spare and 2 other singles by this band...Why? Because I CAN!

Hear a full version of Rokoko Man


Anonymous said...

It's so ridiculous it works. And the picture sleeve is great, too. Thanks as always.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Sweet Co Co can be...