Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Silence –Mother’s Game/ Devil Woman

Silence –Mother’s Game/ Devil Woman –Decca DL 25478 (1971 German issue)

Holland’s Silence max out on the snotty attitude with this great 2-sider. Mother’s game is tough and crunchy with some amusing lyrics “ I have a cup of tea and a piece of pie..” “I’m riding in a train in vain, yes baby it’s your mother’s game....” (sic). There’s a neat tempo shift at the end with a dual lead which is most effective and probably a Hans Van Hemert touch. Devil Woman is like a proto-punk Communication Breakdown which reminds of Pantherman in its vocal delivery. It also has a spooky middle break and some clumsy drumming.
Not much is known about Silence. They were from Dordrecht (home to the Zipps and Inca Bullet Joe –another fine Hans Van Hemert production) and although Hans  has good recollections of his Dump or Cardinal Point productions, his recall of these sessions are lost in the mists of time.
HvH: I don’t remember anything about Silence, I just have some recognition of the recording...The reason might be that at that time I didn’t feel I was a skilled producer yet….”
This appears to be the 2nd Silence release (The Future of Our Sister Felicity being the first?). The recording session took place on the 23rd of January 1971 and also included covers of Gimmie Shelter and Paranoid, but as far as I can see these seem to be unreleased

Hear a full version of Mother’s Game

Hear a full version of Devil Woman

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